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name:Addison Rose Jayson
age:18(is two hours older than avalon)
likes:animals being in the clouds
dislikes:her new family perverts
family:mom step dad her older brother her twin sister and her two younger brothers
hair color:blonde
eye color:one blue one red
relationship status:single
birthday:october 13th
species:half witch half angel
personality:kind shy sweet loving caring

name:Avalon Marie Jayson
nickname:Ava,Marie, or Aj
age:18(two hours younger)
likes:boys fun animals
dislikes:being alone
family:mom step dad her older brother her twin sister and her two younger brothers has a daughter
hair color:blonde
eye color:half blue and half red
relationship status:single
species:half witch half angel
personality:kind flirty sweet fun
bio:you'll figure out later
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I recently just finished up the last of my class and heads out to my locker a d puts away my stuff. Ibwas listening to music when I felt hands wrapping around my waist hugging me from behind that's when I saw you Hey angel...I kissed you and asked What do you want to do tonight? thats when you... ((open for +Ari The Demon​))

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Thnx for invite
Name: Cyrus Mitchell
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single

Likes: little kids, women his age
Dislikes: Rude/Mean people. He is very nice.
Bio: He is very nice to everyone he meets. He is not shy at all. He is an extrovert that loves meeting new people, especially little ones.

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Name: Xenos

Age: 21

Gender : male

Species : Fallen angel

Personality: Distant, quiet, and kind

Gf: +Ari The Demon​ (soon to be fiancé)

Likes: fighting, reading, music amd parkour

Dislikes: hunters

Weapon : all kinds

Bio: unknown

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