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You're a member of an endangered species, not yet discovered by humans. Your kind is not disappearing, because of predators, lack of food, or even because of disease. It was because there were only 3 males out of 500 members of your species. The 1st male is about to die of old age, The 2nd male couldn't mate with all 497 females, and the 3rd male is just too young. You wanted a mate more than anything and you would do anything for it. Lucky for you, I was wondering around your habitat. You saw me eating the organs of a Mountain Lion. Am I mate, predator, prey, or something else. Regardless of what I was, you wanted me. You watched curiously from a cliff, trying to figure out if you wanna approach me or not.

((No one liners or one word responses.))

((Be creative.))

((Keep in mind you spent your whole life in the wild, so you have no knowledge of any human language, so you'll have to try to communicate with me.))

((I recommend we do this on Hangouts, but I can do pps aswell.))

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You were my cute, beautiful younger sister. I loved you deeply and you loved me back, though you were pretty teasing and dominant. You'd tease me with your ass, feet and such. I was so sexually attracted to you that one day I couldn't help but hold you against the wall, a boner in my pants, a lewd face, unable to speak since I was so horny over you. You smirked, knowing this would happen some day. You could easily gain dominance over me so you did. You..
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You were on your way home one day and decided that you would take a shortcut home. You happened to cross on the land of May, Marie and Lee. They saw you walking and got furious because they don't tolerate trespassers. They quickly went and grabbed you but before throwing you out they took a good look at you and saw how good you look with your giant ass and tits. "Let's show her how we deal with trespassers girls" Marie said as they all took out their massive cocks. They all grabbed you ready to take their turns.

This will be a gang bang 3 futa on a female if you're interested pp me.

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You were my cute, beautiful younger sister. I loved you deeply and you loved me back, though you were pretty teasing and dominant. You'd tease me with your ass, feet and such. You also knew I loved getting my cock beat and abused. I was so sexually attracted to you that one day I couldn't help but hold you against the wall, a boner in my pants, a lewd face, unable to speak since I was so horny over you. You smirked, knowing this would happen some day. You could easily gain dominance over me so you did. You..
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If you'd like to rp with me just post a starter below.

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Ah hello to this community, if a profile is required or not I usually have a habit to make one so here's is my profile.

Name Nagato Kai (or just Nagato)
Age 25 (unknown in her anime)
Hair color Black
Eye color Chocolate brown
Height 5"7 (5"9 with her high heels on)
Weight 135 lbs
Preferred clothing Black latex suit
Main Kinks Bondage, latex, Mind control
*Other Kinks tentacles, impregnation by tentacles, footjobs, handjobs, blowjobs, master x slave, master x maid, rape,
My personal dislikes when someone removes her latex outfit, scat, piss, gore
personal note I prefer nagato to be in a latex suit since I wanted to make her a sex doll so please don't rip or remove her outfit.
Personality Strict, happy, loyal, caring, loving, and jealousy

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[Twenty years ago]
It was that time of year again, that Pokémon were being selected to be the starters for the Trainers because it was the start of another season. There were only two pokemon left, and those two were Snivy and Absol. Absol and Snivy had never gotten their own pokéball. They were born in the Medical Facility when their mothers were giving birth. At that time, they was split away, not knowing who was their mother. Left at the hospital, the nurse decided to take care of them as her own children, or Pokémon. With proper care and proper food, they were now eligible to be used for friendly combat as well. They had been trained until they were five, which a professor examined them and asked if he could take them off her shoulders. She was paid for her caring for Snivy and Absol of course. During that time, they wanted to be back with who they called their mom. After the day was over, they snuck out of the science lab and try to find their way back to the nurse. But they end up losing themselves in the forest. It was then when they were now on their own, but at times, some other wild Pokémon would come along the road and help them out a bit.

