Would it be possible to have 5 or 6 lines available to be spliced on the mission badge slicer? Right now, it only accepts four rows, would be great to up to 6. 

Thanks for your work. 

The website has just been reorganised and relaunched. There are a number of exciting projects that will soon be added to the website, so stay tuned for updates.

For those of you who are interested in creating Ingress mission series with artwork spanning multiple medals, you will now find some medal tools on the website to assist you with this. Thanks to +Martin Towell for creating the "slicer" component of these tools.

Since an update to the official Intel website to show missions is imminent, I will no longer be working on the www.ingressmissions.info website.

I have some plans to use the website for some other Ingress related projects in the near future. Stay tuned for details on these projects.

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You can now click anywhere on the map and get a link to the list view. Unfortunately as a result of adding this feature, double-click to zoom is currently not working. You can still use the zoom slider, or scroll to zoom, however I will look at fixing this issue as soon as possible.

Feature request: Please change the description edit box to a text area, as some descriptions have new lines in them.

Feature request #2: Have a section in this community to request features

Feature request #3: Search by title/description

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A minor update has just been made to the map section. You can now click on any mission's pin to view details of the mission. You can then click on the mission title to go to the list view, which will include the mission's description as well as any surrounding missions.

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The website was recently updated again. New features include:

• A drop-down menu to easily access different pages
• A map showing all missions currently in the directory
• A new about page
• Beta page has been removed, and beta plans added to the about page

The website has just received another update:

• You are now able to filter and sort the list by various options.
• This will also make the initial load faster, as it will default to a maximum of 10 missions within 10km from you.

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A small preview of the next feature I'm working on adding to the site...
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