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A new week. New beginnings. Do the small things with more love. 
May it be of benefit. 

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Our #CampNaNoWriMo #500WS begins on the hour inworld. Check out the link for details on how you can participate.

I'm starting a new book. I don't know if I'll actually ever publish but why not give writing it a shot? would this prologue intrigue you? and can i post my chapters on here for review and tips?

John ran to his sister’s side as she gave a blood curdling scream. He knelt beside her and gently rubbed his hand on her back as she collapsed into his lap. After seeing her in torment for the last two weeks he was glad his sister could finally let go of her emotions, but he knew the next few weeks and months would be filled with more heart ache and pain. They weren’t tears of relief she cried – they were tears of grief. They had found what they came looking for; only it was too late… she was dead.

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Now and again  I visit this  very special website,called  and  each time I am reminded  how different it is to the World I  inhabit in my everyday life. 
I also wonder  why  it is I visit this  unique website, and the voice inside my heart tells me it is  because I seek to learn and to be amongst those active energies, those sleepless voices that resonate with my restless  energies and my internal enquiring  lone  and at times muted voice.
I am on a perpetual journey of discovery, of what exactly I am not yet certain. All I am certain of  is  since  my early  childhood I  have sought solitude, away from the  family, away  from the gang, away from the  pack,  away from the groups, away from the  endless crowds, and the heaving  industrialised hi tech  expending mass of  humanity. 
I have always felt the  need  for my  own space, a space  where I can seek to be myself, the "real"  me, and  that is the one where I am absent of negative  thoughts, absent of Ego, absent of external stimuli, absent of  the world that is full of  sensory distractions. 
Part Two: Surviving Life for Another Day.
 In recent times I have been musing on what is this Silence I thirst for?  If I am a Seeker, searching for this elusive “Silence” can I find it in Cyberspace, on this website? 
The Star seeds website offers a wide selection of topics, teaching, advice, instruction and subjective comments. Much of this  information makes reference to  various  Teachings on Spirituality and  meditations; encouraging guidelines of how we can  raise our Vibrations to move to a Higher level of Consciousness;  instructions and  advice of ways to be at Peace with yourself,  and with each other; sincere testimonies about the need to love  yourself, and  advice  in discovering  who You really are, the topics are extensive and the content can at times be "Scholarly". 
So when a person discovers a website such as for the first time, could too much information deter them from continuing their search?  I know it’s not the intention of Star seeds to frighten them away , but it can be like walking  into a university for the first time, confronted with new ways of thinking, of seeing, of feeling and of being to such an extent that the website is too much, too loud,  and perhaps confusing? Putting it bluntly, is it possible that many first time seekers  deem the  Star seeds experience , and other esoteric sites initially overwhelming? 
So what type of person could be described as a new "seeker? I imagine they are people covering the full international demographic spectrum, all ages, all genders, multiple beliefs, rich, poor, people from all races, scholarly and not so scholarly, happy people, and not happy people. 
And it the latter  unhappy people that I wish to  play "Devils Advocate" and  suggest potential scenarios when it comes to those people who could  be  very lonely  and  afraid; someone  depressed and mentally vulnerable; a person  alone looking after someone who is dying; a man grieving the loss of his partner but does not know how express his grief; a sick man or woman bed bound with only a computer for company; those who seek answers are travelling a lonely path, which includes searching for answers in Cyberspace.
Websites such as, are in my view becoming the new Churches, the  virtual Cathedrals where people, whatever their beliefs, social origins, financial and social status can all gather under one virtual roof, and worship different Gods and Goddesses, Pagan and Wicca rituals, holidays  without fear of being burnt at the stake. 
Each person who registers on Spirituall websites are all  searching for answers as they trawl through virtual space  to find  their personal  Silent space that they so desperately desire. 
We know that each of us are victims of our  Society, our family, our educational environment, our indigenous mainstream belief system, constantly bombarded with so much external information, that our innate feelings are confused and  suppressed, and we become moulded into what the 
external  political, cultural and  religious belief systems allow us to be.
Yet  by incredible twist of Nature, we still retain that spark, that essence  we are all born with, and that remains within our hearts  from birth to death. 
There are many in the world who  might refer to  this innate  spark, this essence  as Spiritual, totally removed  from the physical  and material  comforts  which we humans aspire to,to  appease  our Egos, to raise our primitive need for  universal recognition and to give us  ephemeral  instant gratification.
The old  esoteric Mystique & Sacred writings teach us  much about meditation and how learning and practising meditation will bring us a sense of Peace, a fulfilling  Silence within, where  we will be able to cope with our  everyday lives, be able

Vincent Borg Copyright 2014

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From the gardens of Monet
I pondered what I might say
About why I stayed so long
My heart could sing a song
That I had seen the power
In the beauty of a flower


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Season's Greetings from all at Virtual Writers and Milk Wood. The beautiful attached card was designed by Zoe Ocelot. Enjoy the peace and quiet - we'll be back to crack the whip in January.

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NaNoWriMo Writing Workshop

Friday 20th November at 12:30pm Pacific Time/3:30pm Eastern Time/8:30pm GMT

Word Roulette with Emerian Rich

Learn how to play Emz’s fun game to help generate ideas for stories, keep your mind active, and open up the idea stream inside you in a relaxing, non-stressful way. Bring your idea book and imagination.

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Free online workshop today in Second Life: 

Thursday 5th November, 2015
12 noon Pacific Time/3pm Eastern Time/8pm GMT

Boost your Writing Using Second Life® with Lizzie Gudkov
NaNoWriMo is a demanding challenge and getting stuck is not an option! We’ll address a few simple ways you can turn a virtual world into your NaNoWriMo backup plan.

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Up for a daily writing challenge? Here are the #writersdash prompts for November. Happy writing! #nanowrimo #500WS
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