Hi All,
I'm looking for a way to get entry logs for a client's software. I'm keen on using a RFID scanner but will need to send all scans to a web address.
Does anybody know of an RFID scanner, that can simply push any scanned device's details to a web address/web hook?

If the device has a light that can blink or change colour depending on if it has registered the person as coming or going, that would be great (but not 100% necessary).

Any help (or alternatives) would be much appreciated :-)

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Workflow in Informatica: Create, Task, Parameter, Reusable, Manager http://bit.ly/2qpYVTL

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Un développeur déverrouille la puce NFC de l’iPhone, normalement réservée à Apple Pay

Apple intègre une puce NFC dans ses iPhone, et ce depuis l’iPhone 6. L’accès est verrouillé, seul Apple peut l’utiliser pour Apple Pay. Mais le développeur Elias Limneos, qui crée des tweaks pour les appareils jalbreaks, a réussi un exploit : obtenir un accès à la puce NFC.

Dans sa vidéo de démonstration, on peut le voir approcher son iPhone 6s près d’outils NFC. L’iPhone les reconnaît comme le montrent les notifications reçues sur l’appareil. Cette opération n’est pas possible normalement, l’iPhone doit seulement détecter les terminaux de paiement pour autoriser une transaction avec Apple Pay.

Dans l’immédiat, l’accès au NFC n’est pas utile. Mais des usages pourraient se développer si le travail est approfondi et si certains développeurs s’y intéressent à leur tour. On peut imaginer l’envoi de fichiers, ouvrir sa voiture et plus. Elias Limneos a indiqué que la manipulation est seulement possible sur les iPhone jailbreakés et devrait, normalement, fonctionner sur l’iPhone 6 et l’iPhone 7, en plus de l’iPhone 6s.

Le développeur prévoit de proposer le déverrouillage de la puce NFC de l’iPhone via Cydia pour les appareils jailbreakés. Une date n’a pas été donnée dans l’immédiat, tout comme le prix qui reste inconnu. À voir maintenant si Apple va faire le nécessaire pour renforcer la sécurité avec des mises à jour d’iOS pour bloquer l’accès.

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Working with Test Lab in HP ALM http://bit.ly/2pHVCew

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Your First iOS test program using UIAutomation framework http://bit.ly/2pNGexc

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Hi Everybody,
It's my first post in this community so be nice :-)

I'm not experienced at all in developing for NFC however I have been a software engineer/web-software programmer for many many years.

I have a specific project involving NFC and wondered if anybody in here could point me in the right direction, or even help out...

So, here goes:
I've built a full internal 'intranet' system for my office, and I am looking for an easy way for staff to log in and log out of the building to show availability etc. within the system.
I've already built the software, and can add additional api's etc for access by the logging system.
I use NFC all the time on my phone and devices, and it seems obvious to use this tech in my system. Firstly then, I am looking for some form of hardware that I can sit in our entrance hall with an NFC reader built in (I can screw it down or mount on a wall etc, no big deal). The device, when an NFC tag is detected and scanned, will call a pre-specified url passing in the id of the NFC tag. The software can do all the rest of the work.

I have a couple of options here:
1, find a pre-built product that will do what i need off-the-shelf
2, use a RPi or something similar with an NFC reader
3, use an old pc with an NFC reader attached (bulky and power hungry)

Of course I would like to go down the number 1 route if there is anything, but otherwise option 2 is preferred due to power/size. I would say, I am no hardware engineer so i'm not confident to do any soldering or anything and thus USB NFC reader would be preferred. Has anybody here created such a thing using an RPi? and if so, let me know the details. And if you have created a NFC-to-webhook kind of thing, using RPi, can I have a digital copy of your memory card?

Additional 'nice-to-haves' would be a display that can show the text returned by the webhook (can show 'you are now logged in/out' message for instance), or even a regular screen that displays a set webpage (which I can then update on the fly).

I do have a further, more advanced solution using beacon technology: when a beacon detects a user's mobile phone in the building, it lets the server know via a url, and when the phone is no longer detected, lets the server know too. that way they can be automatically logged in when in the office without having to do anything at all. Even just a 'these people are in range' message, the server can decide if somebody has just left from that.

If anybody has any comments, questions or suggestions, or can point me in the right direction, please let me know.

Thanks all

I'm experimenting with reading Visa NFC cards for a project at work. I am using an Android device to read the card (AID A0000000032010).

I can successfully get the card details, card number expiry etc. but I can't read the card balance. I've read up a bit over the weeks, and have searched online, but can't find a process to read the encrypted data such as the balance.

Does anyone have useful tutorials that I could follow? Are there documents online that I can read to understand the implementation better?


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