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Guess the Score Challenge

I have a challenge for you. Give me 4 numbers which are your guess as to how many points the Redskins will have at the end of each quarter of this week's game. I'll add up the differences in your guesses and the actual score and post the winner here. For example, if you think the Redskins will score one TD each quarter, your guess would be 7 - 14 - 21 - 28. Note: I have other sites where I am asking this same question, so to win my contest, you will need to beat everyone from all of my sites :)

Respond to this message with your guess. I need 4 numbersο»Ώ

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Looking for Redskins fans to play Firefan and represent the Redskins in the Battle of the Superfans. Use the link to join us.

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Greetings Redskins fans,

You may have noticed that I've changed this community significantly. While I have always wanted this community to have fun the Firefan app, I'm now using it as the source of communication for the Redskins part of the Battle of the Superfans. I will be asking many of the members of this community to play the app for the Redskins Superfans team. The points awarded to these players will be combined to form the score for the Redskins in the competition.

Many of the postings for a while will be about this activity. I hope that you will consider joining us and helping the Redskins team win.

Good luck to the Redskins!

An app is launching next week that will let us compete using the live action of the Redskins games.

I would like to find some Redskins fans who would help me check this app out during the Redskins/Cowboys game Thanksgiving Day.

Please let me know if you would be willing to check this app out with me.

The primary reason I formed this group is to have us compete in a game where the winner will be determined based on the player's ability to predict the action in a Redskins game. The app that will facilitate that game expects to launch in 3 weeks, just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend games.

I want to see some of the members of this community register their account for this app now. There are incentives to do so.

Please PM me if you are willing to setup your account for this game now.

I'm sponsoring a contest.Β  This is just for fun, no money is involved.

Give me your prediction of the TOTAL points the Redskins will have at the end of each quarter of Sunday's game.

Winner will be the player with the lowest total error.

Skins fans,

Make this more fun. Invite the people in your circles to this community using the invite people button in the upper right (on your PC)


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Alfred Morris led the Redskins in Rushing in 2015 with 751, which was 21st in the NFL. Will the Redskins running attack get better or worse in 2016 (explain why in the comments)?
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Slightly worse.
About the same.
Slightly better.
Significantly better!
Significantly worse!
Slightly worse.
About the same.
Slightly better.
Significantly better!
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