[Ten years, Snivy now evolved into Servine]
Absol and Servine has been training with Greeninja for ten years. After getting lost, not only did they get help, but also some lessons. They were taught a few moves to learn from Zoroark and Sceptile. Sceptile also help with Snivy evolving into something more. Also, Greeninja is just training Absol and Servine to use their attacks precisely and efficiently. With Servine quietly watching from the tree near the waterfall, Absol was attacking Greeninja quickly, but with every attack, she either missed or Greeninja would evade it. Greeninja kicked Absol away from her, Servine came out of the tree, the leaves following her the ground. Servine focused on Greeninja as she just stood there. The leaves soon turning into blades and Servine motioned her hands to send them at Greeninja. She pump water from the waterfall behind her and at the leaf blades. The water washes over the blades, but they don't stop flying towards Greeninja. About four blades miss her, but two whip past her thighs, damaging her slightly, also causing slowed movement. Greeninja fall to her knees, Servine picking up Absol with her vines as Absol had a dark ball in front of her. Servine then threw her towards Greeninja, Greeninja surprised by their move. All she could do was block it, the ball making contact with Greeninja and exploding her backwards into the waterfall. Greeninja fell down into the water, soon surfacing, exhausted from fighting for almost an hour. Servine and Absol ran over to Greeninja to help treat Greeninja's injuries.

Greeninja: "Thank you. You two make a great team with what I've seen."

Servine: "Thank you Greeninja."

Absol: "So, are we ready?"

Greeninja: "There is nothing else I can teach you two. You two have done well to get this far. But use this to only save yourself when threatened."

Servine: "Understood. So, this is also us saying goodbye?"

Greeninja: "Not technically forever, just for a while. We'll cross paths on our journeys to see each other again."

Absol: "Well, thank you for helping us. We really appreciate it."

Greeninja: "Anytime. Until then, dark snake."

Servine: "Is that a team name or something?"

Greeninja: "That, and you two possibly look like you have feelings for each other."

Greeninja disappeared into the trees, along with Zoroark and Sceptile vanishing into the woods. Servine and Absol were both blushing, both their secrets exposed to one another, but they didn't accept that fact. They both wandered off in a direction they chose, soon stumbling upon a cliff after walking for about several hours. Absol and Servine sat down near the edge to watch the sunset.

Absol & Servine: "I have something on my-"

Servine: "Um, you first."

Absol: "Okay. So, I've wanted to tell you that I had grown feelings for you. And it's not because of your dick! It's because...okay, yes, it's because of your dick."

When Absol and Servine first met Greeninja, Zoroark, and Sceptile, they both were emptying out their urine compartment. However, Servine was doing more than just doing that. She had her member exposed, behind a bush trying to cool off. When Absol came to see her, she saw a glimpse of Servine's member. Servine noticed Absol staring at her while she came, her eyes wide and frozen, not able to speak. Absol was the same way, but she soon walked away from Servine. They both never spoke about it until now.

Servine: " like me because of that?"

Absol: "Well, most of it is because you've treated me more than just a friend. Every night when we went to sleep, you'd always give me kisses on my forehead. And when I felt like I couldn't proceed any further when we were training, you helped me get to where we are now."

Servine: "Hm, you are right. And you've done the same for me."

Absol: "So, do you..want to take our relationship a step further?"

Servine: "Yes."

They both smiled at each other, a light pink glow flashing across their cheeks. After a moment of starting at each other in the eyes, they slowly leaned in forward, pressing their lips against one another. This marked the start of their bond.

[Present, the first day of the honeymoon.]
With Servine now evolved into Serperior after getting advanced training from Aggron, Absol and Serperior had decided to get married. Aggron, Greeninja, Sceptile, Zoroark, and other Pokemon had decided to help set up the wedding. For two or three days, Serperior and Absol didn't see each other until wedding day. Two hours before it started, Serperior looked at herself in the water of the lake, with Aggron, Greeninja, and Dewott behind her.

Dewott: "Well, ready for this Serperior?"

Serperior: "A little."

Aggron: "Something seems to be on your mind. You got time to tell us."

Greeninja: "He is right. Talk to us dear."

Serperior: "I don't know. I'm a little afraid of saying something I'm not wanting to say."

Dewott: "I see. Well, there isn't really much for you to say. Just answer the question I ask you when the time comes."

Greeninja: "You do wish to be her wife, right?"

Serperior: "Yes, I do."

Greeninja: "Say that exact answer when Dewott asks you."

