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Excuse me for the considerable amount of time it took to post my profile here, Attention Deficit Disorder dragged me away from the Zelda fandom but my Macabre interest in Majora has be rekindled.

✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠


"Do you want to play with me? OK, let's play good guys against bad guys... I'll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy, and when you're the bad guy, you just run."_

"A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage. This puppet's role has just ended...."

"I devoured ALL of them."

✹Name: Majora

✹Alias(es): Dragon Majora, Majora's Incarnation, Majora's Wrath, Majora's Mask.

✹Race: Cursed Mask, Dragon.

✹Age: ???

✹Gender: NA.

✹Origins: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
Majora (ムジュラ Mujura) is the assumed name of the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. An evil being inhabiting Majora's Mask, it is arguably the series' most depraved and bizarre villain. Despite appearing as an inanimate object, and using the Skull Kid as its puppet, the mask carries obvious sentience and the ability to speak coherently, through its wearer or of its own power. The gender of Majora is disputed, as neither the game nor any supplementary material states it.

The true form of Majora is arguably never seen. During Link's final battle with the spirit, it transforms into three different forms. It is possible that the appearance of Majora's Mask may somehow resemble the true appearance of Majora, if it ever even had one; however, this cannot be confirmed, but it is widely considered to be a likely possibility.

The mask has the ability to bestow an evil and wicked power upon its wearer. It also seems to have a certain extent of autonomy: the game implies that it influenced the Skull Kid to steal it. The Salesman was worried it would do something terrible, even though he owned it. The mask is eventually able to cast off the Skull Kid and move on its own accord. With the evil power of the mask, the Skull Kid was granted various undefined abilities while wearing it. In the game, these include the ability to metamorphose the physical appearances of people, contaminate Termina's weather and vegetation, fly, curse certain areas that brought Poes and control the Moon. The only thing shown in Majora's Mask that has greater power than the mask itself is the Fierce Deity Mask, which Majora owned before giving it away. In the final battle between it and Link, the mask took on three forms, each having dark powers.

✹Preference Roleplay:

✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

The Entity looks nothing more then a simple mask, colored vividly and appearing tribal-like, as if made long ago by some Primal Tribe. It has multiple horn-like protrusions coming from its edges, with deep, somewhat glowing Yellow Eyes. It is theorized as its appearance on the moon that it clamps itself on its wearers face with tentacles, keeping it stuck on them. It can be also noted that the eyes of the "Fused Shadow" looks eerily similar to those on Majora's Mask, creating the popular theory of it being made by the Twili.

✹ Weight: 3 Lbs.

✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠

Reality Warping and Bending
Majora has unbelievable control over things, able to do nearly impossible feats with the movement of his wrist, such as causing the moon to strike the world or even control and corrupt the four giants. It also has control over the Souls of others, able to easily manipulate or remove ones Soul.

Soul Manipulation
Majora has shown capabilities to control souls, or completely alter one in the case of link, or kafei (Who was made a child.) This itself proves devastating in power, as it is theorized Majora had killed the Deku Skrub in front of the entrance to Termina's Clock Tower.

Cursing and Hexing Powers
As a Mask, Majora was used for dark hexing rituals, so it can be theorized it has the power to do such things by will. Able to curse anything it does not like.


The entity that inhabits the mask seems to be highly disturbed, insane, and childish (though, when possessing the Skull Kid, it could simply be trying to masquerade as him). After speaking for itself for the first time near the end of the game, it declares that the Skull Kid was merely its puppet, suggesting that it was in fact the mask's essence itself that craved so much misery and destruction. All of the powers it used seem to suggest or induce insanity, such as the turning of Kafei into a child mere days before his wedding, the transformation of Link into a Deku, and various other bizarre and psychopathic problems it caused. The hideous visage it gave to the Moon also seems to indicate madness. At the Moon, in a very peaceful but surreal meadow, Majora and the four Boss Remains take on the form of children, with Majora sitting alone and staring at the ground. It asks Link to play a game of "good guys against bad guys", where Link is the "bad guy". In combat, Majora has a tendency to laugh to itself manically, lets out high-pitched, childish shrieks when injured, and all of its forms have a very chaotic and unsettling appearance.

Majora seems to have a strained background with Fierce Deity. When asking to play their game of "good guys against bad guys", Majora freely offers Link the Fierce Deity's Mask so that he may become the "true bad guy". This, coupled with Majora's obvious sensitivity to the Deity's powers, suggests that Majora has a negative relationship with the being and wants to destroy him, or at least his incarnation. Majora's psychosis is only further evidenced by the offering of an item obviously beyond his own power level. However, this is never fully elaborated upon in the game, so the nature of the two's relationship is speculative. This decision might also be made because Majora was, and still is, lonely, and was hoping that this present might make Link Majora's friend, so that he would never be alone again, since the other Lunar Children did not let Majora play with them, or he just thought he was being helpful as an excuse for all of the troubles they caused.

It should be noted that in the Japanese version of the game, the Lunar Child wearing Majora's Mask instead wants to play a game of tag, with Link being "it". In Japanese culture, the person who is "it" in tag is called the "oni". Seeing as how the Japanese name for the Fierce Deity's Mask is the Oni God Mask, there may have been no conflict between these masks at all.

Majora's gender is unclear. Though its shrieks of pain in battle are high-pitched (though they sound the most feminine in its final form), it does appear as a child before the battle. Its muscular structure appears more masculine. As Majora's origin is never explained, and it may have begun as an inanimate mask, it may lack a gender entirely.

Majora is the only Zelda antagonist who does not seem to have clear motives. Most villains, such as Ganondorf, Zant, and Vaati, wish to rule their land or increase their power, but Majora seems happy with destruction. As it amplifies the wearer's dark desires, the motive for each owner may be different. However, Majora itself most likely has differing motives from the wearer, corrupting their mind and bringing about its own ends for destruction. This likely means that Majora simply wants to destroy, without any real cause, and when Majora has a host, it uses their reasons instead. It seems to have a very pronounced sadistic streak, not only causing destruction but causing Skull Kid to use the mask's powers to generally make the lives of Termina's inhabitants miserable.


Skull Kid
Puppet, Possessee.

✹Main Goal: Destruction.
✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

Gilded Sword
The Gilded Sword is a sword from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This sword, an upgrade of the Razor Sword, is forged with gold plating which strengthens its surface. The blade also becomes slightly longer, and thus easier to handle.

If Link gives Zubora and Gabora, the forgers of the Mountain Smithy, a bottle containing Gold Dust, the pair will reforge the Razor Sword without cost. The sword takes a day to complete and is a strong and durable weapon; it is three times more powerful than the Kokiri Sword and will never break, unlike the Razor Sword. Furthermore, this sword will remain with Link should he use the "Song of Time" to travel back to the dawn of the First Day.

✹Items of Interest:

Ocarina of Time
The Ocarina of Time (時のオカリナ Toki no Okarina) is a recurring item in the Legend of Zelda series. The Ocarina of Time is a unique ocarina secretly handed down for generations by Hyrule's Royal Family. The Ocarina of Time, the Spiritual Stones, the "Song of Time", and the Master Sword are the four keys needed to enter the Sacred Realm where the Triforce is found. Aside from being one of the keys to enter the Sacred Realm, the ocarina allows the user a variety of magical powers when used to play specific songs such as warping them to different timeline worlds, conjuring up storms and changing day to night or night to day.

The Ocarina of Time can be played with the A and yellow C-buttons. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a total of twelve songs can be learned; six songs with different effects and six songs that have different purposes. In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, there are five of both types. Additionally, both games feature a special song known as the "Scarecrow's Song", which is composed by the player, but does not appear on the Quest Status Subscreen.

Hyrule Historia describes the glow given off by the Ocarina of Time as reminiscent of the glow of an active Timeshift Stone, but does not go into further detail on what connection, if any, the two objects may have.
Once equipped to one of the C-buttons, the Ocarina can be played with the A-button and C-buttons, all of which produce a different tone. The control stick is used to alternate between the natural notes of D, B, A, and F, while the Z- and R-buttons can be used to change the pitch of the notes between sharp and flat. Despite the musical variety of the Ocarina of Time, there are no songs that utilize accidentals, therefore the usage of Z and R buttons is not required for an in-game purpose.

A note may be modified in several ways: moving the analog stick up will raise its tone, and moving the analog stick down will lower its tone. The R button will raise it one semi-tone, making the note sharp. The Z button will lower a note one semi-tone, making the note flat. Lastly, moving the analog stick left or right adds vibrato to notes.

In the 3DS remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, the ocarina is played with the L, R, Y, X, and A buttons, as well as the touch screen. The circle pad or the D-pad can be used to alter the notes in the same manner as the analog stick. A submenu accessed as Link is playing the ocarina displays each of the songs the young hero has learned (Including the Inverted Song of Time, Song of Double Time and Scarecrow's Song, provided Link composed it during the current three-day cycle in Majora's Mask 3D), allowing the notes of songs to be easily remembered. Also, the ocarina is permanently assigned to a button on the bottom-left corner of the touch screen, eliminating the need to assign it to one of the main buttons.

Deku Mask
The Deku Mask (デクナッツの仮面, Deku Nattsu no Kamen) is a mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This mask, shaped like the face of a Deku Scrub, allows Link to transform into Deku Link. It is the very first mask obtained in the game, and the first of the game's transformation masks. While wearing the mask, Link gains new abilities that are not available in his standard Hylian form. Initially Link cannot remove this mask, however after obtaining the Ocarina of Time from the Skull Kid and learning the Song of Healing, he gains the ability to remove it at will.

Goron Mask
The Goron Mask (ゴロンの仮面, Goron no Kamen?) is a recurring item in the Legend of Zelda series. As its name implies, it is in the shape of a face of a Goron.

The Goron Mask is one of four Masks that allow Link to transform. It is obtained after playing the Song of Healing to soothe the soul of the ghost of Darmani. When wearing it Link becomes Goron Link allowing him to smash boulders and curl up into a ball to travel at rapid speeds.

In the 3DS remake, Link can use it to make Colossal Catfish appear at the base of the Stone Pillar in the Swamp Fishing Hole by performing a Ground Pound on the pillar. It also grants Link the strength necessary to reel in a Grand Swordfish in the Ocean Fishing Hole.

Zora Mask
The Zora Mask (ゾーらの仮面, Zora no Kamen) is recurring item in the Legend of Zelda series. As its name implies, it is a mask in the shape of a Zora's face.

The Zora Mask is the third of four transformation masks Link can obtain during his travels in Termina. The mask allows him to transform into the Zora guitarist, Mikau of The Indigo-Go's, and use his special abilities. The Zora Mask is needed to navigate the currents of the Great Bay Temple, as well as to infiltrate the Pirates' Fortress and to explore Pinnacle Rock.

Hylian Mask
The Hylian mask is the forever stolen Soul of the Hero who dared to challenge the Mask, from which in his altered Universe he had defeated and taken spoils from, as a sort of end to their childish game.

Mask of Consciousness
This item embodies pure, unrestrained mental trauma, instantly driving the wearer insane to the point where they can not distinguish anything. Not even loved ones, this Mask usually leads to suicide of the wearer, from the pure mental strain it gives off.

Fierce Deity Mask
The Fierce Deity's Mask (鬼神の仮面, Kishin no Kamen) is a recurring item in the The Legend of Zelda series. The mask first appears as the final transformation mask that Link can obtain in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The mask appears as an amiibo-exclusive head armor in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild under the name Fierce Deity Mask.

The mask allows Link to transform into the avatar of a mighty god, Fierce Deity, with the capability to shoot Sword Beams. Because of this, it can only be worn during boss battles, and fishing ponds in Majora's Mask 3D, unless glitches are used. Nobuyuki Hiyama, the voice actor of adult Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, also voices Fierce Deity Link. The design for Link as the Fierce Deity is clearly based on adult Link's character model in Ocarina of Time, albeit with different colors, markings, and a unique sword. Also, Fierce Deity Link is much taller than adult Link, standing only slightly shorter than Odolwa at around eight feet or 2.4 meters.

In Majora's Mask 3D, while wearing it (or the Goron Mask) Link can reel in a Grand Swordfish while Fishing in the Ocean Fishing Hole.

Some believe that the Fierce Deity was a nemesis of Majora's, possibly the hero who sealed Majora into the mask long ago, as is implied in the Majora's Mask manga. If this is the case, then Majora likely gives Link the mask in order to defeat both Link and the spirit inhabiting the mask at the same time. This theory assumes that the Lunar Child wearing Majora's Mask is influenced by or is himself a personification of Majora.

It has been theorized that the "Fierce Deity" may be Link's Terminan counterpart, due to their similar appearance and voices. The voice similarity could be explained by the fact that Link's voice and clothing are partially preserved in his other transformations, however the Fierce Deity's Mask itself has a similar face and hat.

Unlike the other three transformations masks, the Fierce Deity's Mask uses the possessive form of the word, implying that the mask itself once belonged to a Fierce Deity, as opposed to the deity's soul being sealed inside the mask. Though it should be noted that the gossip stone located on the opposite side of the river to the Deku Scrub in Ikana Canyon refers to it as the "Fierce Deity Mask".
✠♛ Backstory ♛✠
A side-story in the Majora's Mask manga by Akira Himekawa reveals the supposed origin of Majora. Majora was originally a giant dragon-like creature who guarded an empty, timeless land -- a land neither living nor dead. The armor this dragon wore was highly sought after, as it was fabled to be capable of granting wishes and bestowing great power unto its owner. Many humans came to the land hoping to claim the armor for their own purposes, both good and evil, but Majora devoured them, men and women alike. One day, an unnamed traveler (who is akin in appearance to a rather weathered-looking adult Link, left-handed and all) comes to converse with Majora, rather than to claim his armor. In their dialog, this stranger sympathizes with Majora, pointing out his loneliness. Majora considers the traveler's analysis and using the desires of the devoured, develops a wish of his own; for time to pass, that he may rest at last and end his loneliness. The Link-like character takes a drum from his bag and begins to play, telling Majora to dance. Majora dances furiously for three days and nights, and as he dances, time is born. On the fourth day, the dragon dies (as do all creatures for whom time passes) leaving behind only his armor, and the neither-dead-nor-living land is destroyed. The man then carves a mask from the creature's magic armor into what came to be known as Majora's Mask, hoping to seal its power forever.

A long time ago, a mysterious tribe used Majora's Mask in its hexing rituals. However, the troubles caused by the mask were so great that the ancient ones, fearing catastrophe, sealed the mask in shadow to prevent its misuse. The tribe has since vanished, but the mask was eventually tracked down and uncovered by the mysterious Happy Mask Salesman, a purported trader and collector of rare and powerful masks.

Upon his travels, the Happy Mask Salesman was eventually robbed by a small forest creature, known as the Skull Kid, and his two fairy companions. The Skull Kid proceeded to search through the man's belongings and found Majora's Mask. The evil power in the mask magnified the Skull Kid's penchant for malice, and soon the Skull Kid's petty practical jokes turned into something much more sinister. Using its power, the Skull Kid sealed away the Four Giants, the guardian deities of Termina, and directed the Moon on a collision course with the land so as to destroy Termina completely.

Eventually, the hero, Link, arrives in the world of Termina entirely by mistake, where he learns of the Skull Kid's sinister scheme. After a long quest, he is able to release the Four Giants from their imprisonment, and they are able to halt the falling moon. Majora, the spirit inside the mask, refuses to admit defeat and retreats to the Moon after discarding its "puppet", the Skull Kid. Link chases after it, and finds himself in a strangely serene grassy plain with a single tree. Here, a mysterious child wearing Majora's Mask asks Link if he wants to play a game of "good guys against bad guys" with him. Link accepts and is transported to a strange room, in which he finds Majora's Mask attached to the wall. After the four Boss Remains float away from Link and attach to the walls as well, Majora's Mask approaches Link and the two begin to duel. Majora manifests itself in three different physical forms, all still bearing some resemblance to Majora's Mask. However, unlike the games Majora is victorious and defeats link. claiming the items the hero has gathered before destroying all of Termina. After this, Majora continued his psychotic rampage in Hyrule, scaping the land into nothing. It should also be noted that, he made Link into a mask and reclaimed Skull Kid as his "Puppet."

After his unprejudiced destruction, Majora found his way into [insert universe/realm name here], where he is now.


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Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda, Zelda, Hylia, Princess of Hyrule, Hyrules Princess, etc.

[} Although, she can be considered much more than that considering she is a combination of Zelda's. {]



ღEye Colourღ
Sky Blue/Emerald

ღHair Colourღ
Golden Blonde
[} Mainly it is golden blonde but, there are also small hints of brown, along with various different shades of blonde. {]



Since most of the Zeldas are different incarnations, they each have slightly differing personalities. However, each Zelda is seen as a kind and benevolent person. As the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, she is wise beyond her years and intelligent enough to rule her people. She always wishes to do what is right for others and is extremely self-sacrificing. Though not always capable of defending herself or others on her own, she does not quit and tries to aid allies when she needs their help. She is also forgiving towards former enemies even when they have harmed her in someway. She is however, extremely loyal towards the ones she cares for (such as Link) and does not tolerate them getting harmed. Certain incarnations of Zelda are shown to have a slightly playful personality and more casual attitude. At least two incarnations are known to have tomboyish qualities, such as Tetra and the Zelda from Ocarina of Time.

