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Checking out the new Google Earth on my phone. What are those?

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Are there weather watchers here?
Any thoughts on this?
Russia Lake Baikal 17 april 2017
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Google Earth 2017 | What Is Google Earth

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Earth Day tips - Google's Doodle for Earth Day 2017 shows some Tips for Earth Day

Recordings too short
I might be doing something wrong but when I record a tour and render it as a movie the rendered version is only 5 seconds long while the tour was like 20 seconds. Is there a setting in Earth Pro that I'm not finding? 

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The New Google Earth is here. 😊
Still a work in progress but it certainly looks great.👍

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so whats up with this? is there something to hide?
I would like a consistent global image, instead of a bunch of things pieced together, and there are VERY obvious cut outs to keep something out of the public eye. maybe Google should stop deceiving and show some truth.
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Pay a visit to the Island of Flowers (best using 1080p HD on your largest screen).
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