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Thanks for adding me. I have had my Creme d'Argents for 5 years now and I was wondering if anyone in this group raises them also?

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The Rare Breed Rabbits list was updated a few weeks. Here is the current list and the link to read all about it:

Here is the short version
#1 is most rare, #16 is less rare

2014 Rare Breed Rabbit Rank
1 Blanc de Hotot
2 Giant Angora
3 American
4 Beveren
5 Giant Chinchilla
6 Creme d'Argent
7 Belgian Hare
8 American Sable
9 Satin Angora
10 Cinnamon
11 Lilac
12 Silver
13 American Chinchilla
14 Palomino
15 Standard Chinchilla
16 Rhinelander

Note: Silver Fox was #15, is now #17 and is off the list, but remains as a Watch status. Standard Chinchilla has re-joined the Rare Breed List as #15

Click below for details

Thank you for letting me join. I'm new to rabbits and I hope to start raising silver foxes this summer. Looking forward to chatting in here

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Blossum, she's a Gold Tip Steel Giant Angora, part of the Black GA program :) 

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ADMIN (updated Dec 1 2013) : Welcome to the Rare Breed Rabbits group dedicated to the promotion of rare breeds and colors/varieties of rabbits. This file is to introduce new members to the group. These are breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and have a standard with the ARBA. There are other breeds that are rare in the USA that are not recognized by the ARBA. Some are new breeds in development, Some are European breeds that are in the USA and Canada. Some, like the Astrex, are old breeds that have been "discovered" or recreated. But all are rare and included in discussions.

What is the Rare Breeds List?
Here is the short version
#1 is most rare, #16 is less rare

2010 Rare Breed Rabbit Rank
1 Blanc de Hotot
2 Giant Angora
3 Cinnamon
4 Beveren
5 American
6 Satin Angora
7 Giant Chinchilla
8 Lilac
9 Silver
10 American Sable
11 Belgian Hare
12 American Chinchilla
13 Rhinelander
14 Creme d'Argent
15 Silver Fox
16 Palomino

Note: Standard Chinchilla was #16, is now #17 and is off the list.
Palomino has joined the Rare Breed List.
You can read more about it at The Rabbit Geek website, Rare Breed List page

More group info:
All offers of rabbit for sale or solicitations for rabbits must include rare breeds or varieties of rabbits. A rare variety could be Madagascar in Rex or a color other than Tortoiseshell in Holland Lops. Offers for sale must include pedigree with the sale price. Offers or solicitations that do not appear to comply will be removed without comment.

Some breeds can be rare in certain regions and offers/solicitation will be allowed on case by case basis. Breeds do not have to be part of ARBA Standard of Perfection to be discussed here. Simply rare or hard to find will be sufficient. By the way, this group is read by children so we will enforce a No Profanity rule.

This is an open group with minimal screening to prevent entry by spammers. In order to be an information source for rare breed rabbits I plan to leave it as an open group. Like anything the internet, there are people here who think they are spies for anti-breeder causes. Fine. If someone is found to be an anti breeder activist I will remove them from the group. Otherwise, just assume there are spies on all the groups. If one wants to hide their rabbits or rabbits, don't post it on the internet.

FAQ: What about American Livestock Breeds (ALBC)?
This Rare Breed Rabbits list started in 2003 before the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) accepted rabbits into their organization with a lot of work from rabbit historian Bob Whitman. ALBC does not recognize all the breeds that are recognized by ARBA, they focus on heritage breeds. They have a different mission and their list reflects their guidelines. All of the rabbits on their list is on the Rare Breed Rabbits list so at least we agree on those rabbit breeds. Other breeds are too new or have other issues that prevented acceptance. Different mission, different list appearance, mostly the same rabbits.

Have a good day!

Hey Franco!
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