ღPhysical Appearanceღ
Zelda is either portrayed as a young girl or a beautiful young woman with an age unknown and who usually posesses blond  hair. But, with this Zelda, there are small changes. Her hair is, of course, long, reaching a good 5 inches past her hips/waist. It consists of mostly blonde but, has hints of a soft golden colour, along with some small bits of brown and a much lighter blond colour but, these are hard to convey unless seen up close. Her body type is nothing too extreme. She has a lovely pair of hips and a good sized chest for her height. Her long legs that make her height are hidden under her dresses and gowns of course, as is most of her body so, it can be hard to potray her body size. Both her eyes and a mix of emerald and sky blue which soft, yellowish rings around both of them. The blue in her eyes is seen as more vibrant but, both colours can be seen within them. Her facial features are soft and delicate and a small cluster of freckles can be seen along her nose and some parts of her cheeks, although it is hard to see this feature due to how small they are and how her fair skin tends to be more eye catching. Normally, this Zelda wears boots or even no shoes at all, but only on occasions where it isn't necessary to dress up. A headdress or crown is always found upon her head, whether she is where a gown or wearing more casual clothing. She doesn't see any reason not to wear her crown being that it does show she is royalty to those who may not be aware of it.

Zelda's abilities in this timeline consist of the abilities she's had in all her past selves in other timelines. She holds these powers dearly, most being the same like they usually are in every timeline. Though she is never actually shown using them, she can use the spells Nayru's Love, Farore's Wind, and Din's Fire. She clearly posses the Triforce of Wisdom which allows her to make wise decisions in situations and gives her keen insight and good judgement, although this doesn't always avail her in enchewing capture. Most Zelda's, much like this one, are additionally gifted with innate psychic and magical potencies, such as telepathy and precognition. She has demonstrated that she can cast spells, open and close portals, shoot a bow, possibly be able to fight with a sword, as well as other magical abilities. The source of most of these natural mystical powers could be explained by the presence of the Light Force, a power that is passed down through the Royal Family of Hyrule for generations. She seems to have physical abilities such as playing the harp, singing, any wind based instruments, such as the ocarina.

This Zelda has become one unlike any other Zelda that has been reborn into a new timeline. This Zelda is a combination of Zelda's, which makes her more stronger in some cases and allows to her know of her past selves and what she has done and experienced as being the Princess of Hyrule. If anything, she is more so now the Goddess herself put into human for to be part of this new timeline. Although this variety of Zelda's within her does benefit her, it may also be a struggle as well. The combination includes Zelda from Skywards Sword, Ocarina Of Time, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Hyrule Warriors and my favourite, Breath Of The Wild. With this, her powers are stronger and allow her to do so much more. This also interacts with her personality, how she reacts to certain situations, etc. She will always have small bits of other Zelda's personalities within her but, some will show more than others. With this, she is more of a higher ruler as well, and seen as more of a Queen (or Goddess) rather than a Princess. Although, her people still call her as Princess Zelda because that is what she prefers the most, due to her past selves. Even with these altering powers, personalities, etc, she still wishes for no one to treat her differently than they normally would. She sees this combination within her as more of a blessing than a curse because she is able to simply think of a timeline she has been in, and the memories will come to her with upmost ease. She sees more of the goddess within her which gives her comfort as well. Even though some memories may not be very pleasant, she understands them. With this as well, she as seen as more calm and collected of her thoughts and feelings, or she tries to portray herself as such. Her people may not be fully aware that she has these memories built within her mind and she wishes to keep it that way to keep them safe, as well as the powers she possesses as well. With that, overall she tries to few herself as just an average princess who looks over her people but, posses the powers of those she has been in the past timelines. Her wisdom still remains, as does her modesty and so on. With these memories and powers, she will do her best within the new timeline she has been brought into and will protect her people with more of what she has.

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“Begone, troublemaker.”

The Fierce Deity (True name unknown)




Not much is known directly about the Fierce Deity’s personality. As he is a mysterious figure that is only known through brief mentions, his personality is up to interpretation. However, due to how he is described as a mask as a dark power that would corrupt those who wore it, and Majora had referred to him as the “true bad guy”, it can be assumed that the Fierce Deity’s personality is not that of the typical “hero” mannerisms.

It can be assumed due to the change in Link’s personality that the Fierce Deity is very calm and levelheaded, and also does not speak unless he deigns necessary. Described as a ferocious god as well as a demon god, it seems as though the only reason that Link had not been corrupted by his power was due to his nature as a hero.

Observing the claims of his nature, it seems that what the Fierce Deity seeks to annihilate evil itself. For that reason alone, he could be described as the “true bad guy”, as he seeks to be rid of evil on a level that is purely excessive, to the point of killing individuals, regardless of their status, but upon the actions that they’ve done. For this reason, it makes sense that the Fierce Deity would be regarded as evil, since, as a mask, his nature is very similar to Majora, in that his will takes over the one who wore his mask, and thus, those who would be weak willed would find themselves attempting to act upon the Fierce Deity’s intense desire to destroy evil without the ability to remove the mask like Link had been able to. This intolerance for evil leads him into going to great lengths to rid the world of evil in the first place as fast and efficiently as possible.

The Fierce Deity bears an uncanny resemblance to Link, to the point where when the latter would use his mask, there were seemingly no changes in appearance. The reason for this is unknown and never explained, and only puts more mystery on the enigmatic figure. The main difference between Link and the Fierce Deity in terms of appearance is the various markings that cover the Fierce Deity’s face, as well as him having pale skin and white hair. His eyes also lack pupils, and are just a pure white color.

In terms of clothing, he wears a very similar outfit to the Hero of Time as an adult, however, the tunic is a very light blue color and it is covered with armor plating on the front and back torso, decorated with various symbols. His leggings are a very dark shade of navy blue, and he wears a pair of armored gloves.


Double Helix Sword

The Double Helix Sword is the Fierce Deity’s weapon of choice, and the only weapon he carries on his person. An oddly shaped, two-handed longsword named after its unique shape. The sword is very powerful, and can fire sword beams when swung, allowing for it to be used both in close and long ranges, and to extend the reach of the blade. The Double Helix Sword also possesses the nature of acting as a counter towards dark forces and evil in general, either out of the blade’s own nature, or the power of the Fierce Deity himself.


Superhuman Strength

The Fierce Deity, as a mask, was stated to possess all of the merits of the various masks that Link had managed to get his hands on throughout his journey, thus, the Fierce Deity has superhuman strength on the level that would allow him to surpass even the strongest of Gorons and making him far above the level of the Four Giants due to this nature. Aside from this being used to increase the strength of his blade swings, this supernatural strength is rarely used.

Superhuman Speed

In turn with its nature, the Fierce Deity can move at superhuman speeds, in accordance to his own strength being notable, he can move far faster than the average human and can react to various forms of magic and other supernatural attacks being thrown at him, either countering or parrying, or simply dodging.


The exact extent is never explored, but due to the Fierce Deity’s sheer power, it is quite obvious he possesses a large source of magic, and the ability to use it very well. His magic was enough to casually defeat Majora in only one single strike, making the possibilities of whatever magic he possessed under speculation, but if his power compared to Majora’s own was anything to go off of, then the Fierce Deity likely has a much wider variety of magic under his belt.

Various Other Abilities
One of many Gossip Stones states that the Fierce Deity possesses all of the merits of all the Masks. What this essentially means is that every ability granted by a mask can be utilized by the Fierce Deity. This ranges from abilities such as size changing, imperceptibility, superhuman swimming speed, superhuman running speed, and other abilities provided by each of the masks. To this degree, this makes the Fierce Deity a varied fighter, and only poses the question as to why he possesses such abilities.

The exact history of the Fierce Deity is unknown due to it rarely, if ever, being explained to anyone. But it is known that there was some form of history between the Fierce Deity and Majora. What this entailed was unknown, however, the two likely knew each other, as Majora would, while mentally unstable, refer to the Fierce Deity as, “the true bad guy,” indicating that they had known the Fierce Deity. The Fierce Deity’s Mask is described as some dark power that would corrupt those who had worn it, with the one exception being the Hero of Time.

Via one particular statement, it seems as though the existence of the Fierce Deity is an interesting one. He is described as having all of the memories of the Terminians inside of him, which brings the possibility that the Fierce Deity isn’t a conventional god, though still shrouds his origins in mystery. All that is known is that somewhere along the line, he, along with Majora, were both transformed into masks, though the reasoning for the Fierce Deity’s transformation into a mask is unknown, it could be attributed to the nature of his powers.

The only thing that was known is that the Fierce Deity’s power had been used by the Hero of Time in order to defeat Majora. Afterwards, the Fierce Deity himself had allowed Majora’s Mask to be returned to the Happy Mask Salesman, whom he had referred to as a “troublemaker” right after swinging at him with his sword, hinting that he had known something about the Happy Mask Salesman that was unknown to most. Though, why he would allow the Mask Salesman to have the mask despite quite obviously not liking him is up in the air, though it could be brought up as the fact that Link also had enough influence on him to remove the mask himself and thus, preventing the Fierce Deity from doing anything too dangerous to others.


▸The term "fierce deity" (鬼神) is a term referring to several deities in the Shingon Buddhist pantheon, such as Bishamonten or the Myō-ō, who are fierce and wrathful toward the negative forces that work against humanity's enlightenment, but are benevolent and supportive to humanity; some interpretations see them as the angered side of buddhas and deities that are normally compassionate and gentle. They are seen as deities that work to defeat evil, a quality Link possesses in all his appearances, and which the Fierce Deity's Mask gives him greater ability to achieve. Kishin (or kijin, or onigami; they are all simply different readings of the 鬼神 kanji compound) does not actually equate the subject with oni or evil at all; it merely states that the deity is as fierce as an oni. The term does not carry any connotations of evil in the Japanese language.

▸The Fierce Deity form is popularly referred to as "Oni Link" within The Legend of Zelda series community. This is based on an incomplete translation of his Japanese name that incorporates the kanji for "fierce" (Ki), which can be read alone as 鬼 (Oni).

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"Oh, it's the fairy boy again! I heard you found my dad! How did you like the castle? Did you see the Princess? Hee hee! Dad came home in a hurry after you found him. Hee hee! Oh yeah, I have to introduce you to my friend, fairy boy! She's this horse. Her name is Epona. Isn't she cute?"
— 𝙼𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝙻𝚒𝚗𝚔 (𝙾𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚘𝚏 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎)

Malon is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. In the majority of games she has appeared in, she is the daughter of the rancher Talon, who owns Lon Lon Ranch. Portrayed as a kind-hearted and responsible girl, Malon is often seen taking care of Epona, one of the ranch's horses. Malon also frequently appears in conjunction with the mare Epona as well as "Epona's Song". She also enjoys singing, specifically "Epona's Song."


♬ Name ::
Romani in parallel world

♬Gender ::

♬ Age ::
7 - 8; Preteen prior 7 year time skip
15 - 16; Teen after 7 year time skip

♬ Race ::
Hylian (Ocarina of Time)
Human (Oracle of Seasons)

♬ Weapon(s) ::


♬ Appearance(s) and Biography ::

𝕆𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕒 𝕠𝕗 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖
In Ocarina of Time, Malon is a young girl who loves to sing outside the Hyrule Castle's walls at night. She, along with Ingo, takes care of most of the duties at Lon Lon Ranch due to her father's laziness. Link first meets Malon, who calls him "Fairy Boy," in the Hyrule Castle Market where she was looking for her father. After Link finds Talon asleep and wakes him up using the Cucco that hatched from the Weird Egg Malon gave him, Malon returns to Lon Lon Ranch with her father. When Link goes visit her at the ranch, she introduces him to a young horse named Epona, and teaches the young hero "Epona's Song," a song Malon's mother had composed.

Seven years later, when Link returns to the ranch, he finds out that Ingo had exiled Talon and taken over the ranch. Malon was working for him out of fear of how the animals would be treated if she disobeys his orders. Moreover, since Ingo was planning to give Epona as a present to Ganondorf, Malon was the only one who could tame her. Malon tells Link that she had recognized him but was not sure until he told her his name.

As a minigame, Malon lets him race around the ranch to compete against her best time. When he is able to beat her time, she rewards him by sending a Cow to his house in Kokiri Forest, which may be used as a free source of Milk. Should Link best his own time afterwards, Malon will simply compliment his and Epona's teamwork.

With the Mask of Truth, Link can learn from the Gossip Stones that Malon dreams for a knight to take her away. A Gossip Stone in front of the Temple of Time also says that Malon was the original record holder of the Lon Lon Ranch obstacle course, her record being 50 seconds.

Ocarina of Time is the only game in which Malon's mother is mentioned. She is most likely dead by the time of the events of Ocarina of Time, but it is clear she had a great influence on Malon and the others on the ranch. She was the one who composed "Epona's Song," which is said to be liked by everyone on the farm. Talking to Talon while wearing the Gerudo Mask or the Goron Mask causes him to say that it reminds him of his wife, but he quickly retracts that statement.

𝕆𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕝𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕠𝕟𝕤
In Oracle of Seasons, Malon plays a small role in the game's trading sequence. She lives with her father Talon north of Horon Village, where the two raise Cuccos. When Link first meets her, Talon has gone to climb Mt. Cucco and has left Malon to raise the Cuccos by herself; however, she confesses to the young hero that she does not know much about the hens. Link can help her by giving her the Cuccodex, an information database of Cuccos, in exchange for a Lon Lon Egg.

𝔽𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕊𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕤 𝔸𝕕𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕖
In Four Swords Adventures, Malon appears on The Field stage. Upon arriving, the Links encounter Malon standing by herself. She tells them that she was running errands, but just as she was about to head back to her home, it started raining; furthermore, the Soldiers were moving all the Cannons. Helpless, Malon asks the four Links if she can accompany them until she gets back to Lon Lon Ranch with her father, Talon. During their travel, Malon can be killed by the castle guards, as she has only one Heart Container. Once the Links return her safely to the ranch, she admits that at first she was not sure she could count on them, but soon realized her mistake and acknowledges the Links as real heroes.

𝕄𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕤𝕙 ℂ𝕒𝕡
In The Minish Cap, Malon and her father Talon are locked out of their house. Link can help them by shrinking and going into their house to find the Spare Key, which is inside a pot. Later on, Malon can be be found in Hyrule Town selling Lon Lon Milk for 100 Rupees alongside Epona. When Link speaks to Malon, she will briefly sing "Epona's Song."


Other ::

𝕆𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕒 𝕠𝕗 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 (𝕄𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕒)
In the Ocarina of Time manga, Link goes to Lon Lon Ranch in an attempt to find the Spiritual Stone of Water. He meets Malon there, who shows him around and is very happy to have a visitor. She makes some jokes about Ingo's complaints, and teaches Link "Epona's Song". She also confides in Link that she hopes a prince will one day come for her.

In the Adult Saga, Malon is kidnapped and confined by Ingo. She is upset at first, but calms down when she starts to imagine a prince coming to save her. When Link comes for her, Malon doesn't remember him and refuses his help, as she is convinced she must wait for her prince. Link plays "Epona's Song" to remind her of their meeting seven years ago and proceeds to rescue her, prompting Malon to fall in love with him. She and Link then destroy the device used to control Ingo's brain and fight off the Gerudo. When the situation becomes difficult, they take Ingo and jump over the ranch's gate atop Epona. Talon is very grateful, and promises that he will stop sleeping on the job.


ℙ𝕠𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕓𝕝𝕖 𝔾𝕖𝕣𝕦𝕕𝕠 𝔸𝕟𝕔𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕪
It is possible that Malon's mother is a Gerudo or has Gerudo ancestry as Malon has vibrant red hair and her father, Talon, gives an interesting reaction when Link approaches him while wearing the Gerudo Mask, he will say that it looks like his wife, but then decides against it. If that is the case, that would raise the question on why she wasn't raised as a Gerudo (although this may be because of her differences compared to the other Gerudos).

Unfortunately, Talon says the same thing if shown any other masks, nullifying this theory.


Tʀɪᴠɪᴀ ::

In an Ocarina of Time developer's interview posted on Shigesato Itoi's website,, script writer Toru Osawa said that Talon and Malon from Ocarina of Time are based on Tarin and Marin from Link's Awakening, and it is intended that players who have played the previous game will recognize the reference.

In the same interview, Shigeru Miyamoto said that Malon being a songstress is inspired by his love of country music, including people like Emmylou Harris.

The symbols on the bottom of her dress spell Lon in Hylian.

Both Malon and Talon wear Bowser brooches.

According to Hyrule Historia, Tarin and Marin may be the product of Link's memories of Malon and Talon.

Malon shares similarities with Ilia, who is also the caretaker of Epona in Twilight Princess. They also both live near or on a farm with their father.

Malo's name from Twilight Princess might be a reference to Malon. His brother Talo may be a reference to Talon.

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[Accessing Data Files…]

[File for PCN-X1 found, Open?]



[Opening Original Records for PCN-X1]

II Designation II

Professor Chris Number X One

II Assigned Name II


II Titles II

The Kitten Assassin
White Lightning
First of Four

ll Nickname ll



5 years and 5 months (Since Date of Creation)
Late Teens (Physical and Mental)

II Gender II

Programmed Female

II Race II

Reploid (Origin)

II Known Relationships II

Serene Selphia (“Twin”)
Alina Selphia ("Twin")
Chris Selphia (Creator)
Hope Dragoon/Selphia (“Mother”)
Zero (Origin)
Makoto (Uncle)
Garnet (Uncle)
Rena (Grandma)
Other PCNs (Elder or Younger Siblings)
SNKs (Uncles and Aunts)
NEOs (Other Siblings)
Yawgmoth (Uncle)
Coryx (Adopted Son)

II Personality II

Intially programmed to be a mostly emotionless Reploid when under active duty, most of her personality traits are drawn from the race she is based on. Following her redesign, its unknown what her personality is now, despite not fully know, Nekomi tries to show some type of emotion when she can, but may need more training and encounters with family such as Chris, Serene, or Hope.

