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I walk around the town , many guards around making sure i am safe hehe this is really silly , i will be fine on my own i giggle as the guards continue to follow me , without any hesitation hmm...who is that? i stop in my tracks seeing a boy , maybe a year older than me , he was walking to one of the fruit stands , holding a knife (open rp)

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Name:Chung Chuhon
Age:17 (looks like a 13 year old)
Species:Nasod Monster
Likes:fighting, girls, and high places
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Name: Ao Shizuku
Age: 16 , looks 10 by the face but 18 because of her body appearance
Gender: female
Height: 4'8
Weight: 167 lb
Likes: sweets , spicy food , training
Dislikes: fighting unless she has to or is triggered , her family/friends getting hurt
Side: good
Bio: Ao doesnt say much about her past , but many people assume her past life was quite fine , every once in a while Ao does mention somethings that have happened in her life as a little girl , giving people thoughts of her being born into royalty , having many friends and having ancestors who were founders of the Hokkaido village. She is paid the upmost respect much to her discomfort , she wish to be treated like every other person´╗┐
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