hey guys, i am back

well we are with 2 again.. i think that i am going to leave the community

we got 3 members yay! our little community is growing :D

i am making this up while i am writing so it will be a fail lol

the soft green walls
and the red tiles
in the halls
but i'll protect that door
cause that's my core
and nobody may know what lays inside
it says how many times i lied,
it says how many times i tried
to be a better person than i really am
everywhere i hung up cam(s)
to make sure that nobody comes to
to make sure nobody comes through
the iron wall with pointy spikes (yikes)
which i set up so nobody would see
the real me

i think imma call it "the hall" or "the real me" idk yet lol

well first contest:
write a poem that has the words, legal, illegal, but, awesome, attractive and ugly in it
reply your poem, you have untill 1 january

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for everyone who loves reading or/and writing poems! here you can share your poems, read other's poems and enter contests! everyone can join but you need to follow the rules

a little poem of mine:

the lights are faraway
laying on the river bay
lighting up the beach
but they're outta reach

those kids of today
they just go their own way
laughing over every single thing
laughing over my big wings
they grow tinier each laugh
insecurity, it's all i have
and it carves
really deep scars
in my heart

the light is near
and that's what i fear
but still want
but i just can't
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