During the 5 years, Nekomi started expression and showing emotions. With her Civilian form being revealed, her personality is shown to be more nervous and shy around others including family. She seem more fragile than strong and doesn't seem to express great happiness. However, she may smile from time to time, it depends on her mood. But it been said that she doesn't feel anything, which puzzles her especially when Chris told her about who she really is. In combat form, she is has little to no expression on her face, but have been seen smiling in this form. With notable traits of her Hope, she does show a sign of influence from being around Hope and hearing what she done.

In any form, Nekomi is quite caring towards her siblings even the ones that are presumably "assholes". She display care towards siblings like Flannel, Serene, Alina, etc.

II Appearance II

With her new designs, Nekomi has some notable changes.

In her Civilian Mode, Nekomi's hair is seen to be dark brown that doesn't go pass her shoulders. Two strains of hair are tied with one white bow on each one. Her skin noticeably pale and her eyes are chocolate brown. She often wears glasses as an accessory, instead of using them for vision or for reading. The glasses doesn't have any prescription in them to clarify. In this form and her next form, she have been seen multiple times with scarves around her neck.

In her Combat Mode, Nekomi's hair is seen to change from black to blue. This mode is more used or activated than the civilian mode. She ditches the glasses and her eyes change to blue matching her hair. She also wears a white scarf on herself. During this mode, it has also been seen where she was ability to have cat ears with a tail. She will go out in missions with them on causing her to get the title "Kitten Assassin."

II Gear II

N-Busters: Modified versions of Yilvoxe and Chris’s weapons, Nekomi’s personal weapons are heavily modified revolvers, firing energy shots like most PCNs, though the guns can be modified to shoot Dust Capsules.

Shadow Claws: Retained from her origin form, Nekomi can ditch her guns, projecting purple like energy projections from her fingers, like a cat’s claw.

Bow: The weapon accepted her as it's wielder from that point on, she is the only one who can wield and use the weapon. The bow is well crafted and look to have flames inside of it, but luckily doesn't hurt the user at all.

Energy Arrows: These arrows have energy on them that is identical to the energy in her guns. The energy give the arrows more power and possibly more damage. Possibly medium damage.

Vaporizer: This weapon given to her by Ratchet and Clank, it is able to fires red, explosive energy bullets that either kills or severely damages anything upon contact. This weapon have the perk of an added bonus of splash damage.

Dual Raptors: Second weapon given to her by Ratchet and Clank, these two fires blue plasma at the rates of a machine gun, and no recoil at all. Useful for the fact of blasting apart enemies up close. However, these the shots have the capacity to ricochet, but are able to home onto the enemies when that happens.

Chameleon Armor Generator: A small, chip-like generator, which been integrated into her systems, also being the last thing Ratchet and Clank giver her. This armor is able to generate a shield that provides extreme defense, while also being able to generate holographic copies of Nekomi as she may move. This is quite useful to use to evade an enemy and throw them off.

II Notable Attacks II

Buster Shot: Basically the average shot Nekomi uses, these do light damage, and have an elemental modifier depending on dust used.

Charge Shot: Medium-Heavy damage depending on charge time, color changes based on shape.

Shadow Slash: Slash Attack with her claws, generally used close range, can be used to create energy surges that arc across the field.

ll Skills ll

Marksmanship: Nekomi have great skill in shoot and have been able to hit her target, but there is time where she couldn't get a clear shot and failed to hit the target. With more training, she is determined to be a master in marksmanship as she is now classified to be above average and even at the range of Expert.

Bow and Arrow skills: Since the Timeskip, Nekomi have been training with the weapon and have reached Expert. She still focusing on completely mastering it and learn new moves with this.

ll Possessions ll

Weapon Arsenal: Nekomi recently gotten a weaponry ranging from rocket launchers, rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc. This was given to her on Christmas day by Santa (Makoto). She getting them modified to have energy and dust capsules like her arrows and other guns have. Recently, Garnet given Nekomi bus weapon arsenal as well, which is ranges a total of 500 or more/less weaponry in it.

II Abilities Shared with other PCNs II

Interior Skeleton: Reactive Super-flexible Armoured Skeleton which reduces 93 percent of damage.

Body Skin: Lightweight "Titanium-Z" alloy.

Broad-range Eye Camera: Zero can see at a far higher "framerate" and over a larger distance than that of the human eye.

Ultra-sensitive Voice Recognition System: Can hear a far broader spectrum of sounds than the normal human ear can.

Voice Generation Device: Made by HAYATOM Inc. Nekomi's voice is synthesized from this system.

Control Chip: Main A.I., like a human "soul". Controls higher thought and decision making.

Central Control System: Nekomi's second "brain", which controls the exact movements of her whole body.

Full Auto Balancer (Gyroscopic Stabilization System): Can land cleanly in any area, from any kind of state.

Emergency Acceleration System: Accelerate in a blink of an eye, can run (dash) at enormous speed.


Built shortly after the Death Egg incident, Nekomi was initially meant to symbolize the lethality of Hope Dragoon, whereas her twin sister, Serene, symbolized Hope’s light half, eventually these roles ended up being reversed after the Shattered World Crisis. At the time of the Shattered World, and the Ultron threat later on, Nekomi was put into stasis, to attempt repairs, and begin upgrading the female into her final stage. However, glitches in her programming resulted in her being placed into deep storage, until she could be fixed.

Or that was what everyone else had been told, in reality, Nekomi, along with Serene, were undergoing heavy redesigns, due to the revival of Hope Dragoon. Following Hope’s departure from Selphia Province, Nekomi’s progress was accelerated, the female being put through intensive training, to prepare her for active duty once more. Currently hidden somewhere below the Heartlands...She waits for her chance to shine alongside her twin...To honour the legacy of the woman lost on the Death Egg…

Since her release, Nekomi have been on the sidelines waiting for commands. While exploring the city, she stumbled upon her twin sister, Serene. The two catch up and Serene informed Nekomi about Julian, who is on her assassination list, and immediately went back to the castle.

A few days later, Nekomi went to the forest for hearing a rumor that a powerful bow and arrow was there. Curious about those rumors, Nekomi went out there by herself. Once getting to a clearing, she seen a male that knew a lot about the weapons. He even informed her about how the weapon works and how the weapon is suppose to accept he before getting it. Seeing if she gets accepted, Nekomi put her hand on the bow and then, a few seconds later the weapon accepted her. Glad that the weapon accepted her and gave her the new determination to master it.

Five years later, Nekomi been training herself with her bow and arrow as promised. She seem to be an expert with it. She plans to make arrows of all types for the bow instead of the standard that she uses that is coated with identical energy that is in her guns. Nekomi haven't talk much with anyone other than her sister, Serene. She haven't really introduced herself to her other siblings or her mother. She haven't even talked to Chris, who is her creator, in that period. She would like to change that and actually socialize with them all.

Recently, Nekomi have spent Christmas with family and gotten a large present from Santa that cause her weaponry to grow. She also have an upgrade from her brother, Daileass, and is undergoing more training than before to get stronger in her new abilities and awaiting to be called upon to action.

With a newfound feeling of new responsibilities, Nekomi have adopted a child named Coryx, who is a keyblade wielder. She finds great joy and responsibility in this, which makes her glad to have adopted this child. Nekomi have yet to introduce her son to her family, notably her siblings, uncles, etc.

During one of her patrols in the forest, Nekomi had encountered a man, who seem to not be in her database or very known. She seen him as a suspicious man that was keeping something from her, especially since she seen a familiar Foot Clan emblem on his robes. Immediately, she assumed him as an enemy and pointed her rifle at him to get a confession and reasoning, however, Nekomi did intent to shoot him. But that moment was cut short since she was shoot in the chest from behind, causing her to momentarily collapse in pain. Which gave her time to see a man with a black and orange mask. When getting up, she immediately made sure to catch both of their faces before leaving through a window to the hospital quickly. Upon getting to the entrance, Nekomi collapsed in shock.

After getting repaired by her sister, Serene, she turned in her report of the incident and went out of the hospital. Serene asked Nekomi to accompany her to Mega City to get information about their mother that they tremendously desired. This being connected to the recently new information told to her by her creator, Christian Selphia. Being away of the quest to see her mother, Nekomi just wants and peace. While having a slight revenge from that incident involving her injury.

During her mission, Nekomi had been given weapons and an upgrade by the duo of Ratchet and Clank, who she plans on visiting for weapons.

II Abilities/Significant Feats II

Stealth: Despite her rather brilliant color scheme, Nekomi has retained the natural stealth of a cat, being able to move swiftly from place to place without detection.

Limited Flight: Using the thrusters in her feet, coupled with her coat, Nekomi can glide for brief periods of time.

Jet Jump: Using boosters in her feet, Nekomi can leap into the air, then use any of her regular attacks. Often used to get around the field swiftly.

Copy: Whereas her twin sister, Serene, focus on gathering weapons, Nekomi’s copy focuses on finding enemy weakpoints, and then changing to defeat said opponent. She also copies fighting styles, retaining up to 8 at a given time.

Parkourist: Exhibiting the natural grace of a cat, Nekomi is a natural acrobat, using the terrain to her advantage, as compared to her sister, who just levels the field.

Plasma Manipulation: Nekomi obtain the control of plasma after her twelve hour upgrade administrate by her brother, Daileass. She currently can shoot plasma blasts at opponents. The reploid have yet to unlock most techniques, so she will have to undergo training.

Lightning: From the other ability Nekomi have obtained from the upgrade is Lightning. Like her plasma, she will also have to undergo training to get stronger in using this power as well to unlock techniques to use in power. She isn't quite good with lightning meaning she'll have to practice more to get stronger in this ability also. Currently, she is able to shoot weak lightning bolts at an opponent(s).

Fire: This is also and the last ability obtained from the upgrade. She is fairly good with fire and plasma, while she need much more training with lightning. Same like the only two, she will need to train to unlock techniques and be stronger in this ability. Currently, she is able to shoot normal sized fireballs at an opponent(s).

II Weaknesses II

Water: Nekomi is terrified of water, a fear shared with her creator, and with cats in general.

Crowds: She’s not exactly social.

Son: If used against her she'll most likely surrender for his safety. Plus he's adorable she can't really say no to his face either.

II Trivia II

>Nekomi’s initial introduction references her technical mother, Hope, namely in that she was underground, only Chris knew of her prior to release, and she was quite literally, designed as a weapon.

>Recently, Nekomi have been coming out of her shell and showing her civilian form in the open especially for her mission to get info about her mother.

>Nekomi have stash of pictures of her mother, Hope, under her bed along with guns, ammos, and explosives under there.

>Nekomi sometimes stalk her uncles like Makoto and Garnet for safety reasons.
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Standing in the front of the gates, Toon is staring in awe. But he thinks that this is an island he just discovered and he forgot that he wasn't on the King of Red Lions.

Toon Link


Hero of Winds




Tetra/Toon Zelda (Friend/kinda like a girlfriend)
Aryll (Little sister)
Orca (Mentor)
Makar (Friend)
King of the Red Lions/King of Hyrule (Companion)
Ganondorf (Nemesis)
More coming in the next profile update.

He wears a green tunic called the Hero's Tunic. Toon wears a belt with a gold, swirly buckle with the tunic, the inside long sleeve is light green and the best looking part of it, which is outside of the sweatshirt, is dark green. He also wears a green cap which fits the tunic. Also, he wears white, long leggings and brown boots.
Toon's pajamas is a blue long sleeved shirt, with a white crayfish in the middle. He wears orange leggings and black shoes. Except he doesn't wear his cap when in his pajamas.

Toon can be annoyed sometimes, and sometimes, he can be sleepy. Since he holds the Triforce of Courage, it is obvious that he has courage. Sometimes, he doesn't think, one time, he didn't think that he would fall if he tried to save his sister in Outset Island, while Aryll was being kidnapped by a giant bird, he would fall. But he can be playful when it comes to games.

Master Sword
The sword that the Hero of Time wield, he was destined to use that sword since he was like the Hero of Time. With that sword, he managed to defeat the enemies that was frozen in time in Hyrule Castle. He also saved the captives and his sister in the Forsaken Fortress. He had to complete the shattered pieces of the Triforce of Courage in order to active the sword so that he could finally defeat Ganondorf.

Phantom Sword
A sword that was forged to defeat the devil, Belkin, which was behind of the kidnapping of Zelda and the captures of the spirits of the Ocean King.

Hero Shield
A family shield that was hanging in Toon's house.

Hylian Shield
A shield that Toon uses to protect himself from close combat and far attacks.

A birthday gift from his sister, Aryll. She told him that he could keep it after rescuing her.

Wind Waker
He can control anything with this baton, and he can conduct with it too!

Stole it from a Bomb Shop. Don't ask.

A thank you gift from Tingle for rescuing him.

Fairy Bow
A weapon he found in a dungeon, it also came with arrows!

Regular Arrows
Just some normal arrows, he uses those for some things.

Ice Arrows
Arrows with ice, he received it from a God of hurricanes. He can use magic to use this to freeze fire too (even though it doesn't make sense)

Fire Arrows
Arrows with fire, he also received it from the same God. He uses magic to use these arrows to melt ice.

He uses this to flinch enemies like Electric/Yellow Chu Chus. He received it from a dungeon.

Skull Hammer
He received this from an island. He can use this to flinch enemies and slam objects that's blocking his way.

Spoils Bag
He puts his unneeded items in this bag and uses the items to give them as gifts. (Seriously, I don't know why.).

Delivery Bag
Toon received this bag from Dragon Roost Island when he was doing his job as a postman.

More coming in the next update

Triforce of Courage
The Triforce on one of his hands gives him more courage.

Hero's Spin
A charged up spin that Toon does with sword unsheathed. It also moved fast and looks like a circle of green strikes from his sword when using it.

Spin Attack
A regular move that is like Hero's Spin but weaker.

Triforce Slash
Toon's Final Smash from the Super Smash Bros. Series. He sheathes his sword and quickly unsheathes it when one or more people gets caught in the Triforce, he slashes the enemies multiple times and finishes it off with one final, strong blow with a slash.


After the valleys of ancient Hyrule are flooded in a deluge, Ganondorf's power is mysteriously tamed for ages before his dark energy begins to be felt over the Great Seas. Link lives on Outset Island on the Great Sea, the region above Hyrule after it was flooded by the gods to prevent Ganondorf from conquering it. Link is given the green tunic and hat on his birthday to commemorate the Hero of Time, but an attack by the Helmaroc King in which his sister is kidnapped starts him on a whirlwind adventure. Link quickly sets sail and acquires the King of Red Lions in his quest to recover Aryll after she is kidnapped by the Helmaroc King and taken to the Forsaken Fortress. Instead of simply rescuing his sister, Link is drawn into a sequence of events that eventually puts the fate of all the islands of the Great Sea in his hands. Once again, Ganon has appeared with limited power. Link is pulled into the conflict between the island inhabitants and Ganondorf's increasing presence as he, with the help of the Wind Waker, races to recapture the ancient power of the Triforce and the Master Sword before Ganondorf's true power is realized.

Eventually the King of Red Lions sees fit to grant Link the title Hero of Winds in honor of his ongoing struggle with the forces of evil. In the final showdown Link defeats Ganondorf for good, stabbing him in the head with the Master Sword. The King of Hyrule's wish with the Triforce was to give Link and Princess Zelda a future, and at the end, they set out to find a new land to be the next kingdom after Hyrule.

After Ganon's defeat, Link is sailing with Tetra and her crew in search of the Ghost Ship. When they find it, Tetra jumps aboard but is kidnapped, so Link goes after her but instead falls into the sea. Link is awakened on Mercay Island by a fairy, and they set out on a journey to find Tetra. Link and Ciela traverse the World of the Ocean King, rescuing the Spirits of the Ocean King and Tetra, and forging the Phantom Sword which can slay Bellim, the devil behind all this misfortune. At the end of this era, Oshus returns Link, Tetra, and Linebeck to their world, thanking them for their help.
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"Nothing dies like hope... I cherish it."

{{ Name }}
Dredgen Yor (alias, original name unknown)

{{ Age }}

{{ Gender }}

{{ Species }}

{{ Personality }}
Dredgen Yor as he once was, as a Guardian, was a man of great pride and virtue. He was heroic and was generally regarded as one of the most noble of all Guardians. However, upon succumbing to the Darkness, Dredgen Yor had been corrupted. He had become bloodthirsty, killing anyone who had gotten on his nerves or bored him. Yor had lost all faith in the Guardians and their cause and pursues his own twisted version of "peace".

Because of this, Dredgen Yor followed the Darkness, which seemed to promise his ideal of "peace", of which only led him into giving himself to it. Dredgen Yor works to achieve the will of the Darkness, which seems to be universal conquest to the point where nothing will exist unless the Darkness itself wants it to. Dredgen Yor is known for attempt to corrupt others into following the Darkness, either by deception, or outright forcing it upon them.

{{ Appearance }}
Dredgen Yor appears as a Hunter, which includes the usual hooded cape, light armor, and helmet. However, what makes Dredgen different is his status as a Taken, and as such, his appearance differs greatly. As a Taken, Dredgen appears with the usual Taken colors of black and whitish green, his cloak appears to be shadowy and at times seems to defy physics. Dredgen's helmet has two glowing eyes with a few glowing marks under them. His hands are naturally clawed and he is of course usually seen with his signature Hand Cannon, Thorn, on his hip, and a strange Rose held in his right hand.

