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Hello copyDown Community,

We are seeing a recent problem within our Form Add-Ons. All Form Add-Ons are affected. You may be seeing a pop-up that only displays the link, 'Help', if you try to access any Add-On. This is not intended behavior.

We contacted Google to look at the problem. We will notify the communities when the issue resolves.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:38 Uncaught Error: Argument too large: value
at setAsValuesCols (Code:307) (copyDown:46) c61f08ae-0c2b-4350-8f56-707b63fb8e2c

Id @ VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:38
Ne @ VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:52
(anonymous) @ VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:6
gg.J @ VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:86
nd @ VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:28
jd @ VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:29
(anonymous) @ VM10025 2980777174-mae_html_user_bin_i18n_mae_html_user__ru.js:26


Existe t-il une un nombre limité de formules à utiliser avec copydown ?
Merci de votre réponse

it only provided copy down the formula from 1 to 10, it will be the best if it can copy down the formula from row 200

I'm having a problem with copydown. When I turn it on in a document it hangs up on the spinning wheel and never properly launches. I've tried removing and reinstalling the add-on, but it's still not working. Is there a known fix to this?

I keep getting row 2 formula as #REF! the moment I add another data into the spreadsheet. I'm using the formula in column D:

=arrayformula( if( len(A2:A), "HMKL ITS-" & text(row(A2:A) - row(A2) + 1, "000"), iferror(1/0) ) )

It works well when the 1st data is entered as my Ref ID will show HMKL ITS-001. But when I add on data, row 2 becomes #REF! and the new data becomes index HMKL ITS-001 again. Row 2 error will show the message "Error Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in D3."

How do I resolve this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Everyone
Just a quick question, i am doing vlookup on about 60 columns, The copydown take so long to up date, even any changes in make on the formula, there is that download bar and its has two goes at it and then the data in the field changes.

In my Vlookup the Data array starts at A1 but i made it go to and EF:EF (60 columns across ) Is it look to the absolute end on the sheet. and thats why it take so long ?

at the moment there is not much data in the sheet at all, so not sure why it takes long time


Is copydown only working on a limited number of rows of data? I'm failing at row 120. It just stopped copying down. 

How does copydown work ?
It recognizes my formula in line 3 but i don't get anyting in the status column. How does the add on work ?

One of the values in my formula DOES NOT come from the form - i need to manually input the value.

Anybody have any other solutions for this add on ?

Hi, copydown was working fine from 01april till today at 1130 am. But it ust stopped working now. Can anyone help ?
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