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We are what the World need's want's and have together we shalll Fight till our last breathes 

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+President Sensei Bubba Nettles​ What happened?

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((Male needed, 5+ lines (minimum 3),no text talk))

Your name was Colossus aka ‎Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin.You were part of the X-Men. Being the second eldest of them at the age of nineteen.Your nickname is Gentle Giant.You had been living with professor X at his mansion with the others for a few years now. Till one day during breakfast an agent from shield walks in through the side door.It was with yet Soldiers sister Songia Liehold.

Songia: Excuse me professor I'm sorry for disturbing your breakfast.
Professor X:It's no problem Songia. How have you been?
Songia:Not bad Professor. And you?
Professor X: I'm fine,but I don't think your hear to exchange pleasantries.
Songia:Your right Professor. We have a girl in our care. She's Nineteen. Already graduated high school and College. She's a sweet girl obedient but had a fiery streak in her,but she's unique...In her mutations
Professor X:What do you mean? He moves his wheel chair forward
Songia:Her genes are like nothing we've ever seen...Every test we put her through she passes. Her learning capability is extraordinary. She took apart and put Tony's armour back together without seeing a scimatics... And she can do things...No other Mutant can.
Professor X: Show us...
Songia: looks towards the door making a soft motioning movement

The door slowly opened and i walked in slowly closing the door then comes to stand next to her. I was about six foot and one Inch. My hair was short and black. Random green and blue streaks in it. My eyes were intriguing. One was blue.(Left) the other green.(Right) My skin was a nice tan with a few scars here and there.My clothes consisted of a black tank top, military cargo pants,military boots,Dogtags that looked to be extremely old,fingerless black gloves,and to complete my look a pair of sunglasses on top of my head and an ear piece in my ear.

Songia: Meet Agent Darkside.
Me: I slowly wave Hello...
Professor X:Welcome Agent Darkside...Do you perhaps have a real name??
Logan: Walks forward and grabs my arm tilting my hand down You've been experimenting with her?! He starts to growl at Songia
Songia: No we found her like that You watched us looking at my scars from all the experiments I had been through
Professor X: Logan stop. Logan backs off and walks back over to the table sitting down So..Terra what can you do?
Me:Many things..
Professor X: Can you please show us?
Me: I look to Songia when she nods I slowly let my wings flutter out and open wide. once that was finished I started to turn into metal even my wings I then looked around Silently before going back to normal
Professor X: Amazing...Truly amazing! Storm..Please escort her to her room.
Storm: of course. This way Terra

she motions for me to follow I then nod and walk with her to my new bedroom. I stayed there for a few hours unpacking my things and talking with Kitty Pryde. Already making quick friends with her. After a few hours we come down to lunch. Though I felt awkward sense I was the new person here. Nervousness kept increasing to the point I shook so I finally got up and left for the yard sitting in the sun I watch the grass and smelled the air It smells so good

You: you should have seen my home in Russia..It was beautiful.
Me: I look at you surprised. Your Russian accent was crisp and clear. Which made me blush a bit. You were also very handsome and kind. For hours we talked till dinner. For weeks we would hangout till Kitty drove us apart with lies. Now I work on missions alone with Logan,Kirk,Storm,or Jean who all tried getting us to talk,but we refused. Especially me the lies told to me by Kitty cut deep. When I found out her lies I tried telling you,but you wouldn't listen. A few nights later I disappeared and all that they could find was red gue. It wasn't till then did you realise your feelings for me and Kitty confessed about the lies.

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Migrate here, you too Owner and Moderators, I noticed the place died and offer salvation

Liz nettles bounty agent Barnes I have a mission first one to comment gets it 

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If any of you guys watch this video

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Tagline: I'll do my best to aid Peter. Maybe not as a crime fighting super hero. But definitely as a hacker.

\\ real name: Edgar Chamagua


skills and powers: can hack any network system, knows many different types of martial arts, has a wrist device that shoots out tranquilizer darts, a wrist hacking device(only when he is needed to come in the area alongside with Spider-Man), and a voice changer to access areas with voice recognitions.

Relationship status: single

sexuality: straight

Bio 14 year old Edgar Chamagua is good friends with peter parker. Originally he was going to be like his sidekick to aid him. But he thought it was to dangerous. So instead he decided to aid his friend by helping him disabling security systems and cameras whenever he is in a very secured place with lots of guards, security systems, cameras, ETC. And if he is ever compromised, he will defend himself with hand to hand combat only when he is in close tactics.

alternate versions: In earth 1596543 the Edgar Chamagua in that world is Spider-Man.


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Quote: I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn't very nice.

Real Name: James "Logan" Howlett

Alias: Wolverine, Weapon X, Patch

Age: 100+

Relatives: Elizabeth Howlett (Deceased), John Howlett (Deceased), Thomas Logan (Deceased), John Howlett Jr. (Deceased), "Dog" Logan (Deceased), Laura "X-23" Kinney, Victor "Sabertooth" Creed, Chiro "Daken"

Relationship Status: Divorced - Rose O'Hara (Ex-Wife, Deceased), Itsu (Ex-Wife, Deceased)

Powers: Enhanced Healing Factor, 3 Retractable Foot-Long Claws Housed in each Forearm, Enhanced Senses, Animal Communication, etc

BIO: (There's a lot of stuff...)

Angel:o can fly better than you +Agent WolfBlood CyberWolf​ though my wings are little they fly fast
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