Name-Bloom phoenix
Magicks User/Guard-Magicks user/witchcraft
Weapons firey black sword
Yourself in 3 words-loner,silent,fighter
Weakness (Can't have none.)-the past
Family my sister +Hiyori
(It's hard to get to my soft spot my bio is a mystery to all)
Looks:long red hair,blue eyes,wears black or red armour my eyes change color by the mood I'm in

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Name: Qintan ???
Age: 18
Magicks User/Guard: Magicks User
Allergies- None
Weakness (Can't have none.)- Love
Family- ??????
Race: Shadow Knight
Personality: Evil,Smart, Ready for anything, and quiet.
Likes: Dark things, the nether, flame magic, vampires
Dislikes: Happy things
Weapon: Fists/Shadow Soul Katana
Appearance: Below
Bio: My parents abandoned me when I was a baby. When I found them they tried to kill me. So I hide around in the nether for now.
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Name- Anastasia
Age- 18
Magicks User/Guard- Guard (Not good with Witchcraft yet)
Weapon- Bow and Arrow/Katana
Allergies- NOooOoneee
Myself in 3 words- Badass, Humorous, Strong
Weakness- Love
Family- Zenix, Kiki, Zack, Nico, Kai

Name- Jac
Age- 19
Magicks User/Guard- Magicks User
Weapon- A Enchanted Diamond sword
Allergies- None
Myself in 3 words- Sweet,Caring and Brave
Weakness- Seeing my Friends hurt
Family- None


Magicks User/Guard-
Yourself in 3 words-
Weakness (Can't have none.)-

Sorry for the ones who asked yesterday and wasn't accepted until now. I was on mobile.

*Practices with bow and arrow*
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