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Quote: ”Tiny humans, you are so adorable.”
Name: Tamiko Takenaka
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Giantess
Race: Human
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Appearance: See picture.
> In general: Calm and collected.
> Around tinies/normal people: Careful and motherly.
> Around other giants: Same as in general
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Likes: The sun, tiny humans to cuddle.
Dislikes: Hitting her head, breaking stuff.
Her idea of fun: She finds relaxing at sea fun. Also, tossing trees.
> +Kotone Takenaka (Twin sister)
Powers and abilities:
> Size Manipulation (Limited to self and possessions.)
Orientation: Straight
Bio: Tamiko and her sister Kotone have always been giants, so, as such, they lived a pretty lonely life due to the fact that the humans were scared of them. Even though they lived a life of solitude together, when they found out how to change their height at will, if needed, they shrunk to about human size, but just a little bit taller, just so they could blend in with humans.

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"Life is beautiful, even if you look at it from my perspective."

[Basic information]
Name: Connor Kuroihana
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Kobito (Inchling)
Current place to call home: His house in the forest near Mt. Silver.

- Sewing needle he uses as a rapier.
- Dragon's Fang (Katana, has special powers, made by his sister.)
- Miracle Mallet: The kobito's most sacred treasures capable of granting wishes and mostly used for size-changing. Connor got it from +Sukuna Shinmyoumaru as a gift, it is a copy though, but it is just as powerful.
- Sound suppression: The user wills some sound to cease just using his mind, he can even use it to silence himself if needed.
[Through Dragon's Fang]
- Absorbing projectiles: Dragon's Fang can absorb any projectile that makes contact with it.
- Manipulation of space: The wielder of Dragon's Fang can bend space to his will, Connor will most likely use it to go from one location to another. Can also be used to access parallel universes.
- Manipulation of Time: The wielder of Dragon's Fang can also manipulate time, Connor will most likely use it to slow down time so he could get stuff done quicker and to avoid being stepped on.
- The ability to use any Dragon-type attack: It explains itself.



Wife: ​+Shiro Kuroihana 
Son: ​​+Shuuya Kuroihana
Daughters: +Celestine Aurum Kuroihana, +Kayla E. Izumi, +Lucy Kuroihana, +Dusk Kuroihana
Pokémon: +Lynn Eifie, +Damion the Zoroark, +Lumière the Chandelure, +Elizabeth the Kirlia 

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profile time
Name: Hope
Age: about 6 months
Gender: Female
Family: +Snow the Ditto +Ravio Seikatsu
Abilities: Transformation
Apperance: an inverted color eevee, white with a brown collar and tail tip
Bio: she was unintentional, caused by tristan, although snow doesn't mind,  ravio felt bad for her. She takes intrest in new species, and transforming into them.

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Name: Lynn
Species: Dawn Espeon (Modified Espeon)
Gender: Female
Level: 100 (Lv. 100 max stats with 8 extra on each attribute)
Trainer: +Connor​ 

+Steven The Glaceon​ (Husband)
+Krystal the Leafeon​ (Sister-in-Law)
+Sabrina Eilie​ (Daughter)

[Special skills]
- Memory manipulation: Allows Lynn to add, remove, alter or transfer memories to other people or copy memories from others into her own mind.
- Matter import: Lynn is able to teleport someone or something into her own or someone else's mind.

Photo 1: Normal appearance
Photo 2: Gijinka
2 Photos - View album

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Name: Charlotte Lucasson

Age: 15

Level: 46

Species: Gijinka Liepard

Moveset: Night Slash, Fake out, Snatch, Fury Swipes

Personality: Curious, Tricky, Philosphery?

Likes: Males, Snow, Water

Dislikes: Extremes of most kinds, except dealing with snow

Bio: Born a Gijinka,  she's friendly, and quite nice, she's really bad at small talk, but tries to anyway. a young fennikin follows her around, which thinka she is her mother. she tends to it often, and it seems to always be with her,  even from an egg.

Alexa slowly approached the porch, milotic out

Name: Alexa Charles
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Fun-loving, intelligent
Level 61 Milotic(female) Knows Aqua Tail, Attract, Pysch Up(Via TM), Dragon Tail(Via TM)
Level 20  Swadloon(Male) Knows Protect, Struggle Bug,  Flail, Solarbeam(Via TM)
Level 12 Swablu(Female) Knows Mist, Disarming Voice, Peck, Growl
Weapon: N/A
Family: Two parents, sister
Bio: Having only recently caught a 2nd pokemon, she also has an abundance of TMs. She likes shinys but can never find them.

what's up with all the percentages?

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Sora is now able to return to her 5 year-old self at will, but she won't remember anything from when she was older than that, her abilities will also be disabled until you tickle her, forcing Sora to return to normal.
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