Hi Doctors and Friends,

I have used the tonomoeter for 15 days from crystalvue in RS Royal taruma.

Here is some of my views about that.

It is quite accurate.
It is quite reliable.
I am quite happy with it. I will do the Applanation tonometry every time and I compare it with crystal view values, the values are quite similar. Although there are some differences but they are very close. I have used the tonometer from other company and the values are quite different but for this one. The Calibration is good and values are really close. Consistently same as I measure so I am quite happy with this.

Basically as is am Glaucomatologist, I always measure the Applanation tonometry. My concern is that machine present in clinic should reflect quite closer pressure to I measure it. Other doctors don’t measure the eye pressure when the patients come to visit them. So it is very important to know that the machine is reliable or not. That is my main concern. For checking the eye pressure, if the machine says that eye pressure is good than I am hoping it is good.

Every tonometer is having this feature of eye tracking but my main concern it should be quite accurate. Most of the models are automatic so there is no much difference in one machine to another. The Price, If it will offer the competitive price than I can shortlisted it to use it in our all hospitals.

Most of the machines are quite comparable with one to the other. The technology is standard and we can only compare with their appearance like color, make and so on but for me if it given closer results as I measure and able to calculate the accurate eye pressure and if the eye pressure measure is constant and it doesn’t deviate much than I will prefer it and make the choice for model that I would use.

If the price is competitive, I am extremely interested in buying it. The Ideal price for me is to IDR 120-150 million. I will give 7.

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