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“No!” Thymyhn screamed and he lunged forward. Conrad released the teenager and let him run to the fence, freeze—then suddenly throw himself against it. “No, no…please…” Thymyhn gasped. He sank weakly to his knees. “Varette!” he screamed suddenly, and he struck the fence with his hands.
She made no sound. Her eyes were open, staring blankly up towards the sky. And her white school uniform shirt was soaked with her blood.
Thymyhn let his fingers slide through the metal wires of the fence and then hanging there. She was dead. Shot through the heart. Thymyhn leaned forward and his forehead touched the metal fence.
“You killed her, Thymyhn,” Conrad said calmly from where he still stood, only a few yards away. “It was your own actions, not mine.”
The teenager broke into tears.
“Cry if you want,” Conrad said, seeing Thymyhn’s shoulders shake with sobs. “But it will never erase it. You’re guilty. You’re the only guilty one. You’re a murderer, Thymyhn—the murderer of a little, innocent girl who didn’t know to run when faced with a gun in the hands of Thymyhn Gold.”
She hadn’t run. She had trusted him…Thymyhn let his cuffed hands slide off the fence and he sat back faintly. Still, he could not take his eyes off her small body—lying there in her blood and the rain. And he remembered Daisy.

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#NEARHAVEN #new #book relese on 1 september 2017 !!!!!

1987. Tom Beaumont is a rural boat builder looking for reason in an age of blind #panic.
Even the remote town of Near Haven, Maine, can’t escape the tide of violence following news of a coming,
global #catastrophe. Doubtful of all but his own future,
Tom turns to the sea, hoping to find a meridian separating human #fictions from the objective reality beyond

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Check out the story, "The Legend Begins!" written by me, Mr. Toontastic!

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Steampunk, ghosts, a bit of wild west adventure....all brought to you by @Jordan Elizabeth of YA Fantasy. Find out about her series THE TREASURE CHRONICLES, why she loves to write and who inspires her! excellent interview :)

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Very proud of my daughter! Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hi guys!
It's the last day of the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge. For task 20 you'll Make New Connections and figure out if your online presence needs more work. I hope you've learned something new with this challenge and that it'll help you with your author platform. Good luck!
#authorbrand #authorplatform #socialmediatips

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Hey guys!
It's already day 19 of the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge. Today we're looking at how Guest Posts and Interviews are good for your online presence. Take a look and try it out -- you never know when something good will come your way.
#authorplatform #authorbrand #socialmediatips #bloggintips #writetips

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Hey guys!
Welcome to the last week of the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge. For task 17 Publicise Your Blog Post. Have fun!

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Hey guys!
Welcome to day 18 of the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge. Today's task is simple: Join Goodreads. There are several arguments to be made whether or not it's a good idea to be on Goodreads, but after all the research is done and the pros and cons weighed, I decided that it can only be good for your author platform. Go check out the article to find out why.
#authorplatform #Goodreads #authorbrand
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