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i would like to update/edit these conditions so please read again if you already have. or at least the bolded part

if you post any fanart on this community that isnt yours please credit the original artist or at least provide a link to where you found the picture. it's unfair to the artists who spent a lot of time and effort into their drawings only to have them uncredited. i dont care if the picture has their watermark on it please add a source as well. please provide an actual source, no just how you found it/the site you found it on. also, if i ask you to credit the artist and you do not do so in two-three days, the picture will be deleted. if i see you have been posting uncredited art multiple times from now out i will ban you.

that's all

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JK Rowling, Rick Riordan is ok, but overall....let's be honest.

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I love you mom and you so much.....

RP Name: Sophia Rescusige
Age: 16
Parents: Poseidon and Sally Jackson
Sibling(s): Percy (twins)
Weapon(s): Celestal bronze dagger, drakonbone sword (a gift from Annabeth)
Appearence: Sea green eyes, Chocolate brown hair.
Godly powers: hurrianes, can talk to sea animals, can control water
When I was born, my mother put me in foster care because she thought me and Percy were too dangerous together. I ran away from my 1st foster home and landed up in CHB. Chiron was suprised when he saw me since I wasn't supposed to be born.

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I am now officially a Daughter of Poseidon!!!

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Name: Elli
Age: 16
Nicknames: El, E
Godly parent: She hasn't been claimed
Hair: currently black
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Pale
Weapon: Rapier
Godly Gifts: None that are known
Relationship: No
Likes: Cats,winning, acting like a kid
Dislikes: Serious people, dogs, being touched by people she doesn't know, having the spotlight on her
Bio: Elli was orphaned at a young age and she was taken in by an old women who cared for her until recently, when Elli turned 14 the monsters kept coming so she left in order to keep Meema safe

(I hope this is right)
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