Hi, thanks for add me. I leave a link to a project we are working on. http://beagleboard.org/project/bitson-cape/

I bought a Beaglebone Black Wireless last week... I flashed it with an image of Kamikaze to use with my Replicape board for my 3D printer. Anyways, to make a long story short, the wifi/bluetooth module is not initializing. The LED's for WL and BT never come on... could it be a bad module?

Any ideas?

Hi sir,
Greetings from Ralco synergy.

We are carrying stock for Mercury M/B 945,
G31, G41 , H61 & H81

Mix models of 845 , 865, 915 , 945, g31, g33 , g41 & g45 MB at attractive price

450 & 550 watts mercury SMPS

If there is any requirements kindly confirm.


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i wan to recieve some data from a 433MHz RF. I use this: https://eckstein-shop.de/433Mhz-RF-Wireless-Transmitter-Receiver-Link-Kit-Module , can somebody tell me how I get this to working?

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My new book, Mastering Swift 3 for Linux has just been released.  While most books on Swift are written to introduce the language using Apple’s development tools, this book is written for the developer that wants to use Swift on the Linux platform. 

This book also has a chapter dedicated to using Swift on Single-Board Computers.  The first half of this chapter will show the reader how they can use Swift to interact with external devices like LEDs, buttons and temperature sensors. The second half of the chapters shows the reader how they can build and program an autonomous robot using Swift and the BeagleBone Black.

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welcome to join in this community, this community is about electronics which aimed at helping maker to solve their problems, welcome to join!

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Dump1090 seems to run pretty slow on the Beaglebone Black. Anyone know any optimizations? Debian OS. 

Hi, I want to monitor the data flow between two beaglebone black. like, when one BBB sends data to next one, I want to know how much data is transmitted when data can be very large and measurement should be done before the transmission finishes. Is there any tools or commands that can be helpful? Any suggestions and helps are appreciated. Thanks
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