Community Story 

In the year 2031, Russia invaded Mongolia, who was allied with China. China attacked Russia to help Mongolia.  Kazakhstan attacked China, and India attacked Kazakhstan's forces,  Ukraine and Belarus attacked Russia, and Romania and Poland attacked Belarus and Ukraine. Soon, Germany attacked Poland, and France and Spain attacked Germany. It did'int take long before the USA, came and tried to stop the fighting, which just dragged them into it as well, In the year 2037 the entire world was in war, and no one new why, country's were joining  a side, and attacking the close'st country on the other side.  
While the fighting started, a company called CR, (Commercial Robotics) began its rise to power, It had the most advanced Ai, and cybernetic systems. toward 2035, They changed their name to Commissioned Robotics, and began creating the CRU's Commissioned, Robotic, Units. They began to create and sell their new iron soldiers, to everyone, they had no elegance. Always making new'er and better models, and in 2040, every country's army had been converted to CRU's. But even though the CRU's had human like AI's. They still needed Human guiding on  targets and tactics. So the Elites were trained,  equipped with the most advanced Exo-Suits , and the most powerful weaponry, They go into battle to lead the CRU's. 

Currant year, 2045. 
Factions, The're are two Factions, "The Eastern Confederacy." (E.C) and "The Western Republic." (W.R)  There were others, but they got stomped on by the others,  

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