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Paper packaging boxes for customers needs

Nowadays, the use of paper is no longer a simple application, but as a brand new advertising carrier to promote corporate image and brand. Its brand image, product image can be intuitive or printed on paper packaging paper, make customer contact or target customers in the use of the be clear at a glance to the corporate image, enhance propaganda effect.     
Based in market for a long time, we have been engaged in the production of order processing products, the processing and production of paper bags and paper bags for a long time. The quality, the packaging printing is exquisite, for the customer to make the custom, obtains the general customer recognition and the advertising audience's high praise. Christmas Eve is now a very busy day in the world. Brochures and single-page productions have become popular forms of publicity. The price of a gift box is how much, if you want to make a custom, you can't find a suitable production partner, then click on the
As an advertising gift, it can be accepted by consumers at different levels. Its low price greatly reduces the advertising cost of merchants. The use of paper to advertise in the world has become quite popular, in the world is more and more the attention of businessmen. 
Gift packaging printing is a kind of art, but also the perfect embodiment of commodity value, especially in the current rapid development of knowledge economy and information science today, national culture, regional culture, cultural blend,  Gift box printing representative is not only a beautiful works of art, its close to the market and cater to the market, guide consumption, meet people of commodity packaging material needs and spiritual enjoyment for the integration of multiple function is increasingly apparent.

Guangzhou Risun-print Co.,ltd special local product, gift boxes and other gift box is largely based on modelling and its elegant decoration to beautify the goods, to improve the competitive goods, is the product into one of the important means of commodity, it has become connected between products and consumers, sell and buy one of the important link.​Christmas Eve Christmas gift box brochure production is very cheap, the specific price is based on the different materials different prices, more quotations can be referenced:

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Do you interested in it ?

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Christmas gift box

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How to protect environment in daily
Every single man at this world has responsibility to protect environment.Below is some simple thing for us to do .
The Packaging Boxes or bags used in daily instead of plastic products or metal products. The paper products are easy to damaged and recycled, which is conducive to protecting the environment and reducing waste of resources. Paper packaging in our daily life is very easy to get, can buy in the market can be ordered at the factory, also can according to the requirements of each different size, can also be printed on your favorite LOGO. Why not ?

Classification of garbage can be divided into recyclable and unrecyclable . The categories can be classified into paper, metal, food, plastic and miscellaneous. The classification of garbage is also a measure of the level of modern civilization in a country. In this regard, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore are the representative of Asian ,Which outstanding contribution to environmental protection and pollution reduction. It's worth learning.

Don't throw away your electronics until its completely dead. It's not just the mountain of electronic waste that is piling up in the garbage dumps, but the waste of appliances, whether it's a grave or a direct landfill, causes an incalculable amount of pollution to the atmosphere and the land. Further harm to natural and human health. Severe acid rain can lead to the destruction of the ozone layer. The vegetation cannot grow plants, destroy the ecological chain, and humans will also develop diseases and even cancer. Moreover, the manufacturing of electronic products to take advantage of a lot of mineral resources, if we can make good use of electronic products, do not abandon, reduce the production of electronic products, has a vital role for the protection of the natural environment.

Risun Print Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in Paper Packaging Boxes and Bags over 15 years.We can offer “one-stop specialty packaging solutions” service platform. Any requirements of Paper Packaging Boxes will satisfying here.We accept Custom Order Packaging Boxes,printing clients logo ,make any shape of boxes .Please send us your artwork ,perfect paper packaging boxes will be finish here.

We have signed a contract with the local government and the environmental protection department to be a qualified enterprise, to be an environmental envoy, to be disciplined and to be worthy of the mission. Protect the environment, everyone is responsible.


