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This is a screenshot of what Teachers see when they login to the system.

* They can set subs they prefer (that will be contacted 15 min before anyone else) and subs they want to not use
* They can create an absence with as many dates/times as they want, and click "Find Sub" to start auto finding a sub, or Assign Sub to assign this absence to the selected sub
* The absences for year at bottom right shows all their activity, and lets them delete anything that's not in the past.

The big questions I have here are:
(1) Do teachers need to select a reason from a dropdown list? If so, what are the reason choices to give them?
(2) I'd like to make Department a multiple selection box with all pre-defined categories like PE, Math, Science, SPED, etc so that subs can select categories they don't want to sub for. Is this needed? If so, where can I get a list of the high level categories we'd want here?
(3) Currently the Full Day, Morning and Afternoon buttons put in times customized per school schedule, and it lets them modify the time. Should we fix these times or allow them to put in whatever they want?

I think this will be great for teachers and subs. I like the address...easy to remember!
This may already be addressed but I think the teacher should be able to go in and put in for a sub at any time...for instance if I wake up sick in the middle of the night I can go ahead and put in that I am going to need one for the next day. However, the system shouldn't start pushing out texts to the sub until 5:45 am of 6 am so they can be alerted in time to get to the schools by 7:10. There also should be an appropriate cut off time in the evenings so people aren't getting woken up with texts asking to sub....maybe 9:30 pm.
It is imperative that all subs and teachers use the system once it is in place for it to be effective.

Also, we need to know how to mark off dates for subs who may be doing long-term subbing.

I think this is awesome, especially for teachers new to the system like me who don't know the subs personally and may find it difficult to find one the old-fashioned way.

Basic functionality questions:

1. I was planning to make a setting for how long to wait after notifying preferred subs before notifying every other matching sub. Would a single global setting be fine, or does this need to be set per school?
2. Do we only text/call during certain time window of the day? And should this be set globally or per school?
3. If a sub has a text-enabled phone setup, it will text her and give her a unique code to reply with if she wants to accept each particular sub request. If not, then the system will call her with a text-to-speech menu to press 1 to accept, 2 decline.
4. Since we'll have teacher's cell numbers, it will be easy to let them simply text the word "sub" to our JCS Sub Finder number and it auto start them an absence for the current day, then notify them when a sub is found.
5. If we have cell numbers for teacher and sub, we could even do things like let either of them send a text to the JCS Sub Finder number and it will forward it to their matched teacher/sub (if actively in an assignment). ie - I'm subbing for Jane Doe and I text something to the main number and it will get routed to Jane Doe and she can reply to me, all without either of us knowing the other's cell # (if that's even a desired thing :)
6. The backend services we use for this are VERY reliable, but we should assume at some point it will be down. So on the 1st of every month, the system can email each teacher a customized spreadsheet of all subs that match them (based on teacher & sub settings), with whatever instructions we want to include for how to use that list to do it the old fashioned-way until the problem is resolved. So if they can't get to the website, or the texts they send get no response or errors, they have a list to call themselves.
7. Any other process issues that we may not have thought of that we need to consider? building this from scratch gives us a great opportunity to make it work exactly like we want, if we know what that is!

Hey Folks ..... Carver and I have been brain storming (his works a lot better than mine) about how to set up this program. We have a few things to get taken care of first.....

1. What do we call the program so folks can easily remember how to find it....
Here are a few suggestions:
e. OR we could possibly tie into our current setup and do something like:

So why does it matter...... well Carver has a great suggestion to not only use this system for finding and keeping up with substitute teachers but we could also use it as an emergency communication system. In other words, we could use it in emergency situations to text all the parents (with smart phones) and call the others in order to let them know what they need to know in an emergency. So we might want to go with something like

Any other suggestions? (We have already checked on several other names to see what's available)

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This is the page subs will see when they login:
* They can set which days of the week they are available in the morning and afternoon, and also set specific dates they are unavailable.
* They can check any or all of the 4 schools at left, to indicate which schools they want to sub for. They will only be contacted for matching schools
* Department selection would let them choose which of pre-defined categories they want to exclude themselves from (once defined)
* Their assignments list at bottom right, shows all assignments/unavailable dates for the year. They can delete anything not in the past, and if it's a sub assignment that teacher will be notified and placed back in the auto queue.

Item 2
Here is a brief outline of the program Carver sent in an email:

· Central website maintained by central office with all teacher/sub info. Anyone added or removed from the system would be done by them so the website would always have an up to date list to work with
· Website for teachers to go to and request a sub for a given day or days. Teachers could also select 3-5 subs that are their “favorites” that the system would try to contact first. And maybe a private list of excluded subs to avoid?
· Website for subs to set unavailable days, contact info, and what schools/subjects they want.
· When a request comes in for a sub, the system would call or text the “favorites” first. Maybe have a setting for how long to give them to reply before notifying the rest. Should this happen the moment the request is made (if late at night) or should each sub be allowed to set allowed times to contact them?
· When a sub accepts a request, they are removed from any more calls/texts for that day, but I’m torn on how to handle contacting the masses. The fairest way to do it would be by blasting out a text message to every matching available sub, for each request. To accept, the sub would reply with a code for the one they want since they may get multiple texts per morning. The text may look something like: Jane Doe (4th grade) at Jefferson Academy is requesting a sub Tuesday May 5th, from 7:30am to 2:30pm. To accept, reply with code 23.
· The first sub to reply would take that request, and anyone replying after that would get a response like “Sorry, that position has already been filled”
· Should it require subs to have a cell phone that can accept texts? Or also allow them to put in a landline that it would call? Subs getting a call would be at a distinct disadvantage over ones getting a text. And you’d have to decide who to call first, which could get tricky.

When Admins for each school system login, they can see every teacher and sub so they can do anything for a user that they could do on their page, if needed. The home page will show all activity for the current day with all non-filled sub assignments at the top. Admins enter their cell and email as well, so the system could text and/or email them if there are non-filled sub assignments by a certain time, etc. I can make the admin pages show/do anything we want, so just need to figure out what that is :)
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