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Here's the game! List your degree, graduation year and favorite class and then tag one person in the group to do the same. Don't sound off until you've been tagged.

BA in English, 1995, Critical Theory with Dr. Brenda Brown.

+Talaura Harms, I choose you!

Great to see this community on here. Thanks for the invite. Look forward to seeing how this develops.

Welcome, +JJ William Francais ! How's your new job going?

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Are you curious about Oklahoma's only public liberal arts university? Here's a glimpse into the vision that drives USAO.

Welcome to the new G+ community for the +University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. We hope to make this a place for new, old and future Drovers to share ideas, memories and good times!

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I shot this a couple of weeks ago when the winds was whipping down the plain. AutoAwesome is...well, awesome!
It's a windy day here on campus but it just makes our flags fly more majestically!
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Welcome +Cody Dracars , +Alex Greenwood , +Patrick Rost and +Shayna Pond ! If you have Dromies in your circles, please consider sharing this community with them! Communities need about 100 members to start becoming self-sustaining so helping to populate this one with people you really want to talk and share with is the first goal!
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