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I joined this community to share with everyone the best cold sore remedies:
OTC cold sore remedies
OTC cold sore remedies

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Joined this community to share with everyone a natural solution for cold sore and fever blister skin care. Proven to work better than Abreva® (which is not natural)

#BlisterBalm #ColdSores #NaturalSolution #SkinCare #LipBalm

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Cold Sore Free Forever Review - Best Treatments For #ColdSores

There are 11 chapters in this program:

- Chapter 1 – discussed what #coldsore is and the general information about herpes, main types of herpes simplex virus and cold sore as well. Besides, this chapter also uncovers to you how getting a cold sore could impact you.

- Chapter 2 – infection locations of herpes simplex viruses 1 and its extends

- Chapter 3 – reveals how to fight cold sores, the prevention and cure method. The author points out that the most popular aim to create healthy immune systems, balance the pH levels, increase the oxygen intake, and use toothpaste.

- Chapter 4 – exposes to you steps to boost your immune system strengths and efficiency.

- Chapter 5 – various treatments of cold sores and methods to balance pH levels

- Chapter 6, 7, and 8 – these chapters are considered as the most important ones of the e-guide which describe about alkalization and enhancement of body oxygen. In these chapters, you will discover the role of oxygen and how a deficiency of oxygen could affect you. The supply of oxygen is linked to pH levels. Thus, increasing the oxygen intake will reduce the growth of your cold sores. Also, you will get to know what should be avoided and what should be accepted for rapid remedy of cold sores.

- Chapter 9 – the author uncovers all over the toothpaste method. You are about to learn 3 steps to apply toothpaste in order to get rid of cold sore effectively. Additionally, this chapter also gives you simple tips to keep the skin cold sore free.

- Chapter 10 – you are going to learn how to keep your own life free from cold sores. By following the guidelines given in this book, you will find out that you will no longer need to suffer from cold sores. This part also stresses that combining an adequate exercise regime with an alkaline diet plan will allow you to get rid of cold sore while still improving your physical health naturally.

- Chapter 11 – this chapter concludes all of helpful tips, techniques and hints to treat cold sores so you can live your life without the appearance of cold sores.


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