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Name: Mysticstar
Gender: she-cat
Age: unknown
Rank: Leader
Clan/Alliance: LegendClan
Physical Description: Working on drawing. Pale, thin silver tabby with stunning, pale blue eyes; striking, dark silver markings; and two white, diamond-shaped markings: one on her forehead and one on her chest. Long legs and narrow frame. Blind to the living world in left eye. Fluffy tail, tufted ears, and soft, silky fur.
Personality/Dere/Archetype: Quiet and careful. Clever and brave, but somewhat laidback. Doesn't declare war often because she believes it is a waste of time. Kuudere.
Breed: mutt (Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Bengal, and Serval cross)
Powers: Soulbearer magic, aerokinesis, limited telepathy, limited flight, can walk on clouds, immune to cold/hypothermia. Can see auras and spirits only with her left eye and can hear spirits with both ears. Seems to be caught somewhere between the realm of the living and the spirit realm.
Apprentices: unknown
Master: Jackalfoot (x)
Family: unknown
Mate/Kits: none
Crush: unknown
Sexuality: pansexual
Theme Song:
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