There was this one time I was eating leftovers from a party, and then suddenly, I heard a voice from my head say, "Why don't you save that for later? It would go great with your salty tears!" Then I heard a bunch of voices saying "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!"
For the rest of the time I was eating the leftovers, I just felt really salty.

So I had this one nightmare with Fawful in it. For those of you who don't who Fawful is, just look it up on Google or whatever.

So this nightmare started off with me waking up in 10:00 at night on a Friday. The reason why I woke up is because I heard the doorbell ring. I got out of my bed and into the hallway outside my room. When I looked downstairs, I saw my mom at the door, checking who it was. It was Fawful apparently. He didn't look too well. My mother let him in, thinking no creature should be left outside in the middle of the night. My mom gave him food and water as soon as he was inside. I didn't bother watching the whole scene, so I just went back to bed. The next morning, Fawful STILL wasn't doing to well. He was laying on the couch, and my whole family was circling around him, well except for my younger sisters. My family members who were there were there to feed him his breakfast or something. Around early afternoon, Fawful was FINALLY back to health again, but he didn't leave after that. Instead, he stayed and helped around the house. Everyone loved him. My mother and father forgot about this party we were having at the house, and they haven't set up anything yet. Of course, Fawful helped them get the party set up, and for some reason, he had stuff with him that would make the party AMAZING. My parents decided "why not?"  and used the materials Fawful had with him. When it was time for people to come over, the party was just normal and plain at first. Then before I knew it there were LASERS and OTHER COOL STUFF! Sound like an amazing dream, right? Well this is where the nightmare finally starts.  During the party, I found out Fawful was going to use my family for something terrible. I don't remember what he was going to do with them, but I know it was something terrible. Well, after the party was over, I warned my family that he was going to do something terrible to them. They didn't listen. They said I was just jealous that he's getting the most attention out of everyone in the house, and that I wanted him back on the streets. I warned them again, and again, until they finally had enough. They threw ME on the streets, to show me what Fawful went through.

Well, that's the end of my nightmare. You know what's funny? I got this nightmare from a creepypasta based on a nightmare.

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So 2 years ago, I was twelve, I had a home made Doomguy costume on with EVERYTHING. I had the Minigun, the BFG, the Chainsaw, EVERYTHING. I went into a costume contest, and guess what? The judges said my costume was too violent. And guess who won? Little Jimmy (Not actual name) who was wearing a pumpkin costume. At the moment he won I was like
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Story Time (explaining why I hate Valentines Day)
I was in 4th grade. We had a Secret Santa thing. I got only ONE fun-size butterfinger. The people behind me got gigantic hershey's kisses, boxes of chocolates, extra-large chocolates, and other things. I was furious. And everyone else in the class did but me. That day, I became the guy you know today as the moderator of this community. 
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