Today, when I add copy down to a spreadsheet, I turn CopyDown "ON" and it spins continuously. Are you having issues today? This is a new spreadsheet with only ONE formula to copy down.

Hi, I've been working with copyDown for a long time now. Suddenly it stopped copying the formulas after google form submission. It's enabled and the formulas are being detected, but the fields are not being populated.

Any ideas?

copydown form app sheet can not do

CopyDown works fine most of the time, but from time to time for a reason we do not understand it does not. How can we resolve such problem.
Thank you

I'm attempting to use copy down to work with the dynamic folders feature in autocrat. Rather than the vlookup formula staying the same, the copydown keeps increasing the range from which it's looking. My vlookup is this:
=vlookup(G6,'Autocrat Folder info '!A1:B4,2,false)

I need the "G6" to increase as form submissions come in (G7, G8, G9 and so on), but I need the A1:B4 to stay the same in the formula. But as it is now, the A1:B4 continues to increase.

Should I be using a different formula or is there a setting I'm missing in copy down?

i keep getting a daily email that reads,
"The Google Forms add-on copyDown is set to run automatically whenever a form is submitted. The add-on was recently updated and it needs you to re-authorize it to run on your behalf.
The add-on's automatic functions are temporarily disabled until you re-authorize the add-on. You can accomplish this by opening one of the forms using the add-on and running the add-on through the menu. Alternatively, you can click this link to approve authorization directly:
Click here to re-authorize the add-on.
This notification email will be sent to you at most once per day until the add-on is re-authorized."
I click the link provided, a tab opens but then immediately closes. If I go into copyDown on a sheet, it seems to be working fine. So, what's going on?

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I am a beginner user of Google Sheets and is just now discovering the wonders of the add ons. But I am having a problem with the copydown add on, i cant seem to have copydown the response from another sheet. As you can see on my screenshot, on Rows N and O the copy down formula is working, but on Row P, it is not. Is it just a simple vlookup formula for the 2nd sheet.

The 2nd sheet is the response from FORM APPROVALS add ons. I am getting information there to make a AUTOCRAT pdf function to be sent out when the form is approved.

Could someone please enlighten me on what to do so I could resolve this issue?

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Has anyone experienced problems with CopyDown not working properly for a field with a button formula to be used in an Awesome Table view?

=CONCATENATE("<div style=",char(34),"text-align:center",char(34),"><a href=", char(34),AV3,char(34),"style=",char(34),"color:white!important;text-decoration:none;background-color:rgb(153,0,153);background-image:-webkit-linear-gradient(top,rgb(222,0,0),rgb(0,0,153));border:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0);border-radius:2px;display:inline-block;font-size:11px;font-weight:bold;height:27px;line-height:27px;padding:0px 20px 0px 20px;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;white-space:nowrap",char(34),"target=",char(34), "_blank", char(34),">Invoice</a></div>")

This formula that is copied down usually works. But in the last month or so, I have seen more cases where the Button does not display, despite the code in the field. Trying to determine if this is a CopyDown issue or Awesome Tables.

When the user tries to click on it, it does NOT open in a new Google Form. Instead, it stays embedded on the Awesome table and is unusable.


Copy-Down app not loading.


I have a similar problem as some of the other members on this forum, in that the Copy-Down is not working at all. I can't even get to the settings window.

In reading through some of the responses and trying some of the suggested solutions (failing everytime) I have now decided to scrap the app.

This app work working beautifully until the recent version.



I have a vlookup formula in my spreadsheet. I turned on Copydown and all it does is spin. It never actually recognizes the formula and activates the addon. I have used it on another sheet with the exact same formula. A bug or am I missing something?
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