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Geo glided silently through the foggy mountains, searching for an overdue meal. Now only skin and bones, the great warrior landed next to a stream in hopes of catching a few fish. As he watches the water go by, he hears something off on the distance, though he appears oblivious to the presence as he does not want to attract any suspicion to any onlookers
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Name: Geo
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Age: 200 (26 human years)
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Crush: None
Status: Single
Relationship: None
Personality: Calm, secretive, mysterious
Bio: A not-well-known warrior during the dragon age, he fought humans to stay alive and remain well-nourished. Nothing else is known about him at the moment, but more information will be revealed as constant research is continuing on this strange being.

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Name: Aquarius
Gender: female
Age: probably young for her type
Species: ocean dragon
Description: blue scales with green belly and Wing skins,has hazel eyes, her size is much smaller then the normal dragon
Crush: none
Relationship: none
Personality: kind,caring,brave,strong,fun,silly

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Name: Chimy
Age: 1,982,0298 (34 in human)
Gender: Female
Likes: Fighting,Killing,Flying
Dislikes: Hunters,Humans
Crush: none
Status: Solitary
Relationship: Single
Personality: Aggressive,a bit Friendly
Bio: (cant think of one XD)

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Name: Beauty
Gender: Female
Species: Griffin
Age: 109 (19 in human)
Likes: Fighting,Killing,Flying,Friends
Dislikes: Hunters,Griffin killers,poachers
Crush: none yet
Status: Is kinda lonely
Relationship: Looking for mate
Personality: Friendly,a bit aggressive,a tiny bit shy
Bio: (I cant think of
Powers: camoflauge,magic (including fire balls and such)
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