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Hey, is it okay to only eat one loaf bread each day? (Of course, with some water on the side)

Or is that undereating?

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sometimes i want to quit dating. i hate how this reality alters my confidence or that it makes me believe this but, the amount of times someone has insulted a person who has the same body type as me, my confidence just drooooppps so quick and i look at myself and see everything wrong about it.
men who have had the slightest interest in me, my belief always wins and that every guy i meet usually lose interest once they see my body without my school uniform dress.

(hope this picture isn’t inappropriate??? plus the baggyness around my stomach isn’t my stomach, it’s just the dress. i have a slightly flat stomach.)

if im your ex and you remind me of stuff in the past ive done when you’re supposedly “over” us, please fucking stop

some people don’t know when to let people go.
im not perfect but dear god, the more i listen to these complaints, the more i realize.

Y'know that feeling where you have a lot of rage and anger within you but you don't find the right outlet to channel it through? Me right now.

im having a mood where i really want a new friend but i also know i can be by myself more. and it’s kinda damaging that no one texts me except one person, ive been so damn distant - just falling back and seeing who’ll text me and see if im alright.

I feel like shit

Around this time last year my cousin had terminal cancer among other things
I still think about him a lot.

Over the last few years I had a lot of close friends and family die. I often think about them during the times...

I miss my cousin

I crave love and affection but it’s so hard to communicate. I don’t talk about my feelings and every time I do I feel like I speak too much. But I know once I get my computer and sims, I’m really gonna isolate myself even further.

I wish I had someone to talk to , a person that just clicks with me right now. I wish a had a real connection quickly but I know that’s impossible. Why am I filled with so many people yet I’m so alone ? I don’t even know how I feel.

Why must I be such a sorry, sad excuse of a person? I take everything too seriously, because I have no talent or skills and I'm hoping that maybe I'd finally have found something, but I won't. I'll never find something I'm good at, and I'll always be a worthless piece of trash who would be better used as a leg rest.
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