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As my first post to B13, I am bringing something to the table. I present to you... my interpretation of B13!

+Bruce Huang B12 has proposed a ceasefire with B13. Note: It wasn't my idea

+Tony Shen is now a representative of the "The Democratic B13 Worker's Party" and +Julien Lin  has now been elected Speaker of the House 

Congrats guys

+Gilbert Ho  Welcome to B13!

You are now part of The Democratic B13 Worker's Party of B13 and are the representative of the West District 1

Welcome to the club man :)

Please submit your application for President of B13 below...

Please provide your name, achievements, short message and party if applicable 


As your new mod I am going to run another election for president of B13 and the house of representatives will stay the same...

Please submit your application for president by Tuesday , voting will commence Wednesday Morning and end Wednesday night times TBD

Thats all for now

Joshua's B13 Worker's Party has won the preliminary elections. He has won four seat's in B13's Parliament. He is the majority leader of the Parliament. The Minority leader is Phil's party which holds one seat in Parliament. He has voting rights in passing B13 laws and regulations. A further one seat is available and a minority election will be held tomorrow.

Legend for the Representative information E. D. 1 = East District One, W. D. 1 = West District 1, N. D. 1= North District One, S. D 1= South District 1, E. D. 2 = East District Two.

More districts may be created as the population of B13 grows

Who do you vote for?
Comment below, only one comment.

Party Name: The B15 System of Operations (T.B.S.O.O)
Members: Phil Man, Alexander Sowa,
Goal: Overrun B13 and obtain all of its potential power!
Motto: Vote for us or you'll miss the bus!
Motto #2: We have it in the bag, just vote now!
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