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Hello welcome to Crafts and Drawings😺
This is where you can post all kinds of art
>no spam
>nothing off topic
>and that's it....
Have fun! 

the drawing I didn't draw only edited

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this is true art

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Ooh yay another art community! Hello!!

I get the feeling this place is kinda dead. It seems ppl haven't posted in a while ;~;

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DIY Waterfall Card! For more amazing crafts, DIYs and scrapbooking tutorials, Subscribe by clicking this link to be notified whenever I post a new video! ~
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Art by Me.
Steal and I will tell my mom
Sorry it's not all Miraculous, I will fix it and crop it down so it is later and clean them up so they don't have the icky blue guidelines, but I figured maybe some of you would like to see all of it before I do (who am I kidding no one likes me)? It's just a little bit of the Ninja so that I can practice with him, relax, you're not gonna die. Just a dump don't judge me. My hand work is trash and I still can barely draw below the torso. I am working on it.

Me: is pottymouth sin trash

Me: wants to say a thing or post a thing but this page gotta stay PG

Me: shaking violently mMMMMnmnnmm mmmmmmmMMMMM

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Starting today, I will be doing an Explosion Box Tutorial Series on my YouTube channel~ Splendid DIY!
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So what are you waiting for?
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See you there! :)

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