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Name:  Shiroi Akumu
Age: 16 
Gender: Female 
Guild Mark/Location: Bottom of my Right leg
Guild Mark colour: Black
Wizard Rank: Master
Magic: Possession, Ankhseram Black Magic and Darkness Magic 
Personality: Evil, Caring when needed.
Likes: Noodles, Anime, K drama 
Dislikes: Older sister, People in general.  
Appearance: Scroll down
Favourite Anime: Zankyou no terror
Short Biography/Background story: Daughter of Hades. Was left by older sister at the age of 11. Older sister: Kurayami Reiko (We have different mothers) Once my sister left us my mother died and I became EVIL because my sister had left me alone. I am currently working as a Assassin.

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Name: Shironeko Katsuko.
Age: 16.
Gender: Female.
Guild Mark/Location: Upper left arm.
Guild Mark colour: Gold.
Wizard Rank: Pfft, I'm a master.
Magic: Light dragon slayer, neko transformation, deceiving eyes.
Personality: Sarcastic, unknowingly caring to a select few, intelligent, perverted, lies freely.
Likes: Kpop, Vocaloid, my friends and rice. Rice is great.
Dislikes: Stupid questions, idiocy.
Short Biography/Background story: Ran away from home at 10 and met twin dragons. Met Kurayami and learnt dragon slaying magic.
Appearance: Scroll down.
Favourite Anime/Manga: Hetalia and Mekakucity Actors.
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