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The year is now 2170. Technology became advanced and new ideas thought to be science fiction came to life: androids, laser guns, all the new possible things that used to be impossible. However, many countries got jealous and began to fight over the new power. A group of scientists started to draw designs and plan to create an android who would be the savior for all. A scientist (y/c) was chosen to maintain the project. As (y/c) took care of her, the savior grew used to him and even had called him 'Father' to show that she trusts him. There were times when she shows that she is attached to him [not literally]. One night, there were sounds of crying. She was crying because her father didn't come visit her at all that day. Since then, the scientist was tasked with have bed in the same room with the savior.

She heard the door open as she was lying on the metal table was usual. She felt the day coming: that day when she is able to experience outside the scannings and even complete her mission. Good morning, Father. Her soft voice echoed in the room.
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