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Christmas paper gift box . more :

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We looking for someone who have the experience in printing paper ,making packaging boxes ,something as Christmas gift paper packaging boxes ,let me know please ,we are busy for this job

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Busy For Paper Packaging Moon-cake Boxes
Now days we busy for making the Paper Packaging Moon-cake Boxes .The Chinese Mid-autumn festival coming in few months ,all cake and food companies preparing for the Moon-cake .In order to occupy the market as big as they could ,Most food company try they best to make the fashion and luxury cakes and Packaging Boxes to attract people.
We not only producing Boxes for market ,but also offer designs for food company to make a luxury Packaging Boxes .What we offer the Packaging Paper Boxes have one cake,two cakes ,three cakes and many cakes ,which fit the clients requires.
Printing customers logo is the basic of the element for the Paper Packaging Boxes,so that they can make clients remember they brand.We have experience for all kind of Moon-cake Paper Packaging Boxes ,any requirements is satisfies.We wish all food companies get what they want from the market ,full support from my company.
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When people can buy Apple's next-gen iPhone 8

For as popular as the iPhone already is, Apple’s iconic smartphone will take things to the next level once the iPhone 8 is released later this year. Said to feature a sleek new redesign with an edge-to-edge display, the iPhone 8 will likely spur the largest and most significant upgrade cycle Apple has seen yet. After all, seeing as how the iPhone form factor has more or less remained unchanged since the 2014 release of the iPhone 6, current iPhone owners have been pining for something fresh and different for years now. And for anyone curious about the iPhone 8 form factor, we recently posted exclusive photos of what the final iPhone 8 design will likely look like.
With the excitement for the iPhone 8 building with each passing week, there have been a few worrisome reports claiming that the device might be subject to significant delays. In fact, a handful of reports have even claimed that Apple might push back the iPhone 8 release date all the way to November. Even some of the more optimistic reports we’ve seen have said that the iPhone 8 might not see the light of day until October.
Regarding the reasons behind the rumored delay, there have been rumblings that Apple has seen poor yields when manufacturing the iPhone 8’s advanced OLED display. Additionally, there have been indications that some of Apple’s partners responsible for supplying some of the iPhone 8’s more advanced components won’t be able to ramp up supply in time for a September launch.
Not to worry, we’re finally starting to see reports which suggest that the pessimism surrounding the iPhone 8 release date may have been blown out of proportion. Either that, or Apple and its partners in recent weeks managed to get a firm grasp on production problems. Regardless, anyone interested in picking up Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 won’t necessarily have to wait until November to do so.
According to a new research note from Morgan Stanley, the iPhone 8 will hit store shelves during a normal time frame, which is to say that it will likely be released sometime in mid-late September. Specifically, Morgan Stanley relays that it has found no evidence of ongoing production problems or delays in Apple’s supply chain.
Reports of low yields for components have shaken some investors, but “Morgan Stanley’s Greater China Technology Research colleagues have not yet seen delays in the supply chain and still expect new iPhone production to start on time for most of the components (including OLED),” the firm says.
Morgan Stanley’s recent note corroborates noted leaker OnLeaks’ prediction that mass production will begin in earnest this Summer ahead of a planned launch in September.
Of course, we can pretty much expect to see the iPhone 8 be supply-constrained at launch, a September release date notwithstanding. While this will undoubtedly be frustrating to many, it simply par for the course anytime Apple releases a new iPhone, and especially when Apple introduces a brand new iPhone design with incredibly advanced components. Remember, aside from a new form factor, the iPhone 8 will reportedly incorporate advanced camera modules that will provide support for facial recognition and augmented reality.
The most people just care the iPhone few people realize the Packaging Box also very good ,especially the Logo Print and the designs of Paper Box .We are the one of the suppliers make the iPhone packaging box.Of course we get the designs from iPhone company,we are a partner of them,print the box in my company.Not only iPhone company support by my company,but also other brand as :Hello Kitty ; GUCCI;MOUTON ROTHSCHILD.....etc.We offer the items as :paper packaging electrical box,wine box,gift box ,shopping bag .....etc.From designs to production we offer one-stop service.High quality with factory price .
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Paper packaging boxes and bags customized printing for wholesale,more info please check:
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Christmas paper packaging box
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