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Dr Jan-Gunnar Winther, Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute gives an overview of the environmental challenges facing the Polar Regions

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I know everyone here is busy but I did not like to receive a somewhat angry e-mail from Suspicious0bservers asking me to "excuse myself" while treating me as a coward because I had notifications set to off.
Anyhow, let alone my reply and that argument, just have a look at their promotional professional videos.
I'm perhaps confused... make up your own mind and please let me know what you think.
Enjoy the week-end... even if you're at work

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1 reason why I'm soooo Suspicious about Suspicious0bservers
Just search CO2 on their youtube channel, and pick a vid from their results; just about any vid. Would be interesting to know who finances them eh? Uncle ALEC perhaps?

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[The ultimate conclusion I reached while investigating marketing]
Marketing is the most twisted thing ever invented by the most twisted minds.
A. Randomjack

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I sent 2 mails to radioekoshock..
I could not stand his opinions on Sam and this group without responding... in private to him.
"Silence of the Labs" of the BBC's 5th Estate program surely gives clues. Harper calling Climate Activists "Terrorists" is sure proof enough to explain any "shady" habit of my favorite Climatologist.
I also reminded him we've beel losing 200+ species a day for a few decades. If that's not a Extinction coming, I wonder what is.

Keep up the great work!
It helps me focus on my rowing in this Planetary Galley we're all in.
I know you're all quite busy, so please take a few minutes to have a nice day.

I hope me, a non-scientist, being in this group and posting doesn't annoy any of you. I don't think I'll overdo it, I'm a unknown under-achiever. Last time I posted comments on the net, it was as "Jack Kebeck" at least 5 or 6 years ago.
Please have a nice day

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Satellite data on ice age reveal that multiyear ice within the Arctic basin increased in extent this winter.

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