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Who is the best batman villan
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The Joker
Ras Al Gul
Harvey "Two Face"
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Joker and scarecrow
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Barack Osama

Discussion  - 
Will Fallout 4 break the GOTY awards record?

1. The Last of Us (249)
2. Skyrim (226)
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+King Atheist It should be "your" not "you're". Read the comment carefully before commenting.

And if he likes Hitler then the man has serious problems since he supports violence and mass-murder. Similarly if he insults Obama for his international policy then he is against diplomacy and peace. I am using the right to free expression to confront him and I can say whatever I want just like he can.

Besides the true idiot is you who can't understand this and calls a real name more stupid than a joke name. So please do take your laughable opinion somewhere else.
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What kind of game would you like to be made into a movie (not anime) and who would you like to see play the roles in the movie?
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Metro Last Light or Dishonored 
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Hahahaha wtf
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+I Am The Eggplant ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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abood bk

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my kinda throne
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Rizwan Ahmad

Discussion  - 
What New features to look in Next Witcher Game

After the majestic success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game, the legacy of entertainment will continue with the launch of The Witcher 4 – which is not yet decided. Nevertheless, fans are excited to know more and more about The Witcher 4...

Read More:
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Meek Peace

General  - 
Top 10 Botched Video Game Launches
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Let's Play/YouTube  - 
Come Meet the dude who can talk with no mouth!! - His name is Agrippa - The Game is Amnesia
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Blake Kuji

Reviews  - 
Starts screaming like a college girl. Uh sorry. I freakin love this game. Aside from Sonic and Virtua Fighter. This my number 1 Sega video game high. This is Jet Set Radio. To celebrate it's 15th anniversary, I'm going to do a 2 part review on this games series. So welcome to Part 1 of my review of JSR. Chapter 1: Jet Set Radio. In this video game your in a country called Tokyo-To, A country that is most popular for it's group of gangs called Rudies. Rudies are bunch of graffiti gangs who rebel against society and the law just to express themselves. They do this by wearing nitro powered skates, graffiti property, and owning turf. (Also in the game is a very loud and weird DJ name Professor K, who owns a pirate radio called Jet Set Radio. He's the one that gives the breaking news on what's going on.)  You the player start by playing as Beat. A 17 year old boy who ran away to become a rudie. But after getting reject by so many groups of gangs, he decided to form his own gang called the GG's (Graffiti Gang or Gangsters.) He starts off by having 2 members name Gum and Tab, then later gains more members while dealing with other enemy gang members like: The Love Shockers (Pic 2), Poison Jam (Pic 3 ),  and the Noise Tanks (Pic 4). You also have to deal with the a rough police force called The Rokkaku Police and the high-tempered boss Captain Onishima, a SWAT team, Rokkaku's Assassins, Robot Rhinos (It's in the last level don't ask why, just go with it), and Goji Rokkaku himself. Goji is the main antagonist and the final boss of the game, his main goal in this game is to collect the piece of a disk called "The Devil's Contract." With it he can call out a demon to do his evil bidding, but (SPOILER ALERT) it turns out it was just an Indie disk. One of the narrators of the game  explains maybe he was just satisfying "the demons of his own heart." What a twist. Now about the gameplay. When your controlling a character it's sometimes easy to move around and graffiti and the tricks are pretty cool too, but sometimes it can get a little bad at times. What I mean is sometimes you might miss your jumping mark when your trying to land at a specific spot, the camera angle could use a little work, and you have to follow the pattern on how to graffiti, because if u mess up; you'll lose a graffiti can. Another Positive note I should add is that the artwork is pretty decent I do love the cel-shaded artwork they put in this game and I also love the music they have in there 2, I just can't get enough it's cool sick beats. In conclusion this is a fun game that I think every teen might enjoy and who knows maybe 1 day it become popular again. I'm giving this game a 8/10. You can play this game on a Dreamcast (Gamestop is selling this again and Jet Set Radio itself), X-box 360, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation 3. Let me know what you think about this game in the comments below. Bonus: check out this old Jet Set Radio Japanese commercial:
Part 2: Will come tomorrow, along with another review I'm doing (It's not another video game review.)  
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Spot on!
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+Jacky talaky no pity dude, just if u want someone to hang with whenever I'm on I'm usually up for it man
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Props to +Jake Lownds​ for the analogy. This is how I feel about cod ghosts on PS4
You can polish a turd as much as you want but in the end it is still shit
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Barack Osama

Discussion  - 
What determines the Game of the Year?
119 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Whoever wins the most GOTY awards
Whoever wins the Video Game Awards
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+John Smith I was talking about your comment which said that whoever pays more money wins GOTY Awards. If that is true how do you think Sony has won more GOTY Awards? How do non-first parties win? So yes your comment is ignorant.
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Was just playing F.E.A.R. files, which is a horror game, got through to a part where I have someone that rights with me. Then later on he dies.. And he was black... The "black guy dies first in horror movies/games" cliche. SIN: 1
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Alma you bitch.
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This game though. The Witcher 3, I can't stop playing it probably close to game of the year. Games like Fallout 4 have really big shoes to fill let's hope they do because this was a great year for games. 
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The kids man, the kids. Thanks though.
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Charles Ross

Discussion  - 
What do you game on?
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Xbox One
Other(Comment Below)
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xbox360 sometimes ps2
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Hack Slash Gaming

Let's Play/YouTube  - 
Hey check out this video and let me know what you think if you want to support/enjoy my channel please subscribe .
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They discuss who understood this conversation of different games
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Dislike,no tf2
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dleon “dleon247” faith

Let's Play/YouTube  - 
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