{{ Equipment }}

Dredgen Yor's Rose: This Rose seems to have no special abilities or significance, save for the fact that it is a physical representation of what Dredgen viewed Thorn as. The Rose appears to be a small rose, no bigger than one's palm. What makes it unique is the fact that it courses with Taken and Hive power, causing it to glow an eerie green and black hue. The Rose always seems to be held in Dredgen's right hand, often being visible to anyone facing Dredgen from the front.

Waning Star: Dredgen Yor's personal jumpship, given to him by the Darkness. The Waning Star is powered by Taken energy. The Waning Star is equipped with several unnatural weapons and capabilities, its very presence seeming to warp and corrupt everything around it. The Waning Star is capable of using weapons that can potentially erase its targets from existence, and other uncanny functions.

Thorn: The Thorn is Dredgen Yor's signature weapon. A Hand Cannon, modified with Hive power and originally created by Yor himself. The Thorn had originally been named "Rose" before Dredgen had succumb to the Darkness. The Thorn is modified with Hive magic and even further amplified with Taken power. The Thorn is extremely powerful due to its nature, and its rounds fire concentrated rounds of Darkness which poison and slowly kill its targets. Anyone who wields this weapon shall slowly become corrupted to following the Darkness.

Stolen Will: A shotgun created from the power of the Taken, infused with power given straight from the Darkness. The Stolen Will holds power that defies all laws of physics. Overall meaning that bullets tend to do things that can be unpredictable, as well as incredibly powerful, as well. If someone other than one who is Taken or already serves the Darkness wields this weapon, they will be subject to corruption by the Whispers of the Taken.

Dreadfang: The Dreadfang is the result of Taken power manifested into the physical form of a sword, in a similar manner to the Stolen Will. An attempt at using the energy of the Taken and applying it to weaponry and armor, the Dreadfang courses with the acausal Taken power, which grants it immense power. The Dreadfang is unique in that, due to its nature of being a Taken-infused Sword, it doesn't comply to the laws of physics and can be used for several things most normal swords are unable to do. Should anyone other than Dredgen Yor wield this sword, they will be slowly corrupted by the Darkness as the whispers of the Taken tempt them into falling into the Darkness.

{{ Abilities }}

A Guardian's supernatural abilities are all under what is referred to as Subclasses and despite Dredgen succumbing to the Darkness and becoming Taken, several of his abilities still go under this. He possesses several Subclasses that are powered by the Darkness, as opposed to the Light that most Guardians take their power from.

Darkness: The Darkness itself is the antithesis to the Traveler's Light. Both energies are acausal in nature, and both energies are shown to have powers that manipulate the very fabric of the universe, itself. The Darkness, as well as the Light, both have a large capacity for achieving the physically impossible, with the Darkness having many abilities that are acausal and ontopathogenic, of which seem to greatly overpower that of the Traveler's Light. The Darkness even being able to create a realm that's impossible to erase from existence. The Darkness is only directly used by the Hive, through pacts made with the Worm gods, however, those who are Taken also make usage of this power. Any proficient user of the Darkness, such as Oryx, becomes acausal in a similar manner to how all Guardians are paracausal beings.

Acausality: The Darkness, like its counterpart, the Light, is described as being Paracausal/Acausal, it exists outside of normal causality. This essentially means that all Light-based abilities ignore causality. Another affect from this is the fact that users of the Light cannot be predicted by most forms of precognition, particularly the variant that the Vex use. As the Darkness' form of acausality is much more complex than the Guardians', it also makes it so that killing someone who uses the Darkness to a high extent very difficult, as they have no beginning nor end.

Double Jump: As a Hunter, Yor is capable of jumping once again while in midair, adding a sudden burst of force from under him to propel himself upwards. Yor can do this up to two times while in midair.

Blink: Yor is capable of performing a quick, normally short-range, teleport at will. This serves to allow him to disorient his enemies from his position, as he can appear from one place, then reappear at another.

Shadestep: Using the Darkness, Yor is capable of temporarily becoming invincible as well as invisible, and is given a short burst of speed. This is used to dodge most attacks, and is an evasive tactic, as it holds very little offensive abilities, other than repositioning one's self.

Taking: The act of Taking in and of itself is paracausal and ontopathogenic. This means it ignores the laws of causality and infects the very nature of the subject's existence, bypassing durability and mental integrity, the only thing capable of resisting being Taken is the Light, as it also shares the Darkness' paracausal nature. Taking allows the Darkness to convert beings of any race into Taken. This ability is highly dangerous, as any who become Taken take on the acausal nature of the Darkness, and are given abilities that are stated to be "physically illegal".

(( Blightbringer ))

Cursing Touch: A melee ability that deals added damage on contact. Cursing Touch casts a curse on opponents, which greatly reduces their combat capabilities and makes them far weaker, and causes them to lose control of their bodies, which also makes it so that whenever they attack, they will automatically damage themselves instead of their intended target. This curse can spread to nearby enemies when used.

Soul Blight: Dredgen Yor is able to create a glaive of Darkness which can be used for multiple purposes. This usually includes increasing the strength of any allies it's thrown towards. But most notably, it's used for the raising of the dead, allowing Dredgen to revive any allies, or those he chooses, in his direct vicinity. The Soul Blight leaves behind a poisonous cloud of Void energy that damages enemies.

Soul Tear: Dredgen Yor can spawn a mirror image of himself to perform any task he desires. These copies themselves are referred to as "Soul Tears" for simplicity. They are capable of following orders either from Dredgen Yor himself or the Darkness, if it somehow deems it necessary. For the most part, it is highly difficult for someone to tell the difference between Yor and a Soul Tear.

(( Destroyer ))

Hellish Chain: This ability allows Dredgen to throw out a chain of burning Darkness energy towards a target, which then burns them over time. When hit, a target will automatically be weighed down, and their speed would be reduced. Dredgen can either pull a target towards him or pull himself towards the target. This can also be used for mobility.

Seismic Implosion: When this ability is activated, Yor is surrounded by Darkness, obliterating almost anything near him. This whirlwind of Darkness causes immense amounts of damage to anything caught within it. While active, bolts of Darkness strike at any unfortunate enough to be standing around it, and the attack is so powerful that the ground around Yor shakes, and usually shatters.

Self-Harm: Yor can cause someone who lacks willpower to succumb to the Darkness. This briefly increases their overall capabilities and causes them to seek to destroy anyone and anything around them, unless given specific instructions on what to do. This increase in strength causes the target's body and mind to degrade over time, as the power of the Darkness becomes too much. This does not work on stronger willed targets, in which case, Taking is recommended.

(( Ripper ))

Distort: Anyone hit by this will have their relative gravity increased to the point of where they are immediately slowed down. They are also able to be dragged to a certain point as if gravity was forcing them somewhere like a tractor beam.

Singularity: This ability creates a powerful black hole that sucks in anything that isn't significantly faster than light. Dredgen can create two Singularities at once, and can even make them invisible if desired. All matter these black holes absorb will be promptly spat out when they expire. Leaving it so that one can survive if they can handle the incredibly immense gravity.

Warp: Dredgen can create a rift in space-time to achieve various affects. He can use it to absorb all incoming attacks, so as to avoid damage, of which he can also detonate to reflect the damage back to the attacker. He can also use them as a means of transportation across large distances that his Blink cannot reach.

|| History ||

A long time ago, when Guardians had first began, several had gone to aid and protect humanity, so that they could sleep well, and survive the long night. Of these Guardians, one of many stood out, a Hunter, who went by a name that is lost to history. This Hunter was noble, and regarded as a great man, beloved by all, in that he had brought hope to all that had seen him. A champion of the Crucible, and a great Hunter in and of itself.

He wielded a unique firearm, created by himself. A Hand Cannon known simply as "Rose". With this Hand Cannon, the Hunter paved a way for the greatness of all. He was viewed as a beacon of hope, but was still a man. For, if one man could stand against the night, then so too could anyone.

However, everything had changed when the Hunter had ventured on to the Moon, unbeknownst to the Vanguard. While on the moon, the Hunter had taken the opportunity to use the Hive magics to modify his Rose and had then returned to Earth, afterwards.

While he didn't feel the effects immediately, the Hunter soon knew that the modified Hand Cannon was corrupting him, but by then, it was already too late, his pride making it even easier for the Darkness to consume him. On the last day before the corruption completely set in, the Hunter had sat and watched the sunset. His final thoughts were pure of mind, if not body, and held on to a fleeting hope that people would remember him as he had been before. When the sun finally set, and dusk became night, the Hunter's transformation had become complete, and Dredgen Yor was born.

Dredgen had gone on a killing spree afterwards, transformed in body and mind by the Darkness. He had then seen the true nature of his Rose. Not blooming as a rose, but protruding Thorns out of anger. Dredgen had killed several innocents, mostly those who lived outside of the City's walls. He had begun to hunger for the Light of others, exhibiting the Sword Logic trait that was common among Hive.

Dredgen had ended up killing the Hunter, Pahanin, to sate his hunger, and later killed the Titan, Thalor, who remained undefeated in the Crucible, until one match where he had been killed by Dredgen's Thorn, and his consumption of Thalor's Light prevented his Ghost from resurrecting him. Dredgen's actions would've resulted in him parting ways with his Ghost, whom he considered his last true friend, after a long debate where his Ghost attempted to get him to see the error of his ways.

The Last Word
Dredgen ended up destroying a settlement that resided outside of the City known as Palamon, and had killed its protector, the Hunter known as Jarden Ward, owner of a similarly legendary Hand Cannon known as the Last Word. Dredgen had killed Jarden, but left Jarden's Ghost and Hand Cannon to Jarden's adoptive son, Shin Malphur, who had served as an apprentice and renegade Hunter. Dredgen had left these to Shin in order to tempt the latter into being corrupted by the Darkness.

Dradgen had continued his killing spree, until a final fateful showdown at the Dwindler's Ridge against the man he had decided to spare, Shin. However, Dredgen had not attempted to kill Shin, merely, he had taunted the male, until the latter had decided to fire upon him, killing Dredgen. Shin had left Dredgen's corpse with the Last Words, "Yours... Not mine..." And Dredgen was remember as the most despised Guardian of all time...

Stolen Will
However, the Darkness works in strange an mysterious ways, and does not follow the natural laws of the world. Whatever reason it had decided to do so is unknown, however, the Darkness' power had once again surged through Dredgen Yor, and had brought the Hunter back from the dead, recreating him once again, but in the image of the Taken.

The now Taken Hunter had been given new, more powerful abilities than before and was given the task to enact the Darkness' will. Whatever shell of the man Dredgen Yor once was had been completely erased, the only thing being left was the desire to kill and destroy...

When the Hunter looked into the Abyss, the Abyss stared back, and when he blinked, he fell. And out of the Abyss came something else... Something that could no longer be defined as anything but a monster... All who knew of it can only seem to remember what came out of the Abyss, and have forgotten what went in... However, at this point, it doesn't matter...

Dredgen Yor, "The Eternal Abyss"... A once good Guardian turned to the Darkness. Showing that even the greatest of men can be tempted...

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”Now I finally understand...All this has been leading up to one thing...I don’t know what that one thing is, but I’ve been molded by my journey. The memories of two people, I’ll use both to surpass my limits and defend Norad!”

II Name II
Christian “Kochiya” Selphia (Current Name)

II Other Names II
Christian “Selphia” Adams (Zone Cop Database)
Christian Selphia (Noradic Birthname)
Christian Kochiya (Gensokyo Birthname)
Christian Adams (G.U.N. Database)

II Associated Titles II
King of Dragons (Title)(Applies to Mobian and Noradic Dragons)
The Light Drake/Drake of Light (Conferred due to revival by Ugin)
Demi-Native of Wind (Title)
Son of Ventuswill (Title)
The Professor (PCN Nickname)
Professor Selphia(PhD in Archeology)
The Shrine Maiden’s Son (Title)
Planeswalker(Post Spark Igniting)

II Arcana II
The Star

II Alignment II
Social Good

II Species II
Pureblooded Hybridic Elder Dragon(General)
Native/Duel Dragon Hybrid(Specific)(Current Canon)
Dragon/Human Hybrid (Original Genetic Make up)(Pre-Super Genesis Wave)
Pureblooded Gensokyo Human(Via memories of counterpart)

II Gender II

42(Pre-Noradic Time Skip)
47(Post Time Skip)
25(Physical age)
1042-47? (Presumed Full Age)

II Date of Birth II
September 5th, Noradic Calendar Year Unknown

II Height II
{Humanoid Form}
5’ 10-11”
{Dragon Form}
35-55’ (Base)
Medium Mountian+ (Shooting Quasar)
If I got the size wrong for second, I’ll fix later

II Weight II
{Humanoid Form}
156 Pounds
{Dragon Form}
15,600 Pounds

II Appearance II
{Shared between humanoid forms}
Despite Ventuswill’s Loli genes, Chris stands about average height, well built for a king in his late 40’s. He’s built for speed, lean, his wings hidden behind his back most of the time. Generally he’s well kept, his eyes tend to flicker between green and gold, depending on circumstances. A black trenchcoat, magically enhanced to allow him to store items in subspace pockets, generally used as a disguise.

{Standard form}
Hair a dark green, Chris’s eyes are much duller green in this form, generally he’s seen in professor’s suit, usually tan or dark blue, even black. Sometimes he wears cargo shorts and a t-shirt, two holsters carry his twin Rune Guns, designed for ease of combat.
[Introduced during Death Egg Arc]

{Battle Form}
Activated by drawing Rune Force from its scabbard, Chris’s hair turns a dull red, his eyes turning a bright green, a result of the magic flowing from his sword, and through his Rune circuits. His entire uniform changes, becoming much more swordman like, though the top differs, generally some form of leather covers his chest, exposing some parts of his front and back. Rune Force appears in a pair of scabbards on his back, hip holsters carry his Rune Pistols. Black pants of an unknown material, along with boots are his primary covering for his lower body. He also has been known to wear a Trench Coat on occasion.

{Demi-Dragonoid form}
Triggered by a partial activation of Chris’s Dragon Stone, Chris’s hair turns white, parts of his body becoming dragon like, namely taloned feet, hands, scales visible on his neck, cheeks, and lower arms. Generally seen wearing his battlecloak, to avoid scaring people.

{Skinned Form}
If enough damage is dealt to Chris, of fire or Chaos attribute, Chris’s skin peels away, to reveal a much more reptilian like appearance. In this form, Chris’s eyes are yellow, his wings thin and membranous, like a bats. His hair remains white, canines are longer, he tends to appear slightly hunched over. This is also briefly seen before transforming fully into Stardust Dragon.
[Introduced during Death Egg Arc, though only seen briefly]

{Quasar Chris}
A humanoid type transformation, Chris becomes cloaked in green energy, remaining in his battle form, usually triggered by exposure to extreme rage or anger, such as seen when on the Death Egg. He doesn’t have any wings in this form, instead focusing on speedy attacks, powered by his magic. Where his Rune Supply Lines are active, energy leaks to the surface of his skin, forming geometric patterns.
[Introduced during Death Egg Arc]

{Stardust Dragon ((And other associated Dragon forms))}
Triggered by a full activation of his Dragon Stone, Chris’s body elongates, becoming much more muscular, before turning into Stardust Dragon, his wings growing to the proper ratios. Additional forms are triggered by further usage of a Dragon Stone.
[Stardust Dragon intial Dragon Form, Majestic Star unlocked during Storm Generator Mini-Arc, Shooting Quasar during Death Egg MKIX Arc, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode created after Code Black Arc]

{Assault Mode: Humanoid Form}
Activated via dual wielding Rune Force, or by the associated command spell, Assault Form appears to be silvery colored armor, covering critical parts of his body. See the card art for Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, in pictures attached.
[Unlocked after Code Black Arc]

{Quasar Chris EX}
Via combining the power of Quasar Chris with a sufficient power source, Chris gains the traits of his counterpart, permitting speeds up to 10% the speed of light, his durability and striking power rising in accordance, mountain+ durability, and Large Nation+ Striking Power. Chris must have a sufficient source of rage to trigger the transformation, as well as the willpower to maintain the form, generally, he can only hold the form for about a minute before mental stress forces him out of it.
[Not yet displayed]

II Relationships II
{To go a different route, I’m sorting the relationships}
[Selphia Clan: At Time of War]
-Tempterious Selphia (Ancestor)
-Luciela Sourcream (Presumed Grandmother?)
-Ciel Sourcream (Presumed Grandfather?)
-Ventuswill Selphia (Biological Mother)(Noradic Chris)
-Invidia Drakos (Elder Sister, eight years difference)
-Hellige Drakos (Young Sister, eight years difference)
-Siga Selphia (Presumed Cousin, parents unknown)

[Kochiya Family: Gained through Gensokyo’s self’s memories]
-Kanako Yasake (Grandmother)
-Suwako Moriya (Grandmother)
-Sanae Kochiya (Biological Mother)(Gensokyo Chris)

[Drakos Clan: Time of War]
-Cordelia Drakos (Great-Grandmother)(Deceased)
-Project Genesis and Project Eclipse (Great-Aunt/Uncle)
-??? And ??? Drakos (Grandparents)(Status unknown)
-Lily Drakos (Aunt)
-Mavros Drakos (Father)

[Adoptive Family(Adams): Post Arrival]

[Miku Clan(Children by/with Zatsune)]
-Zatsune Miku (First Wife)(KIA, revived)(Former Wife)
-Eirene Selphia (Firstborn)(Reploid Body)
-Kiku J. Selphia (Daughter, unknown)
-Elpis Selphia (First Son, deceased)
-Ren and Lin Selphia (Twins)(Alive)
-Alexander Selphia (Son)(Alive)
-Galaco G. Selphia (Adopted Daughter)
-Bloodstone Selphia(PCN Series)
-Solaris Selphia (PCN Series)

