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Automatic Schedule for a Water Heater

The initial setup consists of a bipolar switch/fuse that allows me to manually turn on and off the water heater.
My intension was to automate this using a schedule that would turn the water heater on, on weekdays and turn it off 1 hour later.
I would like also to adjust the schedule so to turn the heater when electricity costs are less (early morning).
To achieve this I ordered:
1. Fibaro Relay Switch 3KW FGS211
2. Bipolar Relay 25A
3. Switch for the electric panel
4. Small plastic box for the fibaro module

All connections are shown on the VISIO diagram. The concept is very simple. Incontrol sends commands to the fibaro module. The output contacts of the fibaro relay controls the coil of the bipolar relay. The ouput contacts of the bipolar relay have the water heater load connected (actually is not directly connected but through a fuse). 
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Anyone have any ideas on how to setup preset voice responses to be triggered with InControl scenes?  I'm sure it has something to do with using a script and an outside program, but I'm not sure where to start.  I'm usually very good at figuring things out once I'm pointed in the right direction.  

A simple welcome home greeting when I enter the house.  
A goodbye message when I set the house to away mode.
Or maybe something more advanced like suggesting I should wear something warm, when I enter my mudroom(motion)and it's below a specific temp outside?  

I'm always interested in adding a little more Jarvis to my house and would be thankful if someone could get me started.



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Welcome to the group! Feel free to post tips and tricks to how you automate your home. Here's one I use to send me a message when my garage door gets left open for too long.

I've got an Aeon Labs G2 Door/Window sensor (zwave) hooked up along the side rail of my garage door. The magnetic part of the sensor is mounted to the movable part of the door itself.

This assumes the following:

1. You have a door/window sensor hooked up to your garage door and it is already configured to send open/closed updates to InControl
2. You are on version 3.X or higher of InControl
3. You have setup your email in tools/options and confirmed it's working 

This scene will watch your door sensor and when it's open for more than 20 minutes, will send you an email. To make sure you don't get spammed by emails after the first one, it'll set a virtual device to "on" that will stay on for 20 minutes, then turn off again. In other words, you'll get an email after the first 20 minutes, then you won't get another one for 25 minutes and then every 25 minutes after that until the garage door is closed.

Here are the steps you should take:

1. From the Plugins menu, create a virtual device named "Garage Door Report." This device will be used to "disable" email sending for 25 minutes. If desired, double-click this device and tick the box to make sure it won't be sent to your smart phone.
2. Create a new scene named "Garage Door Email"
3. In Pre-Script, browse and select the "EmailSceneStatusReport.cs" script
4. Add your "Garage Door Sensor" sensor device to the scene
5. Select the gear icon next to the device you just added and pick "No Change" (this makes sure InControl doesn't try to change the value of your sensor)
6. Add the "Garage Door Report" device to your scene, make sure it's set to turn "On"
7. Add a Pause to your scene. Give it a value of 1500000 (25 minutes)
8. Add the "Garage Door Report" device to the bottom of the scene, make sure it's set to turn "Off"

Your scene should look like this:

Switch to the Triggers tab to add the trigger that will cause this scene to "run" ever 2 minutes

1. Add Time Trigger. 
2. Choose "Time" as the Time Type
3. Specify a repeat interval of "Minutes"
4. Set the interval number to 2

Switch to the conditions tab. We'll add two conditions here that do the checks for your garage door. We'll also check the "Garage Door Report" to make sure it's off. If the sensor is open and the report is off, it will trigger an email.

Add a "Device at State Condition for Time" condition (click the down arrow next to "Add Time Condition"). Make sure you set every field so that it reads like this:

Add another condition, this time picking "Device at State." Set the fields so that it reads "Garage Door Report is = level 0"

That should do it. Feel free to adjust times and values as you see best fits your needs.
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