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Quote(s) * /Music is what inspires the hart/

*Titles (Optional)

• First Name ~ Melody
• Meaning ~ song, to sing, music
• Pronunciation ~ MEL-ə-dee
• Last Name ~ Rose
• Meaning ~ fame, kind, sort, type, flower
• Pronunciation ~ ROZ

Nicknames (Optional) Mellow, Dee-Dee

Preferred Name Mellow

Pronouns [ˈmɛləʊ] [ˈmɛloʊ] [-ɛləʊ]

Age 25

• Year ~ 1992
• Month ~ Februari
• Date~ 25
• Zodiac ~ Pisces

Gender Female

Sexuality straight

Ethnicity/Race Human

Nationality Brittish

Likes Music, playing piano, performing, etc

Dislikes her ex boyfriend, being touched, getting lost

Occupation/Job Musician/ Pianist

Abilities She can move her fingers pretty fast on he piano

Hobbies Playing piano, practicing,

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities mute

Lives At She is moving

Lives With well used to live with her father

Friends none

Family (/dead/ Mother: Lucida Black), Father: Anyon Hearttones and her Twin sister: Harmony Hearttones and her husband Michael James

Enemies (Optional) I do not have enemies

Single or Taken Single

Crush None

Romance Interest Straight

Goal In Life To become a successful pianist

• Appeared Age ~ 20
• Hair ~ short brown
• Eyes ~ brown
• Skin ~ pail
• Tattoos (Optional) ~ a music note on her arm
• Piercing (Optional) ~ none
• Height ~ 1'76
• Build ~ small
• Clothes Style ~ clasic

Bio/Backstory Melody and Harmony always had been close to each other, Melody always had been mute after the incident of when she was 5 her mother and her sister where in a car as a suddenly a car crashed into us when she woke up she had learned that her mother died and never had spoken since then.. Harmony on the other hand was just really sad and wanted to stop people like that so she became a cop but they still visited each other.. Melody had decided it was time to move out the house with her father she had stayed with him not wanting him to be alone but know he had a caretaker ever since mom died he had a bit of a drinking problem sadly... I was having a hard time finding a apartment not wanting to bug my sister and her husband, she had not enough money to buy one on her own being a pianist did not really pay when not many people know of u.. She already had like a billion letters of her ex he did not want her to leave him and he had been angry ever since on her and lets say because of her sis she had found out what a criminal he is, Twisted and all. She was sure that he made people stalk her witch was scary, i told my sister and with that i mean i wrote it on a paper sheet and showed her, She said that she could not do much if i had no evidence of it...But back to today i went to look at a cheap room that i found

Extra/Other (Optional) None

Misty sat in the bar drinking a Moscow mule. Her hair was dyed lilac and she had a septum piercing. She was wearing a grey sweater with a black miniskirt that showed off her pale pink garterbelts and a pair of mint green boots. She saw Y/N sitting across from her ((open rp. Male preferred))

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"No! No! No paradoxes!"

Name: Bethany Abstence

Age: 21

Rank: (Works at a bakery, no rank.)

Personality: Intuitive; Smart; Friendly; Crazy; Fun Loving; Out Of It; Imaginative; Childish; Reckless

Hobbies: Clubbing; Acting; Debating whatever

Bio: She's was born an orphan. So far she's lived her entire adulthood alone due to her weird personality and her uninterest in relationships. She also has a mental disorder that prevents her from experiencing fear. She can still be startled but she doesn't feel fear, she doesn't avoid things most people would, or should. Due to this, she gets into trouble a lot and local police keep an eye on her as much as they can afford to.

(Pics are of Zooey Deschanel)
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"Sometimes people are the most oblivious creatures on the planet. Even you Sherlock Holmes."

Name: Louise Tyler
Age: 18
Rank: morgue intern
Personality: extremely intelligent, friendly, optimistic, honest, fan girl
Hobbies: drawing, reading
Bio:She grew up in central London with divorced parents. She now works as an intern in the Scotland Yard. She is very perceptive and also very close to Molly.
Animated Photo

Amy sits at the bar after a long case. A kid, a kid had been the killer but not just that she was a physcopath, a serial killer in the making one too, that was her first kill. And hopefully her last. She needed the beer she was nursing when...

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"Just because I have a badge doesn't mean I'm boring"
"Go ahead, I need the practice"
"I'm not a party girl, but I know how to have a good time"

Name: Amy James
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Rank: homicide detective

Personality: Calm under pressure, thinks outside the box, patient, tough
Likes: people, mysteries, books, dancing
Dislikes: criminals, paper work, too much quiet

Hobbies: shooting at the range, reading, boxing, dancing

Bio: She is an orphan who was raised by her kindly aunt. Her parents were killed in a bank heist gone wrong. So she put a lot of work into becoming a detective so she can give other's who've lost loved ones the piece of mind that whoever did the crime will be brought to justice
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Name: James "Jim" Moriarty
Age: 36
Rank: Consulting Criminal
Personality: (Same as show)
Hobbies: (Same as show)
Bio: (Same as show)

Lydia sat under her willow tree deep in the forest. She had been coming here since she was 7 years old, but know one ever cared. She doubted Sherlock or John would care either. That's why she was there. Because she felt like they didn't want her. She had overheard them talking. She didn't know what to do. She had finally found a permanent home and now she wanted to leave

Name: Lydia Jonah-Holmes
Age: 14
Rank: She doesn't really have a rank. She sort of just helps Sherlock and John solve cases. She's gifted if that is a rank...
Personality: She is very introverted at first but can have a very quippy, smarty pants, brainy personality like Sherlock. But once you get to know her she's very sweet
Hobbies: Playing any kind of music, reading, writing, helping Sherlock and John, annoying John
Bio: She was an orphan who's parents abandoned her when she was only 5 months old and was found but a kind old lady who brought her to an orphanage and she was in and out of foster homes until her 14th birthday when she was adopted by a man she had heard adults talking about. A man called Sherlock Holmes. She was happy and reluctant at the same time. She was happy she had been adopted but hesitant about going with this man. But she soon learned that they had had a lot in common, but within 2 weeks of living with John and Sherlock, she became close to John rather than Sherlock and Sherlock got very frustrated, as did John because John had not even known about Lydia until Sherlock brought her home.

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Name: Misty Lochness
Age: 19
Gender: female
Job: Tattoo Artist and singer
Personality: sweet, smart, shy
Bio: Misty was born in a small hospital Cardiff, England. While growing up, she was constantly teased for her shyness and would often play music to release her emotions. When she turned 16, she started a band called The Crows and began performing at local bars. When she was 18, she moved out of Cardiff and moved with her band mates to London. Misty now works as a tattoo artist at her parlor, Unicorn Blood and also still is with her band as the lead singer.
Pets: a female bunny named Snuggles and a Siamese cat named Uryuu.
Fun fact: Misty often dyed her hair pastel colors during high school so that she would express her inner cuteness.
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