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A reminder: Please do not delete your G+ account - and also a reminder that G+ will close next year, but be aware that your moderators are seeking some new home that, hopefully, many of you will migrate to. We're also seeking ways of preserving the community content, somehow, including the many interesting comments and conversations on posts here. By all means delete the G+ app from your phone, but please don't delete your account until we have taken backups and announced some new place to convene. If you do, all your contributions vanish.
If you do look elsewhere, please comment here to let us know of your positive and negative findings. It may be that we each will join not just one other place, but several, and it may be that some of us will not meet again while others of us will meet again.

You might consider leaving some URLs or other contact details on your G+ profile so you can be found in your new home, or homes.

For myself, I have firmly decided that I will not be joining Facebook or MeWe, and I believe some others are of the same view. I have joined both Diaspora and Mastodon and may well maintain a presence on both, whether or not they become a permanent new home.

For some pointers to other places, see my Collection:

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Microchip Technology - 1983

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After "roommates" threw my original Amiga 500 (+ accompanying 1084S rgb-monitor) out the window from the second floor in a collective I used to live in (a good 10-12 years ago), I finally got a hold of an original Norwegian-version Amiga 500 again 😁 #AMiGA #68K #Blitter

Using an imported RGB > SCART adapter-cable, I got it hooked up to my 47" Sony Bravia LCD-TV, and it works like a charm 🙂 thanks to aspect-ration control, it looks exactly like it should too 😎👌Bravia TVs apparently have a decent scaler (when you disable all the extra MotionFlow functions).

I mostly used Amigas for gaming. And I still do. Considering getting a Gotek, or an accelerator-board with SD-support, my old disks aren't quite as usable anymore.

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This is totally awesomme..... 😋😋😋😋

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Here's a bit of 90s nostalgia for you: #Windows95 v2.0 is now out which you can run on Windows, Mac or Linux systems.

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WIfi to SLIP adapter

The next version of the SLIP adapter. The serial module has RTS and CTS enabled and broken out and is now much more stable with handshaking.

Sadly, this will be my last post.. still socially homeless as none of the G+ alternatives float my boat


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For those in europe. Cheap if you eighter want one if you are missing one, or to keep as a backup sparepart. They are not perfect, yet for the price, it is good enough for me. I bought one my self and want to share the link.

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Cleaning out old file cabinets, I stumbled across this. It has to date from late 70's or early 80's when I was playing Adventure via dialup into the college mainframe. We only had one phone line in my grandparents house, so when I was online, an incoming call would drop my connection, so I played in the middle of the night.

This will probably trigger old memories for a lot of people here. :)

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There's a surviving Electrologica X1, one the first transistor based computers, in the computer museum of Kiel, 100km north of Hamburg. See the blog (in German) for more. Or visit the museum:
(A suggested addition to +Fabrice Lété's global map of computer museums:

Via Christoph S on diaspora:
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