Any ps4 players I just got the new dlc and looking for people to play with have not done any raids on ps4 yet but have done crota and vault of glass on the 360 when I use to have it.

Wow this place is really inactive

Heyo. I'm looking for people to play with on the xbox one. Gamertag is Snowy Frostpaw. Looking foreward to playing with some new friends :3

Do people even play Destiny anymore?

Need furs for destiny raid for ttk on ps3. Psn is DarkWolfKing1

Hello, I'm looking for anyone that would want to do the taken King raid with me? I'm on ps3 and my psn is DarkWolfKing1

Had no Idea there was furries that liked Destiny! My gosh!

Me and a friend are looking for a third to join our fireteam on Xbone. We play daily, doesn't mean you have to but it'd certainly help! We're both >290 light level. Let me know in the comments or add BK00N on xbox live!

any fur want to play on the ps3 with me?

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so I just got this weapon the Telesto fusion rifle. I wonder what's anyone thoughts of it? video was by me wildfiredragon on Xbone
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