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💜circus name💜 Doll
💜 Age💜 19
💜 Gender 💜 female
💜 Bio: 💜 She doesn't like to talk about it....
💜Crush 💜 none (yet)
💜Relationship status💜 single
💜 personality💜 Psychotic, quiet, Creepy
💜likes💜 Cats, red, black
💜dislikes💜 dogs, colors
💜Job💜 Panther tamer
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Anyone wanna RP?

Everline was in her tent, staying away from everyone. She was in her chair and started to cry, you'd be passing by and heard womeone crying, you peeked in the tent and saw her. You didn't seem to regonise her at tpfirst but then saw it was the girl who always kept herself from everyone. You...

((Open RP))
((State Name))

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•Circus name• Red-eye Chainsaw
•Age• over 100 (demon reaper)
•Job• Dangerous Stunts and knife thrower
•Gender• Female
•Height• 5'6
•Bio• No one knows much about her, just she's one heck of a butler
•Crush• ...
•Relationship status• Single
•Personality• shy, deceptive, fast, easy to misjudge, and not very talk-a-tive

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Y/N saw me walking on the high-wire
my steping faltered and i fell, I landed
on my right leg and shattered the bone
Y/N carried me to Doc... how to get my
leg cut off, he Crafted me a prosthetic leg
with a black heart design on the side
"thank you Y/N.."
You say : 
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💜circus name: Candy Cane
💜 Age unknown
💜 Gender female
💜 Bio: No one knows about her, but she is a trapeze artist with her partner Candy Pop
💜Crush: Candy Pop (other OC)
💜Relationship status Taken
💜 personality Bubbly, acrobatic, loud, goofy "immature"
 (she is on the right)
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Name: Ross .p. Sutcliff
Stage name : sweethart
Age: 15
Gender: male
Personality: Sweet, perverted, playful
Species: Reaper
Powers: shape-changing
Likes: candy, singing, Fighting
Dislikes: Bullies, killers, cats of any kind..
Abilities: knife throwing
Appearance : in pic
When she is at the circus she goes to her neko form..
When she is outside the circus she's either looking like her father...or in ner fox/Kitsune form..
Crush : smile, black, The Kitsune
Bio :
When I was young my father left me on the street. . a groop of men picked Me up and took me to the circus. And now I live with a ginger-haired man named Grell Sutcliff... I look up to L.... I've only seen him once I think he's nice..... . . . . I have a scar on my arm and I needed to get surgery and i committed suicide because people were making fun of me.... for punishment they turn me into a Reaper..

I am now in training with my father to become part of the Shinigami dispatch Society...
My mentors name is William T Spears.... I go with my father to go after targets once in awhile...
Once I killed a blonde haired man that I was not supposed to... they put it on my record but it does not go against me.... now I have to have somebody with me when I go after Target until I graduate....


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((Open RP))

Candy Cane is stretching and looking around confused and slightly sad

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Candy Pop (on the left)
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💜circus name💜 Candy Pop
💜 Age💜 unknown
💜 Gender 💜 male
💜 Bio: 💜 No one knows about him but he is a trapeze artist with his partner Candy Cane
💜Crush 💜 Candy cane
💜Relationship status💜 Taken
💜 personality💜 Psychotic, loud , distrustful, hot headed

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