I have one episiode of a podcast which have been in download progress for 2 days ! How can I fix this ?

Option for continuous playback (one after another) or single playback (play one then stop).

I would love to see the option to set where the podcasts should be saved, either choosing internal or external sdcard.

I still think its a good one, organized and easy to use and choose what I want, compared to all others . I still use your beta over the rest of them and forgot its beta lol til now cuz I have some tec issues since yesterday. Wanted to hive you feedback. App downloaded all episodens from one channel I subscribed yesterday, not subscribed and download everything but I think I market all as in not listened. I didnt understand that I choose 317 episodes making my phone :o Lol! Same time am listening to one, it still played but get quickly over healted, couldn't hold it it burned. Had to shut it down. When I tried and try to change time like go to where I was it crashes. Did uninstall, didnt help the craahing. idk how to stop the downloading causing app to crash?

Its a good one! Thnx! I have some ideas thought to chare.
I would like to have the options to category my podcast into like fitness here, news there and so on to keep them more organized. Also when you just got the app and haven't heard anything it would make more sense that the pods where not grey or marked as listened and a mark all and mark as listened more easy, like in your email. 

Hi friends may you asist me how to join podcast

Podcast's downloading requires wi fi presence.Can this be obviated?

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Hi there!

I didn't see an upload feature- I would appreciate it if you would add my new podcast to your network! Here's the info:

Podcast name:
Inside People
Podcast author:
Scott McCalla


Keeps appearing in the lock screen even if nothing is pending

Please make option to save on SD card
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