[Brown Kids(Zatsune Alter ego)]
-Julie Brown (Alter Ego of Zatsune)(KIA)
-Melody Selphia (Daughter)
-Zachery Selphia (Son)
-Nono Selphia (Adopted daughter)

[Selphia Clan: Adopted/Additions]
-Nowi (Aunt)
-Noel Selphia (Aunt)
-Makoto Naegi(Adopted Brother)
-Junko Enoshima(Adopted Sister)(Arcadium Variant)
-Garnet Rose(Adopted Brother)(Has Venti Genes)
-Chihiro Fujisaki(Adopted Sister)
-Konno Yuuki (Adopted Sister)
-Liesotte Sherlock (Adopted Sister)
-Iris (Adopted Reploid Sister)
-Zero (Adopted Son)

[Dark Dragon Clan]
-Umi Dragoon/Selphia (Temporary Mate)(Status Unknown)
-Gerald Dragoon (Bastard Son)

[Dragoon Project(People connected to Hope)]
-”One” Dragoon (Ancestor)(Unknown)
-Thirteen “Ruby” Dragoon (Dimensional Mother)(Neutral)
-Fourteen “Hope” Dragoon (Love Interest)(Revived)

[Robotnik Clan]
-Julian Robotnik (Dimensional Father)(Nemesis)(Alive)
-Junko Enoshima Robotnik (Dimensional Sister)

[Family With Hope]
-Hope Selphia (Second/Third Wife)(Seperated)
-Serene Selphia (PCN Reploid, built after Hope’s Death)
-Nekomi Selphia (Same as Serene but X-Series)
-Alina Selphia (Infinity Series, completed during the Gensokyo Incident)
-Yilvoxe Selphia (Daughter)(Eggman Bad Future Variant 1)
-Rook Selphia (Daughter)(Eggman Bad Future Variant 2)
-Ineth Selphia (Son)(Eldrazi Bad Future)

_[Family with Elizaveta]
-Eliza Lockeheart(Third/Fourth Wife)(Married)
-Kori Selphia (Four Year Old Daughter)
-”Rascal” Selphia(Adopted Dragon son)

[PCN Basic Series]
Not already named
-Govad/Haize Selphia (6th PCN, KIA)(Revived as a Runemon)
-Gaia Selphia (7th)(Engaged to Zachery)
-Chronium Selphia(8th, Status unknown)

[PCN-X Generation]
-Orion Selphia (Gundam Reploid)
-Ryukyu Selphia (Mermaid Reploid)
-Cross Selphia (Living Weapon)

[Infinity Series]
-Excelius Selphia (Earth Master Reploid)
-Dealisous Selphia (Water Master Reploid)
-Flannel Selphia (Fire Master Reploid)
-Alina Selphia (Wind Master Reploid)

[Former Harem]
-HMRSN-01 Rose Churchhill (Royal Guard)(MIA)
-Alpha-01 (Yandere Android)
-Watsuniki no Yorihime (Lunarian Princess)
-Junko Enoshima (Arcadium Variant)

[Priest(ess) Hood]
-Kaida Akiato (Chief Priestess)

[Special Allies]
-Oriana Drakos (Number Card Manifested)(Goddess of Time)
-Nikki Bucharest (Former Student)(MIA)(Prisoner in Sechs Empire)
-Rudolf (Wolfman)(Teammate)
-Cassendra Selphia (Sword Manifested)
-Dracomon (Digimon)
-Lyndis (Rival)
-Ugin, the Spirit Dragon (Planeswalker Elder Dragon)
-Jace Beleren (Mind Mage Planswalker)

[Dimesional Counterparts]
-Hope Dragoon/Selphia (“New” Mobius)
-Kristen Selphia (GB!Norad+)
-Professor Zelphia (No Zone Noradic Branch)
-Zope? (Theorized No Zone Mobius Branch)
-Kasai Selphia (Unknown variant of Norad)
-Kasai Sechs (Unknown Variant of Norad)
- ??? Kochiya (Gensokyo+)

[List of Wives]
-Zatsune Miku/Julie Brown (First Wife)(Defunct)
-Umi Dragoon (Second Wife)(MIA)
-Hope Selphia (Third Wife)(Fate Unknown)
-Allison "Elizaveta" Selphia (Wife)

-Spagonia University (Professor of Archeology)(Former)
-Guardian Units of Nations (Archelogist)(Defunct)
-Temple of Glory (Prime Minister)(Current)
-House Ventuswill (Head)(Current)
-Planet Norad (Emperor)(Current)
-Noradic Dragonic Empire (Leader)(Current)
-Eggman Empire (Mecha Chris)(Defunct)
-Noradic Galactic Empire(Emperor)(Projected Future)

[Known Enemies]
-Doctor Julian J. Robotnik (“New” Mobius Variant)(Deceased)
-Nerie Tranhir (Sechs Empress)
-Kasai Sechs (Genderbend Anti)
-Juliette Robotnik (NEGA)(Rival)

-Jeanne D’Arc (Ruler Class)
-Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer Class)(Soon to be revived)

[Other Family]
-Alice Glory (Aunt)
-Thorndike Kardia (Mate to Yilvoxe)

-Izik Kardia (Grandson)
-Illia Selphia (Granddaughter)


II Personality II
Chris is a generally cheerful, kind hearted young male, always desiring to help those around him, even innocent at times. He believes that anyone can become his friend, or at least an ally, thus he does everything in his power to befriend people. He only becomes rude to those who spurn his attempts to welcome, friendship is one thing, a simple greeting is another.

However, this acts as a facade, to hide a slightly more unstable dragon, traumatized by his sister Invidia’s death. He’s afraid of losing everyone, and thus is constantly growing, trying to protect everyone. Each death weighs heavily upon him. He also has an intense hatred for Julian, a result of Hope’s demise on the Death Egg. His several own deaths have also contributed to his current mentality.

Chris is prone to make puns and jokes, his innocence tending to attract females, as well as his gentlemanly nature, that of being kind to everyone, especially the opposite sex. Only those who he’s truly loved have seen the vulnerable part of him, such as Hope and Miku.

Rarely open about his true state of mind or feelings, Hope is perhaps the sole person to have seen almost sides of Chris, as Miku died prior to Chris becoming unstable.

Following Hope’s departure, Chris fell into a state of depression, becoming far, far more unstable than previously. A darker side of him has been confirmed to exist, a result of his death at Julian’s hands, and Hope deserting him, as shown by his casual authorizing Julian’s death by Excelius hands. Meeting Elizaveta has begun to help him recover from his sorrow regarding Hope…

Post his spark triggering, and gaining the memories of his counterpart from Gensokyo, Chris has become a much more reserved person, focused on winning each fight he enters for the sake of the ones he’s lost. If anything, his love for his family has only grown.

Following the time skip, Chris has clearly matured, his hotheadedness fading, despite his seemingly utter calm at almost all times, there is a streak of the anger fielded against Julian. Chris is also hesitant to go all out in battle, preferring to save his abilities as a Planeswalker for more Universal Threats. And those he truly deems a threat...have seen the full power of his wrath.

II Gear II
Rune Force:
”The signature swords of the Dragon King, forged in the dragon’s fire, born of my desire to avenge my people!”
A pair of arcane forged blades, they take the appearance of a long sword and a broad sword. Chris forged these by himself in Norad, no other copies are known to exist in this corner of the universe, as only Chris knows how to make them. The blades glow a light cyan, changing in intensity based on Chris’s current willpower, changing color when spells are cast, corresponding to the element. Resources used in forging: Dragon Stones, Rune Crystals, an unknown material for the scabbards. Generally seen on Chris’s back. Signature Skill granted: Saber A modifier is added to indicate which variant is in use. Chris can summon the blades to him via Rune Gates, as long as he knows where they are roughly, or is able to use magic. Following the Code Black Arc, the blades gained sentience, forming Cassendra.

Rune Force: High Frequency:
”With even more power, blaze forth in glory!”
An enhancement done to Rune Force by Blade Wolf, the blades can change forms, producing high frequency vibrations, capable of disrupting molecular bonds, causing great damage to normally impossible to destroy materials. The amount of damage varies on the strength put into the strike.

Rune Force: Blessed Mode:
Blessed by the goddesses of the Moriya Shrine, with the power to cleave evil.”
At some point, Chris had Rune Force blessed by his supposed grandmothers, making Rune Force truly a sacred weapon. Wielding it with their blessing, the blade now does increased damage to dark or unholy opponents.

Rune Guns:
”Fighting side by side with Remnant’s Hunters, awakening the fire within.”
A pair of arcane forged guns, they resemble portable rail guns, and are powered by Dust Capsules, or Rune Magic as needed. In the bad future, Yilvoxe is seen carrying slightly modified variants, presumably her making changes to fit her fighting style. It is unknown what they are forged from, generally seen at Chris’s side.

Ventuswill’s Charm:
”Lend me your power, Ventuswill!”
A magical artifact given to Chris by his mother, by uttering a command spell, Chris can tap into the nearest Native Dragon Class’s supplyline of Rune Magic, using it for himself, like the protagonist in Rune Factory 4. It can also be used to track anyone else wearing the pendant, like Hope, Chris’s wife.

Rune Coat:
”Infinite Storage, I just can’t store people.”
A magically enhanced trenchcoat, the pockets are enchanted to allow him easy access to his dimensional pocket, without it looking weird. Also designed to reduce fire and ice damage.

False Rune Spheres:
”Fire and Wind, all I had beginning, and what will bring me home, through the flames I go!”
Weaker versions of the original Rune Spheres, Chris owns two, Fire and Wind, increasing his mastery over the corresponding elements. When using one, they generally appear in his hand, or fuse with Rune Force temporarily.

True Rune Spheres:
”The first Rune Spheres, forged to save Ventuswill.”
The Original Rune Spheres of Rune Factory 4, or at least made by the same people who made the first set, Chris has the Rune Spheres of Fire, Earth, and Water, bolstering his spell usage immensely.

Rune Sphere of Autumn:
”Holy Earth.”
The Rune Sphere associated with autumn, permitting Chris to manipulate earth better than when he first started, it also acts as a power reserve if Chris’s own magical factories fail him.

Rune Sphere of Summer:
”Holy Fire.”
Associated with Summer, this Sphere permits Chris to boost the effectiveness of his already high level fire spells, increasing the rate at which Adaption picks up new fire associated skills. Like Autumn, it becomes a power reserve.

Rune Sphere of Winter:
”Holy Water.”
Associated with Winter, this Rune Sphere is the initial source of Chris’s water magic, aside from the power given to him via Dakota’s pendant. Acting as a backup source of power, Chris can also use all three spheres in conjunction with Quasar Chris to trigger Quasar Chris EX.

Assault Mode(Humanoid):
”Power ascending, Assault Mode, come forth and activate!”
Powerful Magical Armor fashioned using information taken from the battle with Julian’s Code Black Mech, Assault Mode resembles its Card counterpart almost perfectly, though armor for Chris’s wings have yet to be glimpsed. When Assault Mode is equipped, Chris’s magical prowess increases immensely, allowing him to absorb enemy energy attacks, and channel them into the cells in his body, converting to Rune Essence. Physical Strength and Durablity also go significantly up, speed drops, to account for the weight. One of the drawbacks is its insane amount of energy consumption, Chris has to constantly feed the armor energy from his body, to keep it going, it’s also surprisingly easy to tear off the armor if one have the required strength. There’s also the upper limit to its energy rate it can take in, too much can over power the armor if it can’t be output fast enough. Activated by Chris drawing Rune Force’s second blade, and yelling the phrase “Assault Mode, activate!”

Assault Mode(EX):
”Kicking it into overdrive!”
Created by a resident of Genysoko, this form of Assault is also called the Iron Dragoon, this armor retains most of its previous form boosts, but has several advantages over the prior form. Chris isn’t slowed down by the armor, he can take in twice the amount of energy maximum at a given time, and he can use it for longer, as his base mana pool is much greater, his supply lines pumping much faster. However, this armor can take a massive toll on Chris, leaving him virtually defenseless after use, it also retains the ripping off weakpoint. He uses this as a last resort.

Dakota’s Pendant:
”Life, even in the sea’s embrace, fights on.”
Given to him by the Native Dragon known as Dakota, Dakota’s Charm/Pendant grants Chris water breathing, and an upgraded form of Mediposion, along with Delta Laser, a three way water attack like hydro pump. Combined with Venti’s Charm, Chris presumably can eventually unleash powerful combos with Native Dragon magic.

”Oooh shiny.”
Given to him by Levant, this Dark Bring allows Chris to turn himself into solid metal, permitting him to move around much like Neo Metal Sonic. However, the weaknesses of metal manipulation makes it only a tool in his tool kit, never used, but there just as a last resort.

Rune Canisters:
”If G.U.N. can do it, so can I!”
Modeled after Chaos Drives and Zero/X’s Subtanks, Rune Canisters are portable tanks filled with Rune Essence drawn from one of the four Rune Wells around the globe. Chris is generally only able to carry two, but just one is equal to around 4,000 units of mana, about half of Chris’s starting supply.

Dragon Stone:
”Passed down from father to son, stretching back into the mists of ages gone, the source of our power!”
Similar to the Dragon Stones of Fire Emblem, Chris can use one to ascend into one of his numerous dragon forms. Regardless of the form used, Chris can only hold each form for a duration, due to energy constraints. Obtainable Forms: Stardust Xialong, Debris Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Stardust Spark Dragon{Alternative form of Stardust}, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, Majestic Star Dragon, Shooting Star Dragon Locked, Shooting Quasar Locked. Significant drawbacks: Energy consumption rates, anti-dragon weaponry, lightning magic, arrows. Notable Abilities: Except for the first two, all have a form of Stardust Stream of Destruction, a dragon element attack, similar to Dragon Pulse{Pokemon}, each successive form is stronger than the last.

Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon:
”The curse of House Drakos, the power which brought ruin...and will now bring hope!”
The bound form of Oriana Drakos, the Tachyon Lady. As long as Chris carries the card on him, he can use her powers, at the cost of feeding her his negative emotions. Granted Abilities: Tachyon Drive{Nullifies enemy magic currently affecting user}, Tachyon Transmigration{A beam or sphere of Tachyon Particles, beam comes from users hand, sphere is similar to Chaos Blast, moves FTL, if an opponent is hit, suppresses all magical or supernatural ability, From Tempo next bit Prevents Stand Users from summoning Stands, cannot effect a Stand already out.}, Temporal Halt{Temporarily stop time within a given area for ten seconds, requires energy be left in Oriana}, Temporal Rewind{Turn time back a minute, further use increases duration -Locked}. Significant drawbacks: Cannot affect Stands, can only use two abilities per day, Chris’s own nature. Called the Selphia Family Curse, received the card from his father, the former Dark Lord.

Following the incident with Hope and Thorndike in his Temple, Chris achieved Oriana’s Chaos Evolution, gaining control over time

Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
”Let your chains be broken, Tachyon Dragon, and let your power blaze forth across the galaxy!”
The unbound form of Oriana’s card form, Chris has begun experimenting with time, in hopes of unlocking its secrets. Currently, he can use all the abilities from the normal version up to an extra three times, excluding future expansion, presuming he loses this drawback in the future. He is also capable of receiving a permanent speed buff, generally increasing his attack speed to twice its normal rate. Though given the card must be in its Chaos Form, and upon him, it’s more a buff that changes targets.

II Skills II
For ease of writing, I’m not going to describe every skill, simply name a category, and list unlocked abilities.
Note, I may forget skills, so just because it’s not here, doesn’t mean I don’t have it, at least in terms of moves, I will try to update as I recall

{Natural Abilities: AKA abilities since birth}
Aerokinesis: As the child of the Native Dragon of Wind, Chris is born with the power to control wind, however, his level of mastery is limited by his knowledge and mana pool. When using this power, Chris takes increased damage from ice and lightning magic, as well as rocks. Unlocked Moves: Aeroblast(Pokemon), Air Cutter(Pokemon), Ceila’s Gale(Copied Tome Spell: FE), Elwind(FE), Flight, Ground Boost, Air Boost, Speed Boost, Tempest(Limit Break type attack, summons a Tempest, go figure), Jump Cancel, Stomp
Major Notes: All abilities have a Rune Attribute, doing increased damage to Chaos Users, and the same in reverse.

Gate Formation: An ability common to all Native Dragons, Chris can project Rune Gates, rifts in the fabric of space time, allowing movement between different locations, such as the Human and Forest Realms. Chris doesn’t need to speak to summon gates, only image what he needs, can be combined with all other of his spells. A elemental modifier determines what type of attribute attacks can be launched, or the effect it has on an opponent, if scooped up by one.
Type of Gates: Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Light, Dark, Love, Heaven’s Gate{Permits non Rune Users to enter the Forest within reason}, Inversion{Takes in enemy attacks, fires them back out through the same gate, or another, lower limit if former}, Flashgate(Movement Gate)
Limitations: Chris can only use up to ten gates actively at one time, Chaos attacks can shut down the gates, anything that forces him to lose focus. He also refuses to use them to rip people apart, being honourable.
Updated: Following the return to Norad, Chris no longer has to rely on his limitations regarding the number of gates, at least on Norad. Off planet, it depends on the amount of mana he has to work with, and the type of mana.

Rune Factory: Named after his series, this is the ability that allows Chris to generate mana from the cells in his body, via taking in energy around him when in Assault Mode, or from just breathing. This ability only works when Chris has mana to draw on, as it needs mana to start the reaction. He can convert foreign types of energy into Rune Magic, another significant limitation is based on the Runes of the land, the rate he produces energy at rises and falls based on the power of the Runes. He also can’t convert Chaos Energy, his cells can’t handle the energy type.

