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I interviewed students along the way during my goal setting project. I chopped their audio together and added comments about the project. I now plan to use the podcast with future students so that they can hear about the requirements of the project in addition to being inspired by peers.

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Here's the link to my reflection iBook in which I collated student comments, data and other thoughts related to my goal setting project.

Does anyone have some easy google apps, workable with Chromebooks that would be good for assessment?

Also any Health related apps that individuals have been using in their classroom?

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This is the link from my Dropbox account to my Goal Setting iBook. You have to open it on an Apple device in iBooks.
The final page of the book lists the assignment tasks set for my students.
I am coming to the end of my reflection and once I have added my student podcast to it I will also put that here. It's also in iBook format and has examples of student work, stats, charts etc
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this project. and of course @carmelhealth on Twitter!

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Some examples of goal setting feedback from my students:

Feedback from students when asked for a source that motivates them:

Finally, how I suggested that elements of my goal setting project allowed students to become leaders:

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Hinsdale South Working Type 3 Assessment.
We plan on focusing one on values, attitudes and beliefs.  

Google Form (Type 3 Assessment) Tool used to assess pre/post values, attitudes and beliefs. I also added tech competencies.

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