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Just post story's you want to rp and please use images to help them out. Also feel free to share this community with other people.

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I was the one kid in high school that liked to sit in the back and ignore everyone and listen to music. I obviously tried to act cool but not many people 'liked' me to be honest. But one day there was a new girl in class (You/Your character) came and happened to be in some of the same classes as me. I didn't think much of it at the time. I had joined the football team because no body thought I was strong enough. You had a small crush on me but I never noticed. But one day I was in the gym right before school started. I was doing pull-ups and push-up shirt less and I was sweating a bit. That's when you walked in to check out the gym. You saw me working out but I didn't notice, due to the headphones and my eyes were closed. You then…

You/Your character needs to be seductive

The smut doesn't have to happen right away. I like a good story.

If I ignore you half way through the rp it means you bore me.

Also please no one liners and no text talk

Females only

And finally, have a picture ready for your character

Hangouts only

Name-Garrett Lynn
Age: 18
Grade: 11th
Height: 5'9
Sexuality: straight
Body type: Not muscular but you can see some muscles
Likes: Friends, coke, pizza, reading, video games, soccer, and football
Dislikes: Bullies, mushrooms, and being alone

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You may ignore the rules... But I have class so I might not reply right away
My name is jarno (18), i was ur son, u have always had a thing for me and ever since dad died 2 years ago u have been fantasising about me fucking u. U always secretly watched me underess, shower and even mastrubate, most of the time fingering urself while u were watching me, my cock was way bigger then dad's cock and i had a way more musclar body. Today was monday, i was sick so u allowed me to stay at home and skip school, u took the day off to take care of me, u come into my room (looking like the woman in the pic), holding a plate with food and a glass of soda on it, then u...

(Comment 😛 if u read all of this)
(Im a highschooler so im not on much)
(I will only do a limited ammount of pp's)


be descriptive
-1+ Lines (do as many lines as possible)
DONT ABANDON THE RP! (let me know first)
-Females only!
-If u agree with the rules and wanne rp then state ur rp name and ask for a pp
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I lived on an island all by myself. I've lived here ever since I could remember. One day you show up with a magical sword when you saw my bow you knew that we were connected. But since I had been there for so long I didn't trust you. After a while I started to like you to trust you and let you look at my bow. You then knew what connection we had. We were lovers before I went missing. After you knew that you then....

Show what you magical sword looks like and what powers you have. My bow gives me enhanced vision and great speed.

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We were at at school and I bumped into you in the hall and while we were on the floor you started pissing and it hit me in the face even though your panties. After that you dragged me away and......

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Originally shared by ****
You and I were siblings you are only 1 year younger than me and me and you enjoyed mostly the same things. You are only 15 and still going through changes. You seem like a normal enough teenager, except for one thing.....your a neko. This was something I always found arousing, but I know we couldn't do anything because we are siblings, primal instinct had other ideas. One weekend mom and dad were it of town on a business trip and wouldn't be back until late Tuesday. I was washing the dishes one day when I heard some strange noises, which want uncommon with living with a neko, but this was different. It was coming from upstairs so I headed up to check it out. I looked around and heard it coming from my room, I opened the door and saw you naked cuddling with my pillow and fingering yourself to get yourself off on my bed. I turned around away from you with my cheeks bright red I-im sorry sis I didn't mean to barge in, but...while im here. Why are you doing that on my bed? after I finished asking, you.....
(Female needed)
(No text talk or 1 word responses)
(Be a good kitty)
(Your a half mixture of the photos)
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Awkward sibling fuck?

Say "awkward sibling fuck!" if you want to rp

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(walks through building and walks into you you've had a crush on me ever since you saw me) Hi....

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Originally shared by ****
((Anyone interested in a Brother X Sister RP?))
You, my 19 year old sister, looked across my desk for your calculator when you came across an odd-looking jar of brown stuff. You picked it up and read 'Pheromonic Testosteric...' followed by a foreign word not readable or pronounceable. You removed the lid and caught a whiff. The scent was strong, yet strangely pleasant and arousing. You put it away and kept looking for your calculator.
Later that day, you came came to my room to ask me about the contents of the jar. However, you only found me, your 17 year old brother rubbing the brown lotion on my crotch, but what astounded you was the size of my member: a gigantic 14" long and 3" thick. You didn't move. You couldn't. You were suddenly very aroused; your nipples in your shapely breasts turned rock hard. You wanted - no, needed - a closer look at that big penis. You studied biology and anatomy in your program at school, and you had seen quite a few cocks in your life, but this was decidedly different. You...
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