Dragon Form: See Dragon Stone

Unarmed Combat: Chris can use his entire body as a weapon, though he prefers using his swords and guns, as compared to bare hands. Associated Skills: Any Palm type skills{Matches up to Saber and Shot skills} Limitations: Range, anything that can’t be beaten with fists.

Vocal Magic: Basically any magic that uses words that he can use on his own, without special training. Greeting spells, magic to hide his Noradic Accent, and to make people think he’s speaking their language. Charm Speak is a separate skill.

Escape: A weak teleportation spell, Chris uses this as a last resort, the only significant limitations are range, and areas that prevent escape.

Revival/Forest Regeneration: A strange form of regeneration granted by the mingling of Native Dragon, and Duel Dragon DNA, upon taking enough damage, Chris shatters, going to the Forest of Beginnings, to recover for a set period of time, maximum time is a week. Limitations are if he’s defeated in the forest, or someone grabs his soul fragments before he can escape. Then others have to revive him, but after a set time normally, he will be able to return on his own. He also cannot use this ability when Robotized.
    Note: If Chris is defeated by a non-Rune Weapon, he can return on his own, but generally, he has to rely on his allies to bring him back. Also, if a buff is applied via MtG spells, these will be reset upon death, unless otherwise stated.

DragonKinesis: The power to control the dragonic element, to date, Chris can infuse all of his attacks with dragonic elements, as long as they match the requirements. Skills: Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance(Attack and Speed Buff), Dragon Tail(In Dragon Forme), Dragonic Ascent(See Dragon Stone), Dragon Breath(Elemental Modifier depends on current attribute and form)

Semblance: A natural ability Chris comes with, using aura to charge up an aura version of the Meteor Rain spell. Unlocked with Garnet’s help, requires mana to use.

TerraKinesis:Initially granted via the Rune Sphere associated with Earth, it was revealed that Chris can use earth magic naturally, as a descendant of Suwako. With his research, he’s learned a few decent spells. Skills: Earthen Spikes(RF Skill, summons spikes of rocks from the ground), Dig , Earthquake, Earth Pulse

~To be added to as I recall~

{Artificial Abilities: AKA Powers not started with that he can use whenever}

UmbraKinesis: Resulting from exposure to Shadowloids, Chris has a few basic skills related to shadows, namely illusions. Light is the biggest drawback. Skills: Illusion, Dark Pulse(Pokemon), Night Slash(Pokemon), Night Daze(Pokemon)

Astra: A sword skill Chris picked up via the Sword Master Class, Chris can use this ability as long as he carries a bladed weapon of some sort on him, as well as certain types of ranged weapons. Five patterned strike, deals reduced damage, unless triggered manually.

Charmspeak: Copied from repeated exposure to Julian and Hope, Chris has the ability to infuse his words with magic, to sway the minds of those around him to a certain state. Those with decent mental defenses are going to be immune, or at least hold out longer. Useless if a person knows he’s trying to sway them with magic.
    Note: If Chris wants to, he could use mind magic to brute force access to a person’s mind, but his nature and code of honor prevents him from doing so.

Love Magic: Rune Magic School that focuses on healing magic, though some buffs can be gained via this class. Skills: Recover(Pokemon), Heal, Heal All(Effects all party members), Charmspeak(See entry), Greeting Magic(Like Charmspeak).

HydroKinesis: Gained from Dakota’s Charm, Chris has begun to learn how to control water, primarily to breath under water, and walk upon it. Originally, he had one spell from this class, to heal status conditions. Skills: Mediposion(Cures all status ailments, except when suppressed), Delta Laser(Three beams of water, think Fire Blast), Surf{For walking on water}, Hydro Pump Locked, Dive, Water Breathing, Hurricane(Water Form of Tempest)

FireKinesis: The first new class of Rune Magic Chris gained, Chris controls flames, this is considered to be his strongest magical class, after Air. He can set targets alight via Fire Rune Gates, combined with other schools, unleash devastating combos. Skills: Attack Buff, Flame Wheel, Fire Blast, Flame Thrower, Fire Storm(Fire Form of Tempest), Tri-Attack(Combined with Thunder Magic and Ice Magic locked), Fire Pulse(Copied from Hope, Fire form of Aeroblast), Ember, Fire Fist, Flame whip(Copied from Okuu) Limitations: Needs fuel source, water, air.

Meteor: A unique class of spells, Chris can change the element of the attack by firing it through the corresponding gate, or forming it before hand. Skills: Ice Meteor, Fire Meteor, Light Meteor, Shadow Meteor, Rock Meteor, Thunder Meteor, Air Meteor, Love Meteor, Meteor Rain. Generally just him shooting meteors out of Rune Gates.

LightKinesis: The 5th type of Rune Magic, Chris has a few spells in his arsenal of this type, one granted through contact with Light Gaia briefly. Skills: Flash(Pokemon), Genesis(Revival Spell, deals AoE Holy Damage to enemies, while reviving those knocked out, or recently killed, requires a limit break), Light Pulse, Light Blast, Light Tackle.

ThunderKinesis: Derived from Fire and Air Magic, easy to explain, just Thunder Magic. Skills: Thunder, Tempest(Air + Thunder), Thunderbolt, Spark, Shock, Elthunder, Wild Charge.

MetalKinesis: Derived from Fire and Earth Magic, it allows Chris to cast certain spells, this is a fledging area, as Chris has barely begun to test what he can do. Skills: Metal Claw(Pokemon, has a chance of raising attack power),

~To be expanded upon as buffs happen~

~{Skills/Abilities granted via Gear}~

Saber: The signature ability granted by Rune Force, the attack takes the form of an arc of crescent shaped magic, presumably copied from Zero. The blades change color based on selected Saber skill. As a general rule of thumb, Chris gains new Saber Skills as he learns new elements, or copies other opponents. Current Saber Skills: Flame, Aero, Ice, Aqua, Thunder, Light, Genesis(Pulse form of normal Genesis), Blood(Increases Critical hit chance and damage), Shadow, Dragon, Rock, Love.

Shot: Granted via his Rune Pistols, the guns can also shoot Dust Capsules, the bullets change color based on element. See Saber for skills. If he’s using Dust, once he runs out, that’s it basically.

Tachyon Associated Skills: Magical and Supernatural nullification, generally permanent unless a potion is drunk, a spell is cast, or one sleeps. FTL Rates, limited to a use twice per day. From Oriana

Time Manipulation: Granted via Tachyon Magic, Chris can only use this with Oriana, once their bond grows strong enough. Time Stop, Time Reversal, see Tachyon Dragon for further details

Native Boost: Using Venti’s charm, Chris can channel the power of the nearest Native Dragon class entity, and use it to boost his own skills to impressive levels. Limited duration and amount of energy used at a given time.

~Will Expand upon as needed~

{Skills that require combined Abilities}

Tachyon Spark: A combo move used by Chris and Marisa at one point, deals damage and nullifies abilities.

Gate of Norad(Vault Release): Copied from Chris studying Makoto and Gilgamesh’s abilities, Chris gained the ability to rapid fire swords from his signature Rune Gates. These blades come from factories in the Heartlands, so he’s constantly increasing his supply, generally iron or steel. If the skill is being activated, ripples like Gilgamesh’s appear, Chris can also use this to summon his weapons back to his side if need be. Extensive Mana drain.

Gate of the Forest(Runemon Creation): Using his research via studying Ugin’s Dragon Tempests, Chris gained the ability to summon, and even create Runemons from Rune Gates. While still experimenting with the gates, he can summon most Runemons with relative ease. In essence, he’s converting energy to matter, his mana is drained each time a gate is opened, if set up right, a gate can create runemons on their own.

Dragonic Rush(MtG Combo): Via the use of a blue and red pair of abilities, Chris can take control of enemy minions for a short amount of time, the number of minions and time depends on energy reverses. With this, he can then convert all minions under his control, or as much as he has mana for, into fully powered adult dragons, generally fire drakes ranging from 30-40 feet in length. He will use this if the odds are against him, or he just needs more fire power.
(In short, the creature Mindrender + the Spell Card Descent of Dragons)

Note, this is compiled from existing notes, and my own recollections of rps done, so if anything seems out of order, or missing, that’s why. Faulty Memory, I do skip over some people, because of how I’m trying to focus on major conflicts or events

The following data file contains heavily restricted information, read at your own risk.

Accessing Data File…

...File Found, uploading data

Christian “Kochiya” Selphia, or Chris Selphia, is the current reigning monarch of the Noradic World Empire, as well as the founder of the Heartlands. Known for numerous battles against the Eggman Empire, controlled by Doctor Julian James Robotnik, he is viewed as a symbol of hope by his people, and those of other worlds, due to his efforts to combat Robotnik, as well as other villians, and thus protect innocent lives. Referred to as the King of Dragons, he may very well be one of the most well known Native Dragon heirs, alongside that of Thorndike, son of Terrable.

Born to Ventuswill, the Divine Wind of Norad, and Mavros Drakos, the previous Dragon King, Christian was the middle of three children, born 8 years prior to the outbreak of the Dragonic Civil War. Born during a time of peace and prosperity, he was from a young age, trained in both the fine arts and the art of combat, showing more affinity for the former, despite his exploits later in life. Alas, at the age of 8, his world was shattered, when forces under his father rebelled against Ventuswill, resulting in a struggle that while lasting only two years, would shape the future of Norad for centuries to come. Witnessing the death of his elder sister at the hands of his own father, Chris fell through a presumed rift in the fabric of reality, located at the time atop Norad Castle. Assumed dead by those present, it would later be revealed, nearly ten centuries later, that he had not lived, but been flung across time and space itself, to be dropped down in the sleepy university town known as Spagonia, located in the “New” Mobius Zone. This also resulted in minor memory loss, triggered by trauma caused by his sister’s murder.

Based on existing records, he was taken in by a human family within a month of arriving on Mobius, roughly mid to late November of that year, to be exact. From ages 10 to 18, he attended a private institution in Spagonia, before going off to Spagonia University. During this time frame, the events of Shattered Mobius occurred, leaving him crippled, as his legs were heavily damaged during the initial earthquake that took place minutes after Julian fired on the world. Or after he caused the Super Genesis Wave to malfunction when Super Sonic tried to fix things, either can be applied. Regardless, he was left crippled, wheelchair bound from ages 18-25, the first four years were spent at Spagonia University studying for a Major in Archeology, and a Minor in Mobian History. Snapped up by G.U.N. before he even left university, he was able to visit several digsites, and shortly before his 25th birthday...discovered the first clue to his heritage.

What followed then could only be described as a whirlwind of events, as his exposure to a Rune Sphere dug up in the Amazon restored not just his memories of the current timeline, but some of the past timeline, erased when the RETRO malfunctioned. Burdened with confusion, he left the Sphere behind, returning to Spagonia briefly, before flying to the Dragon Kingdom, the then location of the Temple of Glory. Arriving there, he managed to obtained the Rune Sphere held there by Alice, regaining yet more memories, eventually forgetting the old timeline. Shortly thereafter, he took up proper residence at the temple, meeting the Shadowloid Zatsune Miku, who became his caretaker after a meeting in the garden. They were wed the month after his 25th birthday, Chris himself regaining his legs via a wish to help as an engineer at the Temple. At some point, presumably as result of Junko’s erasure years later, he ended up being the one to fix Zero, overseeing his later placement in stasis in an old lab.

Shortly before formally severing ties with G.U.N., Chris traveled to Soleanna and Station Square, retrieving the Rune Spheres from Elise and a contact in G.U.N., respectively. Returning to the Temple, he did attempt to retrieve a Rune Sphere from the empire, but eventually failed. Briefly traveling to Camelot for an unspecified reason, he later returned, not speaking of his journey there. At some point, work on a Knightmare for Chris began, though its current status in lore is unknown. He also began to aid in the war against Julian, until a 15 year truce came into play First Timeskip.

Over the course of the 15 years of fragile peace produced by the cessation of hostilities between the Temple and the Empire, Chris took back up residence in Spagonia, becoming the city’s leader at an unknown point. During the first year of his marriage to Zatsune, they lost their first child, a boy, stillborn, in grief, Chris began work on a Reploid shell for the boy’s spirit. Unable to finish, Chris left to enlist in the war in Norad, fighting on the front lines against the Sechs Empire. During the course of about three months, he served under the then unknown Nerie, prior to her betrayal during a skirmish behind Sechs lines. Taking a refugee girl under his wing, Chris was able to teach the young child a bit of swordcraft, as Rune Force was forged around this time. What went into the weapon’s creation is unknown, only what was used, not the methods. Eventually however, a chance encounter with a body of Sechs Empire forces resulted in Chris and his squad mates being ambushed by their own leader, the group taking heavy losses. His apprentice presumably killed or captured, Chris was able to retire, due to what happened in the battle, returning to Mobius, but not without meeting his mother, Ventuswill.

Once back in Spagonia, Chris and Zatsune attempted to have children, resulting in Eirene’s birth, the young Selphia managing to make it a few months, before she was revealed to be stricken with NIDS. At the time, NIDS was still uncurable, Chris being forced to put his daughter’s body into stasis, her mind still able to grow due to tech from the university. Chris eventually uploaded Eirene into the first official PCN, making her the oldest known Selphian Reploid. PCN-02-04 would follow thereafter, each part of Chris’s attempt to find a cure, deal with his grief, and counteract what later became known as the Maverick Virus. Eirene became infected, destroying Chris’s lab, fleeing into the mountains, and despite his efforts, Chris failed to find the now labelled Enyo. Rex, the second PCN, soon followed, fleeing to parts unknown. Solaris, the third, was deemed a failure, due to a lack of results in the attempts at creating a NetNavi, though this was later proven false. Elpis, the 4th, was lost in space, during a successful mission to study an asteroid, and if need be, move it away from a collision course with the planet. Chris was left slightly depressed after this, until the successful birth of his daughter Kiku, the first officially living Selphian child. The rest of the truce can’t be accurately determined, but its assumed Chris was involved in minor incidents with the Empire, when not outright focusing on Spagonia’s growth, or helping the Temple.

That all would change within a day or two of the 15th anniversary of the truce, as a lack of a certain blue blur, coupled with a growing threat of Julian, resulted in Chris taking up the sword. Finding Zero’s capsule, he was able to awaken the Legendary Reploid, installing MYTHOS into him, the two, along with occasional help from Alice, began to fight back. Most of the November of that year i.e. November of 2014 offline was spent handling minor issues, until Julian launched the Mass Robotizer, a floating fortress with the power to turn entire regions of the globe into machine based forms. The resulting sky battle displayed the first use of the Code series, and Chris’s as of then unstable true form, which resulted in Zero’s death, Julian’s defeat, and Chris himself being injured heavily. Angel Island was robotized by a physically controlled Chris, before being shot in the back by Julian, barely surviving the fall to the ocean, had it not been for Zatsune rescuing him. A few days of recovery, coupled with the arrival of one universes team RWBY, resulted in a pitched battle inside the Egg-Tower a week later, in an effort to stop Julian and Forte-Exe’s attempt to cover Mobius in eternal night. Chris succeeded in transforming into Majestic Star Dragon, destroying Julian’s Darkness Generator in the process. In the aftermath, Chris was presumed killed, only for Ruby to find him buried under rubble, via Rune Force guiding her to his impact crater. Wings torn off during the explosion that had engulfed the top of the Egg-Tower, Chris was left bedbound for a day or two, while Zero, Yang, Blake and Ruby engaged Julian on and off. However, once Ruby helped Chris recover, he took the front lines, leading a diversion, while the Maverick Hunter Iris kidnapped Julian’s daughter Junko, two days before what history would recall as...Dragonic Day.

On the eve of December 9th, with the help of both Vale’s Ozpin, and the Warp Warrior Lilith, Chris confronted Julian, demanding the device known as the RETRO in exchange for Junko’s safety. This backfired, as in a twist of circumstances, Julian turned the tables on Chris, revealing the existence of a colony of dragons, or what had been a colony of Chris’s people, underneath the Empire. Forced to listen to Julian’s graphic descriptions of what had happened down in the Dragonic Sanctuary...he gave up Junko, but not without a photograph of the only known survivor...a girl named Hope. Returning to the Temple armed with the knowledge, he then set off back to the Eggman search of the last of his people. On the tenth of December, aided by a younger version of the blue blur, Chris traveled below the Empire...and met Hope. Their first meeting went horribly wrong, as the lone surviving dragoon attacked Chris, forcing the male to use the power of Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon for the first time, knocking Hope out. Escaping to a shuttle with her, Chris fled the Empire, an ally helping take Hope to the Temple, while Chris, aided by Fox and Crystal If I recall right fought a Vile allied with Julian on the way home. Eventually making it back to the Temple, Chris made it in time to see Hope wake up after nearly 24 hours passed out. Needless to say, she was still pissed at Chris, even Makoto, Chris’s brother, was unable to get much sense out of her. Getting a sample of Hope’s blood, Chris left her with Makoto, and soon enough, Cyrus, who would later take Hope to his fortress, only to dump her later in Relic Forest.

