If over the next few days you find an a5 cork looking sketchbook could you please keep it until after summer!

Thank you :) xx

I've left a couple red screen prints on paper on the drying rack in print with my name on, forgot to put them in my drawer, please don't throw them away :)

thank you!! :)

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My refined research PowerPoint and my essay is here, under portfolio > contextual studies

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Do we not have to be in school tomorrow?

Can I come into school tomorrow to do my contextual even though we don't have lessons because I wanted to you use the nice printer to print of my work?

how do i know if i'm in the life drawing class tomorrow or not?

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Hi Guys tomorrow is the Goldsmith degree summer show, we are intending taking a group on Friday from 1pm , onwards. please can you express your interested here, as there will be limited places. cheers
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