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Welcome to Ask the Scourge Sisters!

We take dares (8ut no nsfw ene ew) and we take questions.

I am Vriska my friend here is +Terezi Pyrope​​

We are going to take dares and questions as Tricksters and Normal (may8e human sometimes or kids)

Rules ~

1 ) No 8ullying i know I know we may have killed some people here 8ut we're putting that behind us

2 ) This is supposed to 8e a happy community so please don't ask a8out anyone's inevita8le death yea we're leaving that 8ehind too

3 ) No nsfw, porn, or hentai ene self explanatory

4 ) Please don't get defensive over your opinion 8ecause people have opinions you're not the only one with an opinion so respect other peoples opinions

5 ) 8e respectful to mods and owners

6 ) don't ask unrel8ted questions that aren't rel8ted to homestuck (unless it's a8out the community)

7 ) don't kill any8ody. . . . . . . . We don't want to have any deaths here

8 ) Cussing is allowed 8ut don't go over8oard like some people I know cough cough makara cough cough

Now have fun and enjoy the community ask/dare us anything as long as it's in the rules 
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