Discovering the truth about Hope’s connection to Julian, Chris was also born a pair of twins, Lin and Ren Selphia, by Zatsune at some point. Soon after this, Alice died again, Chris becoming involved in the World Ring quest once more, only to have to find a way to stop the Dark Diva Zatsune’s alter ego. The resulting attempt to bring an end to Dark Diva was eventually successful, though the initial attempt was sabotaged by Julian, forcing Chris to team up with Hope’s father in a bid to try and save Alice. Needless to say, with Alice’s death inside the lamp, this alliance ended, Chris witnessing her revival, and the resultant temporary insanity of Julian. Shortly after, Chris fought against a massive mechanical dragon sent by Julian, the resulting battle leveling part of the Temple, though the beast soon fled. Notifying the now MYTHOS upgraded Zero of the situation, Chris learned of the derobotization of the dragon, and in the midst of attempting to find Hope, also attempted to determine the creature's location. Following a pitched battle in Soleanna against an Egg Cereberus alongside Zatsune, and the birth of his son Alexander, Chris met up with a female of his species, the hybrid Ismae Reinne, the two teaming up with Iris to brave the depths of the Dragonic Santuary, in an attempt to learn more about the dragonic hideaway. Meeting the Elder “One”, Chris learned about Julian’s involvement with the Elder Dragon and two others, and of the fate of Hope’s people. Despite the Elder’s request for Chris to bring Fourteen to him, Chris’s next encounter with Hope would set the Selphian Lord on a new course. Shortly after his run in with One, Chris was killed for the first time, dying at a revived Julian’s hand, after slaying the male. Resurrected by the efforts of Ozpin, Zatsune, and a Duel Monster known as Maiden with Eye of Blue, Chris came back with an increased drive to bring an end to Eggman’s madness.

In the aftermath of his revival, Chris discovered a secret about his sword Rune Force, that his sister, Invidia still lived, sealed in one of the Dragon Stones that made up the blade. And with the help of a goddess of crows called Morrigan, Chris was able to free his sister, being reunited with Invidia after centuries. Invidia’s involvement in the conflict with Julian, and later Hope and Junko, would play a critical part of the saga that one day would become the Heartlands, until the events regarding Junko’s erasure bugged with Invidia’s fate, leaving the female in a limbo state, to be covered later.

In Feburary of the year following, Chris finally managed to track down Hope, after nearly 50 searches of Relic Forest, capturing her with Garnet’s help. Returning her to the Temple, a brief struggle ensued, before Chris was able to contain the dragon female. A week later, when bringing Lily Henroth to give Hope a checkup, the discovery of an attempted suicide by Hope forced Chris to return to the Empire, bringing her to Julian for medical treatment. Shortly afterward, Julian was killed by Zero, leaving Chris to tend to Hope during her recovery. And as the seasons turned to spring, Hope awoke from her near comatose state, strangely becoming friends with Chris. And during the same day, was the day mating season began for their kind, resulting in a rather...unfortunate chain of events. Chris was left scarred, and was later killed by Invidia for his actions, coming back on his own shortly after his ghost appeared to a clueless Hope, triggering a very pissed off girl. After that, when Chris returned, he searched the battlefield where Hope and Invidia fought, finding only two bits of her...severed wings. Knowing she still lived, Chris stored the remainder of the winds that Invidia had cut off in the Temple, and returned to the Empire. Facing down an also revived Julian and a new mech, it was a curbstomp against Code Black, the massive mech easily defeating the still recovering, physically, magically, and emotionally dragon male. This time, revival would not be as easy, as the male was split into three pieces, one embedded in his sword, one escaping to the Forest, and another becoming trapped within the Egg-Tower, by Julian’s hands.

Thankfully, through the valiant efforts of Invidia, Zatsune, an unknown Gastly like creature, and a White Hedgehog called Shiro, Chris was freed, all three pieces of him reunited after a climactic struggle against Code Black. Returning briefly to the Temple, Chris began to recover from the events...only to come face to face with the true nature of his family curse, as empowered by the intense negative emotions felt during the Code Black Incident...Oriana Drakos, the physical form of the curse, finally manifested. From then on, Chris’s use of Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon became more common, influenced by the still dark power of Oriana. However, hope was not lost, as Rune Force itself, triggered by the porition of Chris embedded in it, briefly awoke the sentience of one of the individuals imprisoned in the blade, becoming the woman Cassendra Selphia. Acting as a counterbalance perhaps to Oriana, Chris then began to spend more time researching his people, trying to learn what had become of them. Losing contact with Ismae, as well as Umi, a dark dragoness, Chris began to resume a search for Hope. However, he wouldn’t be able to do so for long, as Julian’s mate, Vanessa,’s murder of Zatsune left Chris in a slightly unbalanced state, until he met her human counterpart, Julie Brown. Marrying her twice, once in the style of humans, and once in his own people’s style, Chris almost ended up facing down Julian, as the Doctor attempted to crash the second, only for Invidia to convince the Overlander Scientist to leave. Empowered once more, Chris began formally fighting Julian again, having taken in Galaco Selphia perhaps around this time.

Sometime later, presumably April, Chris attempted to usurp Julian’s Empire while the Doctor was again dead...Only to be ambushed by a much darker Hope. Slain by her hand, Chris returned shortly to life, beginning to prepare for the future, and other matters. During this time frame, Chris’s adventures can’t be easily charted due to admin forgetting, however, the stage was being set for a grand future, as more Selphias kept cropping up, joining Chris and his family.

And then it happened, the Heartlands was forged, land purchased by Galaco west of Spagonia upon Mobius. Traveling there shortly after receiving word, Chris began to set up what would later become a nation on par with G.U.N. and the Empire. During the course of the month, the region began to blossom, nanites aiding in the rapid construction of numerous portions of the Heartlands. Rune Reactor first began to be planned, power grids being installed across the hidden valley. However, the war with Julian came, bringing with it its fair share of chaos. Around this point in time, Junko was erased, changing certain events, Chris even being being turned into a girl, once by Iris, once by Julian. Julie’s identity as the human Zatsune was unmasked, the female’s two halves being reunited by a supposedly reformed Mavros. However, the time drew nearer to a conflict that would push Chris to near his limits...a battle that would change him forever.

As May turned to June, Chris took a short break from active combat, mostly scouting out the Empire, in hopes of predicting threats before they arose. And when Julian launched his Death Egg MKIX, an initial battle, fought on one of the orbital launch engines between Chris, Fighting Fefnir, Cyrus against the Reploid Omega, ended in a victory for both sides. A second attempt, this time taking a shuttle into orbit, resulted in a brief showdown with Stormtroopers and a female Vader, Chris, along with Makoto escaped further into the station. And there, after narrowly surviving a mini-boss Silver Sonic, the two engaged an armored Hope, Makoto and Hope dueling, Chris being forced to watch. And with Hope’s defeat and subsequent suicide after rejecting Chris’s attempt to reach out, he left Makoto by himself, storming the core of the station. Joining a Sonic and Zero for the final battle inside the station, it’s unknown who dealt the final blow, if at all to Julian. But afterward, while most got off the station, Chris remained behind, to make sure the station avoided any major population areas during reentry. Surviving impact, the station crashed down in the Karnak Mountains, causing tremors across the region, possibly beginning the countdown to the second shattering of Mobius. What happened afterward is up to debate, however, Chris did make it off in one piece, possibly with Hope’s body in tow. Whether not he buried her actual body in New Yokmir, or merely erected a memorial, is unknown. What is known that Hope’s death affected Chris deeply, in a way that would leave him a much different person than the boy who had boarded the Death Egg to save someone whom he had grown to love dearly. This was also increased by word of Zatsune being killed in Empire City by an unknown group. Afterward, Chris retreated inside his lab...beginning a new day for the Heartlands.

One week after the tragedy onboard the Death Egg, Chris came back out of his lab...but not alone, a Reploid with him. During the week he had sealed himself inside his workshop, Chris had returned to the PCNs, beginning to work on them anew. With Serene beginning testing, Chris turned his attention to a series of four specialized PCNs, built with war in mind, to guard land, sea, air, and eventually space. However, bugs in the 5th PCN resulted in Chris putting the female back in for repairs, redesigning her, as well as beginning work on Govad, Gaia, and Chronium, the final members of the initial eight. While work on the latter four base series was underway, Elpis resurfaced, having been flung forward through a RETRO/Genesis portal to the distant future. Reunited now with most of the PCNs prior to the initial pausing of the series, Chris completed work on the first member of the X-Series...Nekomi. Following perhaps in his dimensional father’s footsteps, Chris had built Nekomi in secret, training her deep underground, as well as Ryukyu, the third X Series. Completing Orion, the second, Chris began to focus on expanding his base of operations.

As June turned to July, several more encounters with Julian, most minor, occured, however, with the “arrest” of Vanessa Robotnik, things once more came to a head. Having briefly married Umi Dragoon, before the female’s mysterious disappearance, Chris also finished most of the PCNs, except for X4, Cross. It seemed that at long last, Mobius was again at least until Vanessa, following a scheme by Julian, bombed Rune Reactor, the main power station for the entire Heartlands. The subsequent implosion sent most of the onsite stored energy straight to the planetary core, triggering a reaction….And Mobius shattered. However, Chris had also made a discovery deep beneath the Eggman Empire, as he, an Iron Man from an unspecified Earth, and Zero, along with a female named Kagura, who vanished at some point during the mission, attempted to destroy an Empire mining operation. And around the point the world shattered, Chris and Zero had made it to the bottom of the operations, leaving Stark behind to destroy the complex. What exactly happened down there, in the Dark Gaian mines is unknown, but Chris and Zero managed to come face to face with a race of Goblins living on what scrap made it down from the surface, causing Chris to name them the Scrap-Goblins. After a brief battle, they escaped….making it to another part of the caverns.

And there, just barely above the swirling mists of the pits of Dark Gaia, Chris and Zero met Thorndike, the then possible host of Dark Gaia, or at least a corrupted champion. Narrowly surviving the encounter, the two returned to the surface, the complex collapsing as subsurface tremors shook the planet. Returning to Norad, Chris began overseeing prep to fix things, as Selphian forces were tasked with gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds, in hopes of fixing things. While that went on...Chris returned to the Forest of Beginnings, being reunited with Hope at long last. And after Spagonia, Empire City, and Apotos were healed, Chris brought the Doctor’s Daughter back out of the Forest, giving her a cabin in a hidden part of the Heartlands. Overseeing more efforts to fix the shattered world, Chris then engaged Julian when the Doctor attacked Heartland City, letting himself be captured, and soon after, was robotized. At this point in time, the first of the three children by him and Hope, from futures that would never be born, came forth, that of Invidia. After several battles in Eggmanland and the Heartlands, Invidia and Zero were able to save Chris, derobotizing the male after finding him. Soon afterward, Chris received word Hope had been kidnapped by Thorndike, the male leading forces into an underground assault on Thor’s Temple, which had made it to the Heartlands by then.

Thankfully, Hope was found to be unharmed, though during the mission, Chris came to terms with his family curse, unlocking Oriana’s full power, thus gaining control over time. Following their return, life began to get normal again, various Selphias completing training, and progress starting on a PCN code named Infinity...A PCN to bring an end to the war with Julian once and for all.

Over the days and weeks leading up to Operation: RETURN, Chris worked, even being forced to save his daughter Yilvoxe, along with meeting the Elder Dragon who would become his mentor, Ugin. Meeting up with Jace, a legendary planeswalker, Chris also found the other two of him and Hope’s bad futures children, Rook and Ineth. Eventually though, Julian attacked, leveling New Yokmir, beginning the count down to the Selphias having to return home. And in the final confrontation between Chris and Julian before the Heartlands was teleported to Norad by Genesis Portal, Chris was slain by his father, triggering a power struggle.

As Yilvoxe, driven mad by attempting to take on Oriana’s power, caused havoc in the Heartlands, Chris could only watch, until Ugin, using ancient magic, brought Chris back, conferring the title of Drake of Light upon the male. Now imbued with more power than previously, Chris retook his kingdom, fighting a Ragnarok powered Thorndike and Yilvoxe, alongside his two servants, Jeanne D’Arc and Elizabeth Bathory, in a showdown that shook Norad. While his daughter and her mate escaped to Kardia, Chris revealed his trump card, the battle cruiser Runic Star, the male launching a three way invasion of Kardia from land, sea, and air, with the help of other allies from Sharance and Alvanca. However, with the female Cinnamons efforts in removing Ragnarok, Chris was able to avoid war, the male returning home, to recover, and tend to his wife Hope. And after a series of minor hiccups...tragedy struck. A hurt Hope, the causes for her anger still unknown, left Chris, vanishing into the wilds of Norad, but not without telling Chris as a warning...that Julian would come again. And indeed, Julian did, but Chris had ample time to prepare, tracking down his verse’s version of Shadow and the Biolizard, and the first of the Infinity Series was able to kill Julian.

Following Julian’s defeat, Chris briefly witnessed the beginning of an Eldrazi invasion, before being arrested by the Zone Cops, though an attempt to rescue him ended in failure, Serene and others were able to bring the last three PCNs online, and when the No Zone collapsed, Chris was able to make his way back to Norad in time for the holidays. Though even that wouldn’t stop Chris took off for Gensokyo, led by Yukari and Suwako’s words, battling his way across the dimension. Fighting against Flandre Scarlet and Patcheouli in the Scarlet Manor, Chris delved into old hell, duking it out with Okuu above firey pits, alongside several allies. Eventually climbing the Endless stair, he fought Yukari and her two Shinigami, before making it to Yuyuko, narrowly surviving, culminating in a battle in the deepest part of Gensokyo, against Reimu herself. And just when all hope seemed lost...and the end was nigh for Chris once more...a chance event while at death’s door sent him across millions of planes, to Ravenica...where he emerged a planeswalker.

While recovering in Ravenica, Chris managed to get framed for murder, in trouble for avoiding capture, and then having aid from a fellow ally, all while trying to piece together what happened in his fight with Reimu. Freed by Jace, Chris began to learn more about himself...about another version of himself, much as he could, via memories picked up there. That ended in a battle with the Demon Sword Ghirahim, Chris, Jace, and Lilith together being able to defeat and save the male. With the first of his Generals, Chris returned to Norad, being reunited with his counterpart of Gensokyo’s mother, Sanae. Coming to live in the Moriya Shrine, he was later married there to Elizaveta Lockeheart, who bore him a daughter many months later. Over the course of five years...the world more or less knew peace.

In five years, Chris unified Norad under his reign, ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity. But after many months, Selphian forces invaded Mobius, and presumably after a caltamitic struggle in Eggmanland, triumphed finally over Julian, bringing an end to the Eggman Empire. And in the ashes of a war, Chris turned his gaze to his new mission...guarding the multiverse. With the completion of the Universal Array, Chris began to retreat from the battlefield...saving his strength. And with Nega’s rise to power, a new war began...A new adventure.

II Stats/Abilities II
{Values are subject to change based on information above}

Dragonic Heritage: Being a dragon, all of Chris’s base stats are naturally several levels above the average human, even in his “sealed” form(Humanoid). As a Wind Attribute Dragon, his skill and speed stats are the greatest buffed, at the cost of strength and durability. The hallmarks of his heritage are his wings, and scales under his skin.

Swordmaster Class: Being trained in the art of the blade, Chris’s dexitry, speed, and skill are boosted extensively, giving him seemingly superhuman reaction times. Despite the buffs, his durability and strength are affected.

Drake of Light: A buff given to Chris by Ugin, as part of revival following his death at Julian’s hands, this buff has increased Chris’s stats by about half their intial values. His attacks are also infused with holy energy, the name Drake of Light is the title he gave himself, after coming to terms with his power.

Spark: Ignited during his battle with Reimu, Chris became a three color planeswalker, with the colors of blue, white, and red. He’s able to move between dimensions without notice, and more importantly, his spark cannot be taken away without his consent. Nor can it go out, as the spark is permeant until otherwise stated by game lore. While he can be prevented from using mana based abilities, his ability to planeswalk cannot be nullified, as it is tied directly to his willpower.
There’s about 75 pages of MtG cards, from Alpha to the current set that fall under Blue White Red and colorless
Search for yourself

Durability: In his human form, Chris has average durability for his race, able to suffer extensive damage before succumbing to his wounds. At least village level durability as a humanoid, city level as a dragon. Possibly nation level as Majestic Star Dragon Dragon, or Assault Mode.
    Update: It can be assumed that Chris’s strongest form, Quasar EX, is around planet level, or at the very least, Contient Level. Base Chris is now around possibly mountian level
I have to have Ugin do calcs for me

Movement Speed: In his human form, Chris can attain speeds ranging from 90 MPH to well over 300 MPH+, while nothing compared to most of Julian’s mechs, he’s been training to boost his speed higher, his speed goes up with each successive form. Top speed: Revelatisc (Quasar EX)(10% Speed of Light).
    Note: Following the revelations about his counterparts origins, Chris has begun to push his limits, all for the purpose of keeping up with his counterparts’ world of origin.

Attack Speed: Sub-Sonic(Sword), Sonic(Certain attacks), Super-Sonic(Certain Attacks), 10% Speed of Light(Final Form) Light(Genesis), FTL(Tachyon Drive), Instant? (Time Stop)

Reflexes: Tied into his sword master and dragon skills, Chris, while being sub-sonic movement wise, has hair trigger reflexes, as long as the attack isn’t Super-Sonic or higher, he can usually dodge it.
    Update: Post time skip, Chris’s reflexes are able to handle super-sonic, if not hyper-sonic attack speeds, based on his growth.

Mana Pool: Chris’s initial supply of mana is rather low, around 8,000 units, far less than his mother can draw upon, and prevents him from using some of his more dangerous abilities, such as Oriana, which can chew through his mana, almost run entirely out. With Rune Force drawn, spell consumption goes down, eventually permitting him to extend his total mana, this can also be done by eating certain foods, which restore health and mana, while also extending his total pool. Assault Mode also heavily chews through his mana, a last resort type ability.
    Update: Following his Spark Igniting, Chris’s mana pool has increased to around 16,000 units, and via innate abilities, he can convert his entire mana pool into MtG mana, to use in spell casting. However, conversion takes time, and thus has to be started before battle.

