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Join me!
$5 Martinis and Long Islands! Free 4 Ladies All Night, Guys Free B4 11:30pm

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The Dirty Boy Social Club's Newest Weekday Party
#TheDBSC Presents:

The Kickoff of P.O.P!!! 
MIdtown's Hottest Tuesday Party

Every Tuesday @ Metro Fuxon
554 Piedmont Ave
ATL, GA 30308
(across the street from the Midtown Publix near Piedmont and North Ave)

Hosted by @NateyNukez

Guys Free B4 11:30P

We are the People Of Party...
The Popular
The Prominent
The Powerful

This party for you... 
The tastemaker and trendsetter of Atlanta's nightlife and who knows what it means to truly TURN UP!

Top 40s // EDM // Hip-Hop + R&B // Whatever... 
Also breaking new records from some of your favorite local artists every Tuesday.

Sounds by:
King Tiger and AntstrumentalZ

If you're a local artists affiliated with #theDBSC and interested in getting records played submit inquiries at

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Looking for TWO awesome Atlanta based acts seeking to gain exposure to be booked for the month of May.

Preferably Hip-Hop or general urban music for this particular concert series.
Send samples to

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A social fashion mixer hosted by The DGSC @thedgsc_ where every week a new and amazing fashion designer is featured and displays their designs in a fashion show!

This week our featured designer is Sasha Versa @sashaversa!


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This Thursday we make epic memories!

Be safe everybody... I just saw a nasty accident (overturned car) on Ptree near Pharr Rd... prayers go out. Party responsibly... 

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A Brief Introduction

First and foremost thanks for joining this community. I just wanted to introduce myself.

I am Natey Nukez. I've been a musician producer/composer here in Atlanta for the last 10 years. I play several instruments (mainly keys, bass, guitar, and various percussion these days). I love all kinds of music but I dabble primarily in pop, R&B, hip-hop, and various forms electronica.

I'm currently the Director of Music & Booking Manager for The Dirty Boy Social Club (#theDBSC) and if you've ever been to an underground event in ATL (especially at MJQ) I can guarantee you're already familar with us whether you realize it or not.

You can find more about me and actually listen to some of my music at

and check out the Atlanta Music Community at

and also check out the Atlanta Nightlife Community:

I look forward to meeting more people on here and possibly we can work and build together. 

Feel free introduce yourself in the Introductions section and let us know what you do!
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