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(This rp is bases off the anime bleach i need someone to be grimmjow im going be an oc))

i was your average 17 year old girl i whent to school got good grades but one thing i could do that was odd i could see ghosts and other things from the other world as i called it that no one else that i knew could one day i was walking home when i see a man with blue hair in an ally way bleeding i was surprised no one else sall him but when i thought about it he could have been one of those things i see nobody else could so i decided to help him


jusr want to know
what ur favorite anime?and anime character? ^^

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To all anime fans. Come to anime fan central..where you can talk and even rp (soon) anime. Let's make it great.


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Can you handle pack life in the modern day?A pack of magical wolves lives hidden in the modern world with only there pack to protect them

Join either;
wind pack
Water pack
Fire pack
Earth pack.

Which pack will you choose? <----link to site

Please Join, we need more members on that site

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nice to meet you minna..
my name is sunako nakahara

Wow. There hasn't been a post in a while.. soooooooo
I AM HERE! (people clap Yaaaay.....)

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Name: Eckard Wolfstein
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Very quiet and never speaks to anyone unless spoken to.
History: Killed his own parents and is homeless.
((Anything you want to know about him send a message or email))

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Hey guis! Its me! Carson! And i have another awesomeness thingamerjig for ya!
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