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~Welcome to Vocaloid High!~

~Our Student Council~
((Owners))President: +Hatsune Miku​​​ +Kaito Shion​​
((Mods))Vice President: +Midori Gurin​​​ +Aiкα 艾诶弗屁儿诶​​​ +Sukarī The Saiyan​​ +Hentai Anime​​ +storm's eye​​ +AlyaishaAsylum/MangleFoxie​​ +Bone The Cunine​​ +Mao Neko Chan​​ +The Ghost Emo Aka Senpai the Emo no one see's​​ +тнё циdёятДкёя

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hey guys try joining this community
Join and/or reshare this intresting rp community
i will make you mod when you do it :)
"It's raining in the city of blue,dreaming rain,It's clean and cold and Peaceful, Silver rain. All is drenched with an Destiny. Cruel or not"

1.pick a team
2.creepypastas,fnaf and sonic fan characters are not allowed
3.Respect The Owners and Members Of UFC
4. No God Moding (dodging every attack and stopping all attacks/not phased by any attack)
5. When One on One battles are in place ask before joining the battle
6. Fixed Profiles and updates to it need to be made publicly
7.Understand your own character and your opponent so there won't be any confusion
8.Try to have understandable grammar
9.Can you please follow a template
10. oc must have a weakness that can be used by anyone Any more questions then ask a mod
11 .no autokilling
12 .no killing someone unless they agreed to you killing them
13.don't do any abilities that isn't in your template

Story: 𝓘𝓘 𝓞𝓷 Judgement 𝓘𝓘 (The name of this planet)
𝓘𝓘 𝓣𝓱𝒆 𝓘𝓷𝒇𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓽𝒆 Continuum 𝓘𝓘

One thing can be said of Judgement, anyone can't comphrend it in its entirety, is The truth. Even those who Woken up here don't know why They are there. For Judgement is more than a colorful planet, it is true power, any matter caught in its grasp will sucked in due to it power

Judgement is massive, the largest know object in the universe, drifting through out the universe at immeasurable speed, at a tenth of a atosecond, by an immense scale. Conceived By an divine Entity, hidden in plain sight and currently unremarkable in it new vessel. Judgement is an omnipotent and magical marvel. According to the first person to be on Judgement Tiz. Judgement can pull matter from all universes, dimensions and world on to itself for unknown reasons, to meet the needs of its population, Judgement also restricts you from leaving it . Of the current moment, Judgement is highly advanced with numerous of species,angels,demons, gods and ECT, though much of it land is lead by slot of different species

They're multible segment to the supercontinent on Judgement : Fool, priestess, empress, emperor,lovers, chariot, Strength, wheel of Fortune, justice, hanged Man, death , temperance ,devil , Justice,world
Rumor has it that the Judgement segment is the Afterlife

At the exact center of Judgement is the Core, a mysterious structure is in it. And only a few has achieved going down there, but appears to provide the mystical object with the power to grant you a wish, aside from the object an Devine beast protects it from all tainted souled beings Located around the Core , where most journeys end. But one had achieved going there and he wished for some unknown powers. He is known as "K" and he uses the power to eliminate UNfit beings, he thinks he is the voice of Judgement and he as well is hidden on Judgement too.

Beyond "K" they're more villains and they to lie among us. A lot of leaders of the segments, and then the main part is they are led by anyone who is the strongest of the ones who wanted ownership. The population of some of the segments are in war with each other and some work together. Along with this each of the 20 segments has its own perk.

Of course, given Judgement nature, the planet has endless of land devoted to civilians and military housing, And a enormous academy that everyone participates exists and much much more.

Aside from the houses and combat zones production plants, An Special prison exists as a separate structure from the main population of the planet, to hold enemies of life and if anyone is defeat and brought to this prison in "fool" is trapped by the spirit of this planet. If anyone accepts there wrongdoing and convert to good is released a year afterwards.

At the end of it all, Judgement is both the world most mysterious planet and the largest, standing as a new home for which you didn't give consent to, but is now forever trapped within. And one thing is for sure… Judgement holds many secrets.

[For people who want to RP or Learn about it:]

First but a * infront of the word and it will turn bold for fighting and actions

Example: Punches

* Kicks

Second put a underscore so it can be italic for talking but some use it for actions

Example: Hello

_ Hello _

Also you could do strike throughs for OOC (Out Of Character

Example: Hello- - Hello -

But you could also put a * and underscore and it could be Bold and Italic

Example: Yare Yare Daze

_ Yare Yare Daze _ *

((Note:Do not space these!!))


Never ever God Mod or pull Bullshit for example saying you are immortal when it isn't on your profile

Good Example of a RP Fight: They started to rush at them with high speeds readying a blow

Bad Example of a RP Fight: Grabs you and Rips you in half No Dodging

People can dodge attacks attacks such as being ripped apart and being slashed this would give you a bad Reputation in Communitys such as "Stark Academy" and "Rebirth Academy" Join these fam cause most of those people will make fun of you for being idiotic and acting like the Pokemon Go Kid We don't dicuss about him here 7n7 but yeah and around other which may lead you to get off G+ but hey that's on you

May post more if anyone is interested in more about RolePlaying

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B a s i c I n f o r m a t i o n

> °Nicknames°
IA. Alpha type C



> °Species°

Vy2 Yuuma

> °Sexuality°

Vy2. Candies. Pink. Martial arts lessons. Rock

The darkness


°Dere Type°

° Personality °
Cute in both appearance and mannerism but have a completely batshit crazy side

> °Additional Information°
IO is her twin.
Is probably obsessed with Vy2.
Like K-pop and Utaite.
Very long hair with two braids on each side and some pink strips

Pinkish blonde


> °Stockings°
Has one tall sock and short




> °Accessories°
A choker
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~it was Friday and it was a special day because it was my birthday,no one knew it was my bday I was lonely and you saw me crying alone and than you...~

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Lapis walked inside the prom room along with +Hatsune Miku​ "I guess we're early..."

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Let's go to the beach!

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(+Mao Neko Chan Wanna Rp)
Len was in a pretty good mood today. Rin had soon noticed and decided to say...

Lapis was rushing into the school because it was raining. "Geez, these clothes aren't suitable at all. I hope I don't get wet..." While she was running towards the school entrance she bumped into you. You say:

Open rp

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I am tired...

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Happy Valentines Day!
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