Hey guys....I wanna tell you that I'm updating a new poem soon so I would really appreciate it if you voted and commented.....

My username is @potterheadivergent

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Hi friends!
Make sure to check out her book, I'm sure you're gonna love it.
Its a teen fiction...
Author's Note:
Hello there!
I hope you're having a wonderful day!
This is my first story but I promise it won't suck.
Give it a shot and I'm hundred percent sure you'll enjoy it!
I won't waste your time anymore.
If there are any mistakes please let me know.
I'll be updating soon! Do let me know through comments and votes If you enjoy reading prologue.
Happy Reading.
Thank You.

Link to Chapter 1 .. -> https://my.w.tt/CM0zuREH0K
Link to Prologue ->   https://my.w.tt/52Ngn5tAXK
Profile -> https://my.w.tt/OjlHr155ZK

Thanks for your kind concentration.. 🙂😉


I have created more categories. If there is any category you want to add, please tell me in the comments!!!!

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1st Chapter published!!!!

Please read, vote and comment!:)

Hey guys, I have, as quickly as I could, written the first chapter of Percy Jackson Has Facebook. However, I am unfortunately unable to log into Wattpad, so here's an excerpt from the book.


Percy Jackson has Facebook

Thalia Grace: Heyyy guys!

Nico Di Angelo: Hey, Pinecone Face:)

Hazel Levesque: Hey, Thalia!!!

Percy Jackson: Hi?

Thalia Grace: Thanks, guys. You guys are the best. Except for Percy, of course. That boy has no manners.
Nico Di Angelo: Thanks! Finally, someone points that out!

Percy Jackson: Hey!

Nico Di Angelo: I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Thalia Grace: I totally agree.

Percy Jackson: Are you serious, guys?

Nico Di Angelo: Oh, no. I’m not Sirius.

Sirius Black: Yes, that would be me.

Nico Di Angelo: Hey, Sirius! How’s life in Elysium?

Sirius Black: Awesome. They have great Wifi.

Nico Di Angelo: I managed to persuade Dad.

Percy Jackson: ???

Sirius Black: Thank you so much, Nico. You’re a lifesaver. I can’t tell you how happy Prongs is right now.

James Potter: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Now I can access YouTube to watch myself-erm, that is, things trending right now.

Nico Di Angelo: You’re welcome.

Percy Jackson: Huh?


Yeah, it's lame, but do you think it's okay?

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Hey guys, thanks for joining!:) Please please please do this poll, because I need opinions!!!

Should I write a Percy Jackson Facebook fanfiction?
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Hey guys, welcome to this community. if you want to publish a fic but want opinions and people to check out your story, post it here. Please do not spam. You are welcome to add pictures and chapters of your stories if you want. Hope you will benefit from joining(although I don't know how)!


Wattpad account: @GiseleOh

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