Strength: With strength far surpassing the average human, Chris can easily lift 1-2 tons, though this requires magic to hold for more than a few seconds. In Assault Mode, he becomes strong enough to match Base Zero.

Accuracy: Drawn straight from his high skill, Chris can easily land combos, this is especially evident with his guns, and really any projectile weapon he comes across.

Magical Resistance: Chris has a high resistance to most elements, even being able to convert it to energy he can use, however, certain spells and attacks will ignore this resistance {See Weaknesses}

Waterbreathing: With Dakota giving him her father’s charm, Chris has the ability to survive underwater, up to depths of 2,000 feet. At that point, lack of oxygen becomes an issue.

Regeneration: Outside of the Forest, Chris’s regeneration more takes the form of healing surface injuries, losing an entire limb isn’t something he can easily recover from without returning home. Chris can regenerate his entire human body, but he has to be within the Forest for it to work. Exposure to massive amounts of Rune Energy however can regen limbs, as when Ruby Rose took Chris to a Rune Well in the Temple, restoring Chris’s wings.

Intellect: While an exact measurement can’t be taken, its presumed Chris’s IQ ranges from 150-175 points, depending on circumstances. As with his mana pool, Chris can temporarily raise his useable IQ point by eating certain foods, or by just training skills.

Cellular Factories: Each cell in Chris’s body have tiny organelles that take in fuel, to create energy, primarily energy for the cell to use, as well as Rune Magic, as long as Chris has mana to start the chain reaction. Via this, Chris can constantly produce mana over a given amount of time, whenever his mana drops below a certain threshold, mana production begins, when it reaches a certain threshold, the factories shut off.
    Update: Via research, Chris can reverse the effect of his factories, to convert rune energy back into their true colors, thus confirming in theory, infinite mana to input and output, dependent on his mana pool size, the amount he can handle outputting, and the throughput rate.

Rune Dragon Heritage: As a Rune/Native Dragon, Chris upon death via a Rune Weapon, will return to the Forest of Beginnings, and eventually be reborn, via magic in the realm. This ability is drawn from Ventuswill’s cryptic words at the end of RF4’s second story arc. Otherwise, he just dies.

Duel Monster Heritage: From his father’s side, upon taking too much damage, Chris will retreat to his place of origin, which were he pure blooded, would be the Duel Monster realm, but due to his dual heritage, takes him to the Forest instead, even accelerating the rate at which he’s reborn.

Adaption: Chris can learn new abilities that match up to skills he already has, like skill trees, or Zero’s Learning System, by meeting new people, or battling opponents. Examples include Saber and Meteor skill sets. He cannot learn new moves instantly, he has to see them a few times, or understand how they work, abilities outside his scope need to be taught over a course of time, or given and explained.

~To be Expanded when I recall stuff or get reminded~

II Major Weakness/Disadvantages II
Mana Consumption: even with Chris’s extensive Mana Pool, many of Chris’s higher level skills, and thus, his most dangerous, tend to tear through his mana like Zero’s Saber through robots. Only through training can he reduce said consumption, Assault Mode, Dragon Forms, and Oriana, however, will always cost him a lot of mana.

Water: Less a weakness now with Dakota’s charm, Chris suffers from aquaphobia, possibly caused by childhood trauma. Regardless the source, he’s just now beginning to overcome it.

Chaos Energy: Nobody's quite sure why, but Rune Energy and Chaos Energy are opposing energy sources, causing extensive harm to both users (Introduced into Glory Canon before first Genesis Wave). As a Native Dragon, Chris uses a lot of Rune Magic, making him extremely weak to Chaos Energy, as shown during his battle with Julian’s mech in the Summer Tournament.

Explosives: As a dragon, Chris can tank most attacks, but massive blunt force, such as a bomb hitting him, can do extensive damage to his internal organs, like with most Dragons.

Anti-Dragon Weapons: Chris takes extra damage from certain weapons, those designed to hurt specifically dragons. He also has a hard time interacting with those who are against Dragons, as he’s afraid of starting a fight, just because he’s the King of Dragons.

Hope: Despite what happened between Chris and Hope years previously, Chris still holds respect for the Doctor’s daughter, and will come to her aid, assuming she’s still alive. Regardless, he honors her memory, and mention of her is enough to trigger him. After all...she and him are the same person.

Allison Selphia: The person Chris loves more than his own children, the two are mentally linked, as such, what one feels, the other can sense. A possible weakpoint of his.

Loud Noises/Sharp Smells/Intense Light: As a Dragon, Chris can pick up sounds, smells, and light far above and below the human sensory levels. As such, the right kind of smells, noises, and light, that while irritating to a human, or even not noticable can have a drastic effect on the male.

Reploids: Despite his distrust of modern tech, Chris is really close to the androids in his family, only is Allison loved more. As such, a fake of them could be used to hurt him, and well, you get the picture

Modern Life: For all of his skill, Chris is actually unfamiliar with most of the modern world, even to the point of being afraid of it. He can reverse engineer tech if given time, but he was born in a society perpetually stuck between the age of Steam and the Middle Ages. He’s only survived this long via his ability to adapt.

~To be Updated~

Too lazy to really modify weaknesses, mehhh

II Themes II
I got detailed, kay?


Normal Theme(Human):

Normal Theme(Dragon):

Battle Theme(Base Form):

Battle Theme(Power Unsealed):

Battle Theme(Quasar Chris):

Theme of Majestic Star and Shooting Star Dragons:

Native Dragon Theme:

Battle Theme(“Super Form”(Quasar EX)):

King/Swordmaster Theme:

United Theme:

Theme Shared with Tatsumi:
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𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒯𝓇𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓁𝑒𝓇 𝒽𝒶𝒹 𝒶𝓃 𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓂𝓎. 𝒜 𝒟𝒶𝓇𝓀𝓃𝑒𝓈𝓈, 𝓌𝒽𝒾𝒸𝒽 𝒽𝒶𝒹 𝒽𝓊𝓃𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝒾𝓉 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝑒𝑜𝓃𝓈 𝒶𝒸𝓇𝑜𝓈𝓈 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒷𝓁𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝑔𝓊𝓁𝒻𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝓈𝓅𝒶𝒸𝑒. 𝒞𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓊𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈 𝒶𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝑜𝓊𝓇 "𝒢𝑜𝓁𝒹𝑒𝓃 𝒜𝑔𝑒" 𝒷𝑒𝑔𝒶𝓃, 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒟𝒶𝓇𝓀𝓃𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝒻𝑜𝓊𝓃𝒹 𝓊𝓈... 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓈 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝑒𝓃𝒹 𝑜𝒻 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔.

{ Name }
The Darkness

{ Age }

{ Gender }

{ Species }

{ Height }
Unknown or inapplicable.

{ Weight }
Unknown or inapplicable

{ Personality }
The Darkness is described as having both intelligence and intent with its actions. Based on its conflict with the Traveler, the Darkness is very likely to be vastly intelligent, likely as intelligent, if not more so, than said Traveler. The Darkness may be manipulative, as it employs several races, willing or not, in order to face off against the Light and its subordinates, the Guardians. Something of note, is that based off of Rasputin's initial analysis of the Darkness, it acted with anger when arriving, this implies that the Darkness itself shows some sort of animosity towards the likes of the Traveler and those who follow its Light.

{ Appearance }
The Darkness has no exact appearance, as no one has lived to see it in its entirety. While Rasputin had analyzed it, results came back mostly inconclusive. However, the gravitational wave it created upon arriving in the Solar System leads one to believe that its size is at most twice the size of Uranus. It may also be possible that the Darkness, like the Traveler, is spherical in nature, in which case, it would tie the two together even further.

{ Influence }
The Darkness has destroyed countless planets and civilizations, usually done through either direct action or through its disciples. The Darkness employs many forces that are under its influence, whether they know it or not. While the Darkness has a large influence, the races under its influence are usually at war with each other.

Guardians: Despite the Guardians opposing the Darkness, several members have actually fallen into darkness. Most notably Dredgen Yor, who came to have a desire for taking lives after succumbing to the Darkness. This influence is a double-edged sword, as Eris Morn was capable of using the Darkness herself after escaping the Hellmouth. With Yor being the prime example, the Darkness can, has, and will attempt to turn Guardians away from the Light. An example being when Pujari had a vision of the Black Garden, which had told him, "You are a dead thing made by a dead power in the shape of the dead. All you will ever do is kill. You do not belong here. This is a place of life."

The Fallen: Also known in their own language as the Eliksni, the Fallen are an insectoid alien species that fights against the remnants of humanity, as well as the other races vying for control of the Solar System. The Fallen don't directly serve the Darkness, but it is known that their home was ravaged when the Great Machine (the Traveler) left them and the Whirlwind (the Darkness) tore the sky. A story mentions that the Fallen respect what they cannot steal from, which is "why the dark is worthy of love beyond all other love that astonishing ability to evade being robbed". The Fallen are amongst the more weaker of the races, due to not having any affinity towards the Darkness nor the Light.

The Hive: The Hive is among the only few races that directly serve the Darkness. They are what Guardians are to the Traveler towards the Darkness. They derive their power from the Darkness, and feed from and hate the Light. The Hive-legion is based around "Sword-Logic". The Hive-legions make a pact with their highest gods, the Worms, in order to use their power. Their worship extends to chronicling every planet they have seen the Darkness destroy in a massive archive known as "the World's Grave" found deep within the Hellmouth. The Hive religion has a pantheon of other gods, but one in particular, Oryx, is of significant importance. Oryx commands both the Hive and his own personal army, the Taken, by using the power of the Darkness. This power he stole from his patron deity, the worm Akka, so that he could access the Darkness directly like the Worms could. Osiris prophesied that should the Spawn of Crota succeed in snuffing out the worlds of Light, Oryx's coming would be unfettered, reminiscent of the Darkness's predicted arrival.

The Vex: The Vex seem to worship several aspects of the Darkness, most notably the Black Heart located within the alternate reality of the Black Garden. The theory on why they worship the Black Heart seems to stem within the fact that the Darkness seems to match the Vex's goal of programming themselves into the fabric of the universe. The Vex are of notable threat, more so than the Fallen or Cabal, as their powers involve using time travel to summon time copies of their race from both the past and future, as well as the fact that they can predict any and all moves of their opponents. The only exception to this are acausal/paracausal beings such as the Guardians, Oryx, and those directly connected to either the Light or Darkness.

The Cabal: The Cabal do not worship the Darkness like any of the other races, however it is noted that they are running away from some terrible power that seeks to destroy them.

The Awoken: The Awoken were once humans, however, they were transformed during the Collapse upon reaching the edge of the asteroid belt. Beyond the belt, "the edge of the Deep Black", the system is totally immersed in Darkness. Despite this, they are otherwise still part of the Light, as Awoken can become Guardians.

The Jovians: Likewise, the Jovians, particularly people such as Xûr, were once humans, but were more heavily transformed than the Awoken by the Collapse. Legends do not offer a concrete explanation but imply that they were shaped by the Darkness; it is safe to assume the same happened to the Awoken, but to a lesser extent, due to their proximity. Though they are willing to aid humanity through Xûr, the Light is a foreign concept to Jovians and causes them pain.

The Taken: Through Oryx, or others which such knowledge of the Darkness, the Darkness can take direct possession of other races. This occurs by a being becoming "Taken" and sent to another plane of existence, where they are then recreated, mentally and physically, into abandoning their former selves. hey are convinced that being Taken has "liberated" them from their fears and grants them new powers. The ability to create Taken was derived from the Worm God Akka, but Oryx killed him and stole as much knowledge as he could. Reports from the Ecumene fighting Taken described them of having abilities that are "physically illegal," meaning their very existence broke all known laws of physics.

{ Abilities }

Darkness: The Darkness itself is the antithesis to the Traveler's Light. Both energies are acausal in nature, and both energies are shown to have powers that manipulate the very fabric of the universe, itself. The Darkness, as well as the Light, both have a large capacity for achieving the physically impossible, with the Darkness having many abilities that are acausal and ontopathogenic. The Darkness even being able to create a realm that's impossible to erase from existence. The Darkness is only directly used by the Hive, through pacts made with the Worm gods. Any proficient user of the Darkness, such as Oryx, becomes acausal in a similar manner to how all Guardians are paracausal beings.

Acausality: The Darkness, and everyone who uses the Darkness to a higher extent, is acausal. This generally means that they are immune to abilities having to deal with cause and effect. This also extends to the Darkness being able to become an anomaly to precognition based abilities, most usually failing as there is not future relationship to go off of. It's affect on Boundary Manipulation is best left unknown, as the Darkness' existence altering powers may be able to restore boundaries. Most notably, however, is the fact that the Darkness' acausal nature makes it difficult to destroy completely, as it can bring itself forth from alternate timelines to maintain its existence.

Taking: The act of Taking in and of itself is paracausal and ontopathogenic. This means it ignores the laws of causality and infects the very nature of the subject's existence, bypassing durability and mental integrity, the only thing capable of resisting being Taken is the Light, as it also shares the Darkness' paracausal nature. Taking allows the Darkness to convert beings of any race into Taken. This ability is highly dangerous, as any who become Taken take on the acausal nature of the Darkness, and are given abilities that are stated to be "physically illegal".

{ History }

The only solid information on the Darkness comes from an ISR report from centuries ago. At that time, the Darkness appeared just beyond the edge of the Solar System in what was termed as a "TRANSIENT NEAR EXTRASOLAR EVENT", with the only means of determining that a transient event had even occurred was through the detection of a 0.3 second displacement of gravity waves, as well as anomalous interactions in the local Higgs field traced to sterile neutrino scattering.
An AI observing the event, the Warmind Rasputin, was able to derive some information, based solely on the phenomena that it could detect, but was unable to ascertain its mechanism. Rasputin conducted an "Omnibus analysis" of the event's effects on local spacetime, measuring a wide range of data points including direction, distance, range, speed and size as well as a comprehensive pattern analysis of the event itself. This last set of data showed, to a certainty of "9 Sigma", a definite and measurable pattern which had a complex, almost linguistic, structure that demonstrated both intelligence and intent.
In an attempt to better understand the phenomenon by recreating all of its known variables (also known as a "bootstrap simulation"), Rasputin reran the data through a series of iterations which included a number of randomized inputs, in a process known as a Monte Carlo analysis. Despite this, it was unable to derive any definitive information about the event or its source; however, it was able to determine that whatever was behind the event was clearly a complex structure, acting with clear purpose.
It concluded that the source of the event not only failed to conform to any known phenomena in the Standard Model of particle physics (thus labeling it "acausal"), it was also directed, acting with anger, and almost certain to reach the solar system in a short amount of time. As a result, the previously issued Skyshock alert was upgraded to OCP:EXTINCTION, and a number of defensive protocols were added.
The Darkness nonetheless swept through the Solar System, devastating human civilization in an event called the Collapse. Only due to the Traveler's intervention did humanity survive. Seven centuries later, the Darkness was set to return. The Fallen, Vex, Hive, and Cabal are linked to this force. Hive Wizards call upon the Darkness for their powers, whereas the Vex worship the Darkness in the form of the Black Heart.

It's unknown as to what exactly the Darkness is, as very few survived the Collapse. Some claim it's some form of physical and moral presence, evil made tangible. Others say the Darkness was an invading armada of aliens, however its powers and nature dictate otherwise. Ulan-Tan suggests that the Darkness is the necessary symmetry to the Traveler as part of a cosmic balance. The Monists believe the Darkness is a technologically superior force, to the point of post-singularity, and that the universe is just a simulation. Such an advanced intelligence could mimic acausality by bending the rules of the universe's programming. Some, especially the Praxic Warlocks, believe that not only is the Darkness unknowable, but that people shouldn't bother trying to understand it and instead simply fight it

Toland, the Shattered understands the Darkness as the natural evolutionary endpoint of the entire universe. Since the beginning of time, everything has been in competition with everything else for no reason, other than that is the way of the universe: the law of the jungle. As atoms came into being, they defeated the "primordial broth" that preceded it. From atoms came stars, from stars came galaxies, worlds were created, and finally life arose, all due to the eternal competition.
Toland envisions a future where three archetypal "nations" compete with other: the first represents the perfect rule of law, the second represents knowledge made paramount, and the third represents sheer, total conquest. The third nation will succeed, inevitably, and in time will lead to a greater conflict between other nations which all represent the desire to conquer and dominate. The universe thus becomes a place where only the most ruthless entities succeed, to the point where they actively hunt and exterminate other life long before it can ever be a true threat. Finally, at the end of time there will be only one entity that rules the universe so absolutely that nothing will ever exist except by its consent, so it will rule forever. In essence, Toland asserts that this incontestable supremacy is the goal or driving force of the Darkness.
An alternative way of life, where law and knowledge and might worked together rather than competed, as in the case of humanity and the City, is little more than "the dream of small minds", and is unlikely to succeed against an entity of pure conquest

The only known information on the Darkness' history and nature is obtained from Oryx's Dreadnaught. Based on this, it appears that the Darkness is a manifestation or embodiment of the universal struggle for existence; whereas the Traveler seeks to nurture civilization by encouraging peace and mutual cooperation, the Darkness is dedicated to the annihilation of all beings and civilizations who do not possess the strength to survive in the face of conquest. Its eventual goal is to bring about a universe inhabited solely by those entities who have survived by defeating all opposition. To this end, it has destroyed countless planets and civilizations, either through direct action or through its disciples, such as the Hive.

The exact nature of the Darkness and its relation to the Traveler may never be known to any mere being... But... that doesn't really matter... For wondering too long will only spawn more death... as the Darkness arrives, and its legions shall follow...

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