Serperior nodded her head and turned to them. They all made a circle and started talking about random things, until Aggron started bringing up Serperior's thick thighs and big bust. Greeninja shook her head with a sigh, Dewott grabbing his shell from the side of his leg and throwing at Aggron. With a few minutes left before the wedding started, Serperior walked out into the center of the open fields, there stood Absol and several other pokemon that were there to watch the wedding. Dewott was the spokesman for the wedding, and it dragged on for a while like it was suppose to. Serperior was listening to him for a moment before looking down at Absol, who was only a few inches shorter than her.

Dewott: "Now, Absol, do you wish to take Serperior as your wife?"

Absol: "I do."

Dewott: "And do you, Serperior, wish to take Absol as your wife?"

Serperior: "..Yes, I do."

Dewott: "I now present this couple wife and wife."

Serperior and Absol kissed each other as the crowd of Pokémon clapped their hands or paws together, some howling in cheer. After that, they started to eat up on some berries and talk to one another. For what seemed hours, Serperior and Absol said their goodbyes to everyone and left onto their honeymoon. The following day, after finding a place to stay for their honeymoon, they were in bed talking about what to do tomorrow. Absol was in bed listening to Serperior's ideas while reading her book.

Serperior: "Maybe we should go out to eat tomorrow. See how this village works."

Absol: "Yea. I do find it weird for humans and us Pokémon to be living together like this."

Serperior: "I agree. It gives me a weird feeling. But I can't complain."

Absol: "Complain about what?"

Serperior: "Exactly my point. Well, I'm taking a nap."

Absol: "Night my thick snake."

Serperior: "Hey!"

Absol: "I'm sorry honey. I'm just so jealous of your soft thighs and huge bust."

Serperior: "I see. Well, maybe one day you get to touch them in another way when we're both ready for it."

Serperior kissed Absol's forehead and went to sleep. For a few moments, Absol thought about if she was ready to lose her virginity or not. She sigh and walked out the house, locking the door and going out for a walk for a few hours. After four or five hours of walking on her own, she came back and checked on Serperior. Serperior was still asleep, nothing covering her up as she laid there in her bra and thongs.

[Yes, it's a little weird. I am sorry about that. If it seems weird to you that is.]

[Female needed to rp as Absol]

//No text talk
//No power play
//Decent grammar
//Pp and discord only. (You must pp me this.)
//Don't rush it to sex
//Please ask if you want to add another fetish in here. (Scat, Vore, & Gore is not allowed.)
//Have fun.

Hopefully the first pic will show-
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Welcome to the Family
(Only females are needed)

You are the daughter to a very wealthy family and you was the only child so you was spoiled. Although you do and have anything you want you felt like you was missing something in your life. Today while walking through the large manchin you over heard that someone knew was being welcomed into your family. You was very curious about who it could be so you stayed out of sight for a while until I showed up

A week later both your mother and father waited for a care to pull up. You looked out the window watching then a black car pulls up in front of the manchin. I stepped out the car, walked twords your parents and hugged them both. They greeted me with and some maids grab my bags. As I was talking to them you felt a great amount of lust rush through your body and couldn't tell why. After the first 4 days I gotten a bit use to living here, but felt like you are avoiding me. I thought you didn't like me at all ,but tonight as I was walking twords my room on of the maids told me that you wanted to see me. She lead me to the room and I opened the door. I felt her push me in and shut the door. With a lustful smirk on your face you said......

√4 or more lines
√No one lining at all
√Must be descriptive
√Give your name
√You may change your character
√Please ask before using my rp
√My name is Karma and 22 years old (in rp)
√Let's have fun
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Alright girls. I have a challenge for the single ones of you. (only the girls)

Seeing as I'm a bit under the weather, the challenge will be to pm me and try to cheer me up. Be that by words or other means (sexual or otherwise) it works. Check my pinned post first though. It has 2 vital pieces of info.

If you are interested in attempting to get with me, a bit on that.

Must be 17-21 years old.
Be able to get on often (no laggy phones, sorry)
If you have a problem with something, just tell me what the problem is. I'll do the same.
Be willing to do some dirty things. This is optional, but really preferred.
Long, unaltered hair (anything not in a ponytail, bun, or braid) is something I find EXTREMELY sexy. Just saying.

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Profession: doctor


Bio:I was messing around with the summoning key and a powerful spirit merged with mine as i struggled to fight him I accidentally fell on the teleporter and teleported to your world and u found my body unconscious in an ally way
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