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Hey, People of this community, It'll be nice if you guys, Share this community, So we can gain more Post, I don't want this Community To become dead^

So, +Hinata Uzato​ and I are looking for Mods, If you think you can take the responsibility, But I know you can though. Just, Private post me.

Oh, You make your own OC/PROFILE And Then rp, Or Memes, And this and that, XD.


Hey guys. Anyone here?

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Hello everyone Oh before I say anything thanks for the invite +Hinata Uzato​ I'm not a creepy pasta but if I have a lost eye and it's scary looking i think I can fit it

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Name: Suicide Sadie
Weapons: Unknown
Skills: Killing
Home/Place of death:Died in a hospital from suicide./Hospital.
Personally:Sad and sweet sometimes
Likes: Kagekao,flowers,killing,sweets.
Dislikes:Hates Ben and Jane
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Thanks for the invitation, so i got a question what will we rp about? i know a bit of creepy pasta stories (including me, yeah looks like i fit just like the description of a story, one that i dont remember the name, but my friends decided to make a story about me) is it needed to create an oc?
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