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Welcome to The Stray Dogs Pack RP, this is a renamed and remade community of The Four Packs, the old community only had four packs, this new community will have more packs, including the old packs with nnew Alphas, I am gonna go over some rules with you now


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Hannah stayed with her pups she would only let fang in the den of snow got near the den Hannah will growl and snarl she doesn't trust anyone but fang to get near the pups back away snow

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Lucifer walks around outside of the old abandoned police stations glancing around as his ears swerving back listing around to the sounds around him the brute snorted hearing about the beta challenging the alpha though he wasn't the one to complain about his alphas ways it slightly put him off on how the alpha would kill his own beta Lucifer shook out his coat and began moving forward towards an nearby river once he arrived he slowly steps into the water as he swims toward a group of ducks that just landed into the water the raven colored brute was in need to sank his fangs into another a deep growl rumbles deep within his chest as he suddenly lunges himself forward snapping his jaw down into the ducks back to get a temporary hold his ears flicker to the sounds of it's cries of pain and the otherspanic cries as they fly off Lucifer moves his hold on to the ducks neck not taking him long to kill it Lucifer swims over to land placing his kill down an walking back into the river to swim around

(open rp)

he walked. Katlag just walked. He didn't care where he was going but he kept walking. He swam across the river into German Shepherd territory but he didn't care. He didn't even care when he walked streight past a large group of them

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Closed to: +Alpha "Sass Master" Storm (Can't tag)

Snow was laying in the abandoned police station when she sees her mate walk up and she sat up and she nuzzled him

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Name~ Thunder
Nickname~ none
Breed~ German Shepherd
Age~ 5
Gender~ Male
~ A strong follower of Bolt, ruthless, will kill if provoked

Mother~ none
Father~ none
Siblings~ killed
Mate~ open
Crush~ open
Former mate~ none
Former crush~none

Pack: German Shepherd
Rank: Warrior

cooper sat in the den whimpering, his mother and father had been gone for hours now. being an extremely small pup he was cold and scared. He then tried to walk out of the den before falling down and hitting his head. He then began to whimper loudly
(Open rp)

Bolt walked up to the alpha. He couldn't stand the way he handled things. Today that would all change. He would fight the alpha for his position. He didn't care if he died fighting. All he wanted to do was make the pack more stable. He then walked right infont of him Gerard, I think it's time this pack did things another way. I challenge you for your rank as Alpha
(Closed to +A LPHA “Sass Master” ST㊉RM Can't tag)

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Closex roleplay to: +Lennon The Wolf

Loki walked up to Katlag and then growled

Back off Katlag I was here first 

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Name~ Titan
Breed~ German shepherd
Age~ 2yrs

~ lier, likes to steal from others, cheater, calm, he tires to follow after his brother personality, uncaring,

Mother~ Jessica (deceased)
Father~ Andy (never knew him)
Siblings~ Lucifer
Mate~ none
Crush~ none
Former mate~ none
Former crush~ none
Pups~ none

Pack: German shepherd
